7 Online Scams To Avoid If You Want To Make Money Online

So, if you've been trying to make money
on the internet, you'll inevitably come across some of the many scams that are
online. And in this video, I'm going to be going over 7 scams to avoid that are
very common online. And I'm going to be detailing and showing you websites on my
computer about how these scams work. But the different ones I'm going to go over our
free PayPal money scam. I'm going to discuss the binary/option/crypto
scam. The fake gurus, crypto mining, hackers. People-friendly hackers that
want to help you make money. I'm going to be going over surveys and comment spam.
These are all 7 different methods that affect millions of people each year.
I'm going to be showing you exactly how they work and how you can avoid them on
my computer in just a second. Let's follow along. So, a little bit about me, I've been doing
online marketing for 10 years. I've been a full-time just running my own business
for 8 of those 10 years I've seen it all. You know, I've been you know I've
I've accidentally fallen into some of these scams.

The first scam I'm going to be
addressing is free PayPal money. Now, all day long and now, hopefully first off, if
you're on… If you're watching this video and you're excited, give me… Give me a
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the first one, I'm going to be discussing is the free PayPal money. Now, I get comments
all day long from people on my videos. My videos get seen by tens of thousands of
people a day. And I actually try to hide a lot of these scams from you because
they're in my comments all the time. Let's check them out. So, I get these
messages all day. People trying to get people to sign up for free PayPal money.
This is a really cool. You've sent me over for 4,500. This tool is
available for you to speed up the registration. Make money online PayPal.
Look at this.

Free PayPal money. Free PayPal money. That sounds so good, right?
Who wants free PayPal money? Well, what's great is you can even select the amount
of money you want, okay? Do you want 100? 200? 500? You know what? Let's go down to
15,000. Why don't we just select 15,000. And you enter in your email. Oh, looky,
goody! Isn't this nice? Do you want free PayPal
money at or do you want the money now? It's like a cancel or yes? It's like how
dumb do you have to be to fall victim to this scam.

Now, some of you may probably
have. I know people have. Don't worry, I'm not making fun of you. It affects
everyone. You know, everybody's new to the Internet at some point. But this is a
total scam. That doesn't work that way. You don't just click a button and
$15,000 gets added to your account. But see they have a whole
marketing funnel to convince you. This is all fake what's going on in my
computer screen right now. That to make you think that you're actually getting
money needed to your account. And look at this. The way this scam is perpetrated is
right here. See second step, YouTube sharing. Copy the text below and paste it
into 10 different comments of YouTube videos. See it says? This is really cool.
You've sent me over $1,200 PayPal money. Great work. And
you're supposed to paste this into other comments on YouTube. Now, as you see, this
is why I get all these comments on YouTube of people saying, "Get free PayPal
money." But the scam keeps going.

And every day, I get hundreds of these messages. And
the way the scam is portrayed is it's the messages change for every person,
gets different messages to post so that they can never catch on to whatsapp. You
know, so YouTube can never figure out what the message is that's spam. So, it
always changes in people like me have to hide these because people get caught up
in these scams. What happens after this is you end up having to pay for
something, okay? So, you click add money and they're going to have to make you fill
out a bunch of surveys.

And you're going to end up having to put your credit card
down multiple times to sign up and end up your credit cards gonna get charged
fraudulently by a number of companies that are based out of China, Russia and
they have shell corporations in the US. It's a huge scam. Don't fall for the free
PayPal money scam. And see if I go through any of these, there will be a
certain point where it will have me put in my credit card and pay for some pay
for something, okay? So, it's going to end up asking me for my credit card.

