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here i am in my cj dashboard forget about 
yesterday's earnings i will go here to reports   performance and let's filter the last week i will 
say custom here and i will select here march 28 to   april 5 run report and you can see my earnings for 
the last week $382 as commission let's go here to   google adsense the last seven days report you can 
see i made $305 so it's around $700 in seven days   which means $100 per day i'm not showing you this 
to brag and tell you "hey i make money online!"   no i'm telling you this i'm showing you this 
as a proof that this works you can do it i will   refresh the page again just for those people for 
those sick people really these are my earnings   for the last week in adsense and these are my 
earnings for the last week in cj i'm not showing   you my earnings for youtube or in my academy 
or my services because it's somehow advanced   i'm showing you this from google adsense and 
affiliate marketing because i explained this in   detail step-by-step i showed you how to do exactly 
how to start exactly in affiliate marketing   and in google adsense without content and with 
content i showed you everything here on my channel   i don't know why you are still sleeping 
i don't know why you haven't taken   any action yet maybe you are asking now "why my 
earnings here fluctuates in adsense?" two dollars   to $126 it's somehow weird no it's not weird if 
you are following me you know last month i was   using Ezoic i was testing this platform to see if 
it increases my ads earnings or not so you can see   here i got paid $1,100 from Ezoic last month and 
this month i owe them $688 but now i switched back   to google adsense i want to do some other tests 
and i think it's working my earnings are somehow   increasing inside google adsense anyway i 
will keep you updated about any new tests i   do concerning google adsense, ezoic and so on and 
how to increase your earnings so please follow up   with me subscribe, turn on notifications to get 
every new update let's go back to our work so here   is my earnings in google adsense and in cj i'm not 
promising you and telling you "if you start today   you will do $100 per day next week!" no to reach 
this maybe you need to work at least six months   one year but you can do it you can reach from 
the next month at least like $5 per day $10   per day from the next month but why you are not 
starting? you have to start and to help you now   in this video i want to give you some value in my 
other videos i have full courses free courses free   totally free just go and watch them but for those 
lazy people who don't love to watch full courses   i will explain now in minutes what i do how i make 
this amount of money per day how i work online in   a couple of minutes just concerning google adsense 
and affiliate marketing mainly i have two websites   my main website H-educate.com my blog here where 
i publish articles and inside the articles i   promote affiliate products i talked about this in 
detail last week in a video on how i do affiliate   marketing i explained in detail how i do this what 
tools i use what applications what everything i   do in detail but i really don't know why don't 
watch the videos why you don't learn and apply   so here inside the articles you will see i have 
a lot of links here promoting affiliate products   and you can see i have this banner ad where i 
promote affiliate products if you refresh here   you will see now the ad will automatically change 
and promote another product and for this i'm using   a plugin inside wordpress i explained in detail 
in the video last week anyway so this is the   main method i used to promote affiliate products 
which is through my content through my articles   and i explained in my other courses how you can 
promote without articles without a website i   explained everything and like six case studies 
just go and watch it please case studies real   case studies i showed you step-by-step how i chose 
the product how i promoted it how i do everything   and how i got the earnings you just need to clone 
to copy my strategy exactly and do it in your end   anyway my second website is H-supertools.com here 
mainly i make money from google adsense if you   open any tool now and by the way if you don't know 
h-supertools you are losing a lot H-supertools   is a free totally free SEO and digital marketing 
tools you can go now and use it totally for free   you can see here in this website i publish google 
adsense ads these are the ads every time every   month i change the way i add the advertisements 
to test different places and different ads to know   which is working the best with me and i'm sharing 
this with you so please stay tuned and follow up   i will share with you all the updates how to 
increase the earnings in google adsense how to   place the ads what service to use is ezoic a good 
service or not and so on so please stay tuned and   follow up my upcoming videos so this is exactly 
how i earn from google adsense this website   gets around 200,000 maybe or 100,000 130,000 per 
month which is very good amount and you can see   my earnings here which is very good for a website 
like this one how to get traffic i also explained   this in detail in my full free course on how to 
get traffic now you may be asking "how to create   such tools?" in my case i developed this because 
i am a programmer how you can do this also i told   you in a full free course how to do this you can 
go to codecanyon.net and simply go to php scripts   here and search for like the example tools and 
here you'll find a lot of tools like this one   free seo seo tools we have a lot of tools here if 
you search for maybe adsense search for google ads   as an example like this one crypto king it's now 
trending you can publish a cryptoscript and add   google adsense ads on the script so you can make 
money from google adsense we have a lot of scripts   here you can publish and start making money with 
ads this is how i make money from google adsense   and from affiliate marketing again i'm not showing 
you my earnings in my academy if you want a sneak   peek i can give it to you here is my dashboard 
if you filter the last week march 28 to april 5   you will see i made also $550 but i know 
building an academy and starting online courses   not everyone can do it i'm showing you something 
that everyone can do google adsense and affiliate   marketing anyone can start from scratch with no 
audience from any country anyone can do it just   you need to take action and start and again if you 
have any questions i always tell you this if you   have any questions i built a forum just for you to 
help you h-educate.com/forums here you can find a   lot of forums to ask anything you want anything 
you want just submit your questions and i will   be with you almost every single day to answer 
your questions also to help you more you can go   to the more section topic suggestion and now you 
can suggest any topic you want if you want me to   create video about anything just go here and push 
your idea and i will see it i will try my best   to create a video about it a tutorial about it 
please don't forget to like the video subscribe   to my channel and turn on notifications to 
get every new update almost almost every day

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