7 Proven Ways To Make Money From Home | How To Make Money From Home

Do you ever wish you could skip the
morning commute and instead just work from home if you said yes then you're
not alone millions of people around the world have started to transition from
working desk jobs to operating as a remote worker and when you look at the
benefits that offer as there is a little reason to wonder why from eliminating
your daily commute to having more autonomy in your job making money from
home is quite simply the way of the future and in this video I will share
with you seven proven ways to make money from home and if you're new to the
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number one online arbitrage buying and selling goods is at the core of many of
the companies we interact with on a normal basis take Walmart for example
every time you go into the store and buy a bunch of bananas or a new coffeemaker
you were ineffective buying a product that they have sourced at a lower price
than they are selling it for this model has served them and many other companies
well over the years and the great part about buying and selling goods is that
you can do it from the convenience of your home this is where online arbitrage
comes into play the term arbitrage simply means to buy something from one
place and sell it in another and the Internet has opened up a world of
possibilities when it comes to sourcing and selling products whereas there is
retail arbitrage where you go into a store and assess it products on the
shelves could be sold for more money elsewhere this same model can be done
entirely online and from the comfort of your home for instance if you wanted you
could research items that sell on Amazon and if you find a good deal on a product
then you can assess its going rate on other online marketplaces like eBay and
then buy it and flip it for a profit this sometimes laborious process becomes
rather efficient once you pick a niche of items that you routinely buy and sell
for instance maybe you're into smart phones after researching phones for a
few weeks you should have a good understanding of the going prices of all
current model phones making it easier to spot a deal that can earn you a profit
simply identify a winner post a product on an alternate marketplace at a marked
up price and send the product to your end customer while you bask in their
rewards of your hard work number two offering technical support
do you like chatting with people do you have above-average technical or
troubleshooting skills or the willingness to learn if so you can make
a good technical support representative well many customer service and technical
support reps still work in centralized call centers odd home workers have
plenty of opportunities now you can work at home as a technical support rep for
yourself or for our company many businesses will contract out
freelance tech support jobs that you can take on as a short-term gig or on an
ongoing basis depending what your income needs are however if being a solopreneur
isn't for you then there are some great companies that offer rewarding roles in
this area one of the biggest and best-known
odd home tech support employers is Apple whose odd homeadvisor program employs
thousands of people at competitive experience base salaries at home
advisors are part or full-time employees not independent contractors so there's a
measure of security here that's often missing from work at home gigs the
benefits package including Apple stock is pretty nice too
and every at-home adviser gets a free iMac while there are great opportunities
in the world of tech support there are a few things you should be aware of before
committing to this line of work with the first being scams a lot of at home voice
work is legitimate but there are plenty of scam artists too don't invest any
money upfront without thoroughly checking your perspective employers
credentials second tech support requires service 24/7 which means that you can
easily get sucked into working long hours on the weekend and on holidays
finally tech support jobs may be limited in their earning potential entry-level
tech support work usually pays between 10 and 20 dollars per hour though blue
chip employers like Apple can afford higher wages if you'd like to do this
work long term look for gigs that offer opportunities for advancement into the
ranks of lower and middle management preferably without an attendant shift to
on-site employment number 3 virtual assistant if you want to work in a
growing field that offers the ability to work from home then you should think
about being a professional virtual assistant a virtual assistant or VA for
short is precisely what it seems like it's an assistant that works virtually
for home the task of a virtual assistant can
fluctuate contingent upon who they're working for
yet typically virtual assistants helped you with some part of the administrative
functions for a business owner or company for instance a virtual assistant
may oversee email accounts conduct research planned for a meeting help and
data entry and many more tons of entrepreneurs already employ the
services of virtual assistants with their administrative tasks and with time
being more scarce every single day this means that the virtual assistant role
isn't becoming obsolete any time soon what's more as individual business
people may require help only a couple hours a week you can choose exactly how
much time you need to commit to each your virtual assistant tasks and in case
you were wondering DA's make anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars per hour
and you only need a computer internet and a mobile phone to get started number