Okay, so
that gets rid of the free PayPal money scam. Now, the next game we're going to go
into is what's called binary options or also known as… It shifted towards what's
known as crypto now. Not all crypto currencies are actually scams. I want to
make a differential. But this scam takes advantage of the goodwill
that people have for crypto currencies and what-have-you. And they… And it's just
a brand-new market, it's the Wild West. And they use that to get people to give
these scam artists money. Now, here are some of the old sites that I've saved of
what the binary options used to look like. You can see earn up to $237 per hour starting today just by testing our
software for 5 minutes. $237 an hour for
5 minutes. That is amazing, right? Let's see the next one,
okay? This says, "I will make you $100,000 in the next thirty days.
All you have to do is start the software.", okay? All you have to do is start the
software. Click a button and it'll just spit out $100,000.
These work.

You know, these get people. The way it works is you know, you you put in
$250. You know, you go through this sales letter and you
put up $250. Now, how this scam is morphed of it is it's now
called crypto. And the pages now look like this, okay? Bitcoin rush. Here is one
of the… Here's one of the offers. Bitcoin rush. And it says become rich from
Bitcoin with our award-winning trading app. The Bitcoin fresh is a group
reserved exclusively to people who jumped on to get insane returns. And
basically it's the same sort of thing where it says, it is a trading app that
will trade money for you. You need to put down some money. And the software will
just spin it up and bring you big returns, okay? That's the premise of all
these things is that you put down $250.

You let the robot take over the software.
The robot. And the robot will trade your money and make you more money, okay?
Sounds pretty good, right? And then they have all these… You know, these are fake
testimonials. Blah, blah, blah. You know, the sport team is really
excellent. Crypto wealth software. You know so they change the names a lot,
right? This is crypto wealth software and you know they just kind of read changed
the brands. And now it says Bitcoin rush. And this says Bitcoin fresh. So, they
change the names often because the businesses… They need new merchant
accounts. They get shut down by the banks, by the merchant account providers, you
know like stripe and and square. They get shut down all the time so they have to
change their name and apply for more credit card processing under different
names all the time. So sometimes, they make mistakes on their web pages and
they can't keep their same name for a long time.

What kind of results I can
expect? Bitcoin fresh members typically profit a minimum of $1,100 daily.
Guys, you can't make claims like that. $1,000 daily without having
any disclaimers. any country in the world requires some sort of earnings
disclaimers. So, if you're looking at a webpage that has zero earnings
disclaimers or zero things like results may vary or income not guaranteed, it's
not real. Scammers don't have zero disregard for the law. In fact, going for
opportunities that actually have proper legal disclaimers is better. Even though
you might say our results may vary, this is not for me. There… It's a real program.
If they say results may vary, because they're a legitimate company. You can't legitimately claim to make somebody a minimum of $1,000 per day.Iit doesn't happen. And it doesn't happen for anybody. I've seen how
this works.

So, that's how this is working. To give you a little peek behind the
scenes here into this crypto and how its advertised, how these crypto or binary
companies are advertised, they're actually advertised oftentimes by
affiliates. A lot of this, a lot of the marketing is done through affiliates
with very high payouts. So, the affiliates in this niche make a lot of money.
Unfortunately, I'm not going to name the affiliate network I'm looking at here.
Now, here you see on this affiliate network, there are
a bunch of offers, right? A bunch of crypto offers. And you'll see they have
all different names. Bitcoin code, Bitcoin era, Bitcoin evolution, Bitcoin Malay
system, Bitcoin revolution, Bitcoin rush, Bitcoin smart link, Bitcoin time. They're
all different versions of crypto and they are in countries all around the
world. Now, what you'll see here though is just for getting somebody to put down $250 deposit which is the typical deposit.

You know
that they claim in these sales videos or these sales pages to get the robot to
work. You you will get as an affiliate $560. $400, $570, $560.
The payouts are insane, okay? The payouts are huge. So, affiliates are highly
incentivized. And the reason why is because the companies that run these
scams are literally draining your entire bank account. Because once they get your
$250. Sales people will say, "Hey, you tripled your money. Let's put it all
in and let's make you more." And what they end up doing is a percentage of people
get their bank accounts drained. If you've fallen victim to this scam, if you
can please comment in the comments below. Or if you fell victim to the free Pay
Pal money scam, just let us know. "I fell victim to the PayPal money scam. I fell
victim to the crypto or the binary option scam." I'd love to hear from you. In
one of my past videos, over 20 people had mentioned they fell victim to this
particular scam.

