6 FREE Ways YOU Can Make Money On YouTube Without Ads

I'm gonna tell you six free ways that you can make money on YouTube without ads even if you're a brand new youtuber we're starting right now this video is brought to you by places place that has easy to edit YouTube intros channel banners in screens and more for youtubers and the best part is you don't have to have any additional software to use place it you do everything directly in your browser and because of their professionally designed templates you don't have to have any design skills to make pro quality designs for your YouTube channel check this out using placeit is as easy as selecting the template you want to use editing the text to fit your needs adjusting the colors to match your channel and then saving your finished file to your computer you can even upload images to really make your designs pop to try place it for yourself and save 15% off of your play set account use the link in the description of this video what is going on I'm Nick welcome to another video if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow your channel make videos and all types of other YouTube related stuff start now by subscribing and clicking the bell so you don't miss anything okay the very first way that you can make money for free on YouTube is by affiliate marketing what affiliate marketing is if you're not familiar with that concept is basically you find products that you're already using or things that you would recommend to the people that are watching your videos and you don't want to pick just anything you want to find things that would be a good fit for the people that are watching your videos and how it works is you sign up for an affiliate program let's say Amazon or Walmart or B&H photo or something else they will give you a special link that is just for you it's a tracking code and basically what you do is you take that link and you put it down in the description of your video and then when you're making your videos you tell people like let's say that you're showing a particular product for example let's say that I was trying to spread awareness about this aperture light which I'm not but let's say that I was well in that situation in terms of the affiliate side of things what I would do is I would let people know I would talk about this or whatever I would say you know this is white I use for a specific thing and then I would let you know I've got a link for this down in the description below it's pretty easy and then for the people that click on that link that decide to buy that thing that you're bringing attention to if they make a purchase you get a commission for the purchases that they make which is a win for them a win for the company and a win for you for jumping in the middle of that transaction but the trick with this is that you have to make sure that whatever it is that you're bringing attention to is something that your viewers would actually care about based around the type of content that you make so if you're doing cooking content for example just promoting like your the camera gear that you use I mean it's a start but it's not enough like you want to think okay the people that are watching cooking videos they're probably in the cooking so because of that maybe I'm promoting aprons of some kind or maybe I'm doing something where I'm bringing specific utensils to people's attentions or or their attention or I'm recommending this pottery set that I use or you know something along those lines but you want to think of how relevant the thing is to the people that you're making content for or the type of content that you're making Tek channels would promote tech products cleaning and organizational channels would promote things on cleaning and organizing filmmakers can promote plugins and software you gamers thought I was gonna leave you out didn't you as a gamer you could promote all the streaming stuff that you use you could promote actual game systems you could also let's say that you have accessories that you use like this thing that I have for my oculus quest you could even bring attention to this the idea is simply just to spread awareness about the things that you already use or the things that your audience would care about and then drive them down to your video description where they can click on a link where you will get tracked at that point in time for credit I should say at that point in time for sending them to whatever website it is that they would buy it from and then you make money from that another thing that's really important if you are already promoting things as an affiliate or if it's something that you are new to and you're going to start doing in that situation you want to make sure that you're putting an affiliate disclaimer down in your description as well so you can Google what that is specifically but it's basically just telling people that are in your description that what it is that they're clicking on that you will get a commission if they do click on that link and make a purchase party on Garth yeah you did just do that okay next on the list we have patreon and sites like patreon too where you can create additional content to put there or you can just make it possible for people to donate to what it is that you're doing so with patreon of course you would want to make sure that you're putting additional content there that your offer an additional thing there an additional value to the people that are watching your content and you don't have to be monetized on YouTube in order to send the people over to patreon where they can actually join your your group over there so that you can get monthly recurring revenue from the people that are a part of your patreon as well there's also sites like buy me a coffee calm and ko Phi where you can also accept donations from the people that are watching your content I actually use buy me a coffee for my podcast because my podcast is called comments over coffee and then buy me a coffee so the theme goes together well but people will go there people that enjoy the podcast they'll go there and from time to time I'll get donations through that so you can apply the same exact thing to what it is that you're going here on YouTube as well the next one is merch now when it comes to merch a lot of people will instantly think when I say that but I don't have the merch shelf on youtube how am I going to sell merch well just as a heads up you don't have to have the mirc shelf on youtube in order to sell merch so the way that you actually sell merch from your YouTube channel is you can use stream labs com they have a merge option on there you can use teespring even though you don't have the merch self you can go ahead and get your teespring stocked up so that once you do get that activated on your channel that you can just plug it right in you can also use Spreadshirt which is another service to where you can upload your designs there and then people can go there and buy them as well you also have red bubble as an option you have Amazon merch as an option but the idea is you can upload your designs to whichever sites it is that you want and in addition to being able to tap into their actual market places on those sites as well you're also giving yourself the opportunity to take the links to your merch stores on those different sites put them in your description and let people know in your videos because you're either wearing the merch or you're just letting them know that you have the merch available just put that link down your description and then people can actually go to those sites through your link and they can make a purchase and actually buy your merch for this you can make complex design if you would like if you have the skills in order to do that or at the very least you can just use words for example this shirt right here is Cody waters no small creator movement and