four remote consulting do you have a skill that others don't that you could
offer from home remote consulting is a great option for those who are
experienced in any field where there is customer demand and it could be a job
you can do in addition to your nine-to-five job or it could be
something you do full-time in fact many professionals start their career by
working at a company and as they hone their craft they then look for ways to
gain autonomy over their work and one option is consulting now unlike when you
work for a company one skill you must possess as a remote consultant is the
ability to sell yourself when you're first starting out clients probably
won't come to you and if you do it right you will want your consulting business
with the connections you bring forward from your working career however it is
always good to be promoting and filling the sales funnel with future work some
practices you can use to get more clients include updating your LinkedIn
profile setting up a website and attending networking events in your city
so that you can get your name out there and entice others to pay for your
services number five flip digital assets we've already talked
about flipping physical products through our online arbitrage however there is a
lot of money to be made flipping digital assets as well digital assets can be
anything from social media accounts to websites or even domains this method of
flipping works in the same way as when you flip physical products you first do
your research to identify valued assets and then you acquire them
when you know there's demand for that item for more than what you've paid
however with digital offsets there is potential for you to add value to the
asset to further increase your profits for instance if you were able to buy an
undervalued Instagram account grow its falling and then sell it you would
definitely be able to turn a larger profit than if you were to sell it
without putting in the extra effort as long as you have a computer an internet
connection and an understanding of the value of intangible assets you can make
money without ever leaving your home number 6 rent out your car if you aim to
work from home then that means not having to commute to and from your place
of work this translates into plenty of time where your car sits in your
driveway idle collecting dust luckily with the explosion of the sharing
economy you can rent it out to travelers and people who don't own their own cars
without getting behind the wheel or even leaving your house obsolete get around
interro allow you to rent your car out for the short or even long term allowing
you to capitalize on times where you have no need for your car the best part
is that this is a rather passive way to earn income so it can easily be paired
with the other methods of making money from home I have just gone over allowing
you to multiply your earnings number seven freelance writing if you love to
write then why not turn that passion into profits freelance writers are
people who create written content independently they do not belong to or
work for any magazine newspaper TV station radio station or any other
organization just themselves these freelancers do not write for just one
client by the way they can write for as many clients as they can handle each
piece of reading exclusively belongs to the client that hired them for the
project as a freelance writer it is not uncommon to be earning 25 to 30 dollars
an hour after you've gained a bit of experience and feedback from your
clients however before you can start making money through your writing
efforts you need to follow a few simple steps first you will have to brush up on
your writing skills if it's been a while since you've written anything that will
be client worthy in fact this is the hardest part as a freelancer it can be
intimidating to work for clients who are judging your efforts but what makes this
process much simpler is by having a concrete skill you feel
confident in how do you cultivate this skill you may be wondering one option
that will not only help you learn or brush up on a skill but will ensure you
are ready to start working with clients is to join these side hustle success
course where I show you how to build a freelance side hustle from scratch that
you can use to earn at least $1,000 a month and succeeding with this course
requires no prior experience as I walk you through step-by-step exactly how to
scale up to $1,000 or more a month and unlock the newfound financial success
that comes with making more money if this sounds like it's for you check out
the link in the description for more information on how you can join these
side hustle success course today after you've cultivated your skill you have to
put together some writing samples the reason you should do this is because
when potential clients reach out to you with the writing gig they will want to
see samples of your previous work so they can see for themselves how well you
write and determine if you'll be able to do their jobs properly once you have
some samples prepared you must begin to market your services the truth is it can
be hard to be hired if no one knows you exist luckily there are several
platforms through which you can showcase your skills and samples these platforms
include upwork Fiverr freelancer comm and LinkedIn then when you come across
clients the final step is to coordinate work and start to collect the rewards
from all of your hard work thanks for watching if you want to go from the life
you have to the life you deserve then hit the subscribe button now

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