And I find it interesting… And you know, just that you
know, trying to create transparency in this field of affiliate marketing and
internet marketing to let us know your stories or just to let us know which
scams you're falling victim to and that applies to all the scams moving forward.
Now, the next scam I'm going to talk about is crypto mining. Now, there are
crypto miners that aren't necessarily scams but there are a number of crypto
mining companies which are total scams. I haven't done enough research to find out
which ones are the pure bred true scams that are just
can your money. But there are many of them and regardless by using any of
these cloud miners, you're not going to make any money, okay? You may not lose
everything but generally speaking, you're going to lose 80 to 90 percent of your

Which in my view is a scam, okay? This is anova mine. Now, by the way, if any
of these companies are legit, let me know in the comments. If they aren't, I just
didn't… I didn't put my money down to see if any of them are. But you'll see that
there's companies like this or there's Avalon. On Avalon, I've seen a number of
scam reports on. But Avalon is a cloud mining company and they say basically
the way it works is they say, "Give us money and we will buy miners.

We will buy
computers in China or Russia or wherever. And we will mine cryptocurrency for you
With the processing power." So, it's a very good way to lose money. I've heard a lot
of people who have lost a lot of money using this. Again, I'm not sure if all of
these companies are pure scams. I can say that about the previous 2 things. But
this is a very fast way to lose money and I'd suggests to stay away from this
if you're looking for a method to earn money online. So, this next scam is my
favorite. I had never heard about it before but it's the friendly hacker scam.
Which is like… It sounds like an oxymoron, right? So, the way this scam works is
somebody puts in a comment or a message or sends you an email about a friendly
hacker who wants to make you money. Now, I also get this in my YouTube comments all

See these are comments I sent to spam. Contact the realest person for your
valid hacks done successfully with no bounce backs or credit card payments or
bank transfer. DMstonehacker1019 on instagram. It's a friendly hacker. He
wants to make me money. So, visit Lordof hack223@gmail or whatsapp. He just
helped me with $4,000 into my bank account. He is actually good and honest.
Well, what do you know? He's a good and honest guy.
He's just having people write comments on my YouTube videos to email or
whatsapp him to uh… Because he just wants to hack for people and make them a lot
of money. All that one? What a nice guy. We need more friendly hackers. Guys! Tell
the world, we need more friendly hackers like this. This is a scam. Don't fall for
this. They're not there to help you hack. So, what this is and how this works is
they'll get you to message the hacker and they'll say, "How many accounts would
you like us to hack for you?" And it will be something like, "I don't know…" If you
pay them $100, they'll hack and create a thousand dollars for you.
Okay? If you pay them $1,000, they'll give you $10,00 dollars

You guessed it, you never get the money, okay? The way it works is you send
them the money and nothing ever comes back. The next scam
is fake gurus. Now, there are a lot of these out there. These are people who are
teaching one way to make money but they never actually made their money that way,
okay? And that's kind of like line, right? If you're teaching something but you
don't actually abide by that principle, doesn't really work out. Now, I sell
training courses for a living. Some people call me a guru. But actually half
of my income still comes from affiliate marketing. I have one training course and
I do a lot of that. But the other half of my income is from affiliate marketing.

I still do what I preach and actually, I started this business. I started my first
7 million dollars was made from affiliate marketing. So, I've practiced
what I preach and I teach other people now how they can create their own online
businesses. Others don't though. Here's an example of one fake guru who's worth
about 50 or 60 million dollars which is Dave Ramsey, okay?
Now, you know respect to him for building a big business. He helps teach people
about personal finances. But how he teaches people about personal finances is he teaches people to sit be frugal and save every penny and contribute. You
know, 10 to 15% each year to retirement. Now, let me be clear here.
You don't get rich pinching pennies. A penny saved is still a freaking penny.
Now, by the way, this guy Dave Ramsey made all of his money was he got famous. He
was in the media. He had TV shows. He's selling books. He's speaking on stages. He
has you know… He's he's being paid tens of thousands of dollars a day to be
keynote speakers at places.

He didn't get rich pinching pennies. He got rich by
being famous. He saved up for retirement by making a massive income. And that's
how… That's how he actually made money. He wasn't budgeting. His house costs like
ten million dollars. He got rich by being famous. By creating a leveraged income
which is what I'm trying to help you do online. So, be aware of these people and
always look, if you're learning from somebody make sure that they've
practiced what they preached. So, here's one of my affiliate accounts just for… Just for proof. This is actually my clickfunnels affiliate account you can
see right here. So, I made over 100 thousand dollars right here. Okay, so
these last 2 scams are pretty straightforward. Now, the first one or the…
I guess the sixth scam is what I call comment spam. And it's their business
models that are built off of just posting comments in on Facebook and
YouTube and just promoting affiliate links.

You can see a lot of them. The
PayPal money. The free PayPal money which you see right here is sort of like a
comment spam thing because it's teaching you to actually… You know, it's teaching
you that to get the money, you have to actually post comments to make the money.
And the problem with that is a lot of people like me will just send those
comments to spam. There will be a lot of other people that will… And that this you
won't actually get paid to post these things. But the comments.

But I can't
the links right now. But basically, they tell you, they'll give you an affiliate
link and then you can get paid if you just post it in the comments of
everybody's YouTube video. It can work sometimes but it's but the companies
that really promote you to do that are… You know, are just… You know, oftentimes
they offer nothing of value. They're telling you to post links and pay money
so that other people post links to pay money and so on and such forth.

know and all along the way nobody is offering any real value. Now, the final
and seventh scam that you'll find online is surveys. Now, the confusing thing about
this is that there are legitimate companies that will pay you to take
surveys online. They don't pay you a lot of money. But there are legitimate
companies that will pay you to take surveys online. Amazon Mechanical Turk is
actually a division of Amazon that will pay you to take surveys online.

But the
amount of money you can make doing that is only about 50 cents an hour. So, you
can't make a lot. But these companies you'll see notion cash right here says,
"Get paid to test apps and complete tasks." While this is a legitimate way to make
money, there are many companies that take advantage of the fact that this is a
legitimate way to make money. And they screw you.
So, you see join now to get 25… Free $25 and then they'll ask you to register.

what ends up happening is that you have to eventually pay money. They mix lead
you through another sales funnel. And eventually you have to pay money to do
the business model and you never really end up making any real money because
it's all virtual money. So, hopefully you learn something from this video. If you
got caught up in any of these 7 scams, guys post it below.

Say, I got you
know, "I got scam." You know, "I fell for the free PayPal money scam" or "I fell for
the survey scam". Whatever scam it is you fell for, let people know, okay? Let people
know because people need to know there's a lot of bad stuff out there. And I'm
trying to expose some of this stuff to help you in your journey to make money
online. We all make money online. And if you're looking
for legitimate ways to make money online, quick and fast and sometimes big money,
make sure to follow my channel, subscribe, hit that notification bell and give this
video a like. Look forward to having you check out some of my other videos. I do
affiliate marketing for a living. I post up links. My main affiliate network
is Clickbank and I work with a couple other affiliate programs. And I make
pretty solid living doing that millions of dollars per year. And if you want to
learn from me, I am…

I do have a course you can join below or you can subscribe
to this channel and check out some of my free trainings and mini courses to learn
how you can become an affiliate marketer. Boom! Hopefully that helps. You don't fall
for these guys. I'll see you in the comments. Like and share this video too if
this has been helpful. So, other people understand what bad stuff is going
around that Internet..

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