as you can see it's just a hashtag with some text on it you can do something similar this one here is vais guards my video editors shirt and basically same exact thing he took his slogan and then he just turned it into text and then you can get that from his murder and then one of the examples that I have on mine is my add value or my start now are the other options now I took it just a little bit farther by adding my logo down here on the bottom I'm just to kind of add a little bit of style to it as well but technically all this is is it's just text that I uploaded to these particular sites and then now people can get those from whatever sites it is that they happen to be on and every time somebody buys one of these I make a few bucks and you can do the same exact thing even if you're not in the YouTube Partner Program yet and the bonuses if you can come up with some really clever things with what it is that you're going with your text on your shirts then those marketplaces can also actually sell those for you as well like I mentioned before and if you take that one design you can upload that design to a bunch of these platforms so that you're able to tap into all the different marketplaces which allows you to create an additional little bit of income or maybe a lot if you come up with something clever the next thing on the list is services so you might be thinking hey Nick how am I going to offer services I don't actually offer any services like what could I possibly offer from my youtube channel I believe that almost everybody has something that they can provide as a service off of their YouTube channel if they wanted to if they wanted to put in that extra work so for example if you're a content creator you already know how to put videos together you know how to edit videos you could offer that particular service if you are making cooking videos that in that situation you could also teach people how to cook as an example and yeah people like me you want to learn how to cook better so that we can make better and more delicious food for ourselves and you'd be able to offer something like that off of your channel if you were doing cooking your recipe videos but you don't have to get fancy with it all you have to do because you're demonstrating whatever it is that you make content about you're demonstrating that you know how to do whatever it is that you're going so because of that all you have to do is just let people know that you're offering a service which is a big part of generating leads but just let people know that you're offering a service throughout your content and when you're doing that just put simply put an email address down your description and put next to your email address contact me for whatever service it is that you happen to be offering and before you know it as your channel starts growing and as you start getting more attention and as you get better at making videos that get in front of more people and things like that before you know it you're gonna have a nice little client base based off of the services that you offer next on the list is guides and/or ebooks now with guides new books the win with this one even if you're a gamer let's say is that you can put together a guide that would literally show people in whatever game it is that you're playing that would literally show people like all this hidden stuff and it could be like the secret guide to whatever game it is that you're playing and the idea is it shows all the secret places in their shows where you can get all the weapons it shows we can get all the cars or where you can get all the you know how you can beat all the bosses or whatever it happens to be it just takes you through that process so it's gonna take you some time to put it together but when once you put it together you have a digital product that you can sell that people can continue to buy over time as you spread awareness about that specific thing now you might be thinking who would actually buy something like that you would be surprised how much you can sell stuff like that you can sell it for a dollar two dollars five dollars ten dollars it depends what it is that you're making so if you're a cook if you're in that scenario and you're making recipe videos and that sort of thing you know a big fat recipe ebook you'd be able to sell that for a decent amount compared to like let's say hidden gems inside of a particular game that one you might only be able to get a few bucks for as an example but it's money that you're getting without ads and I know you might be thinking okay Nick well this is great but how do I actually go through the process I gotta learn all this stuff about how to you know make a website so they can actually download this and you know all that stuff and how do I connect all the payment things and all that there's actually a website that you can use and this is not sponsored in any way shape or form there's actually a website that you can use called self I and with self I they make this process easy and you can actually go there and you can put your stuff there and then as people buy it then they can you know download it directly through their process that they already have set up for you the next thing I'm actually just gonna go ahead I was gonna say like your own products but I'm actually gonna go ahead and just wrap this into guides in eBook so even like filmmakers you'll see filmmakers selling like you know let patch you'll see photographers selling like Lightroom presets you'll see you know all kinds of just different digital products being sold based around the different things so because of that you can do your own products which is basically you know the guides and the ebooks like I was talking about it could be the Luntz and the presets it could also be you know that sort of thing to where you make special things for your audience so as an example I have something called a pad planet and the pad planet is an iPad planner for content creators so I made this thing on an airplane and then I started using it and I started modifying it to make it even better but basically it's what I use to plan my content and with that particular thing people can download that and they can add it to their iPads in order to be able to plan their content in a more intuitive way because you're actually riding on it and things like that and that particular thing is a digital product that I created and people buy it every time they make a purchase then I make the income from them making that purchase a link to that is in the description by the way see what I did there it really though it's like an awesome planner you should actually go and get it if you have an iPad okay so this next one is just a little bit more complicated because there are some skills that you're gonna have to put in a place for this one are some things that you're gonna have to watch some videos on to know how to do but it's basically making a website and letting people know that you have that website so that you can continually send the people that are watching your videos to that website by spreading awareness about it in your videos now the really cool thing about the website is you're actually gonna have multiple ways that you're going to be able to monetize that website as well so even if you're not in the YouTube Partner Program you can also monetize your website by putting ads on that website so that when people go there then you're getting at revenue from people actually seeing or clicking on the ads there which is a win or you can tap into just completely different ad networks you can sell advertising on it based on the amount of traffic you're able to drive and things like that but that gives you an additional way that you can also create income from what it is that you're doing here on YouTube but again that's one that you do have to have a little bit of a skill set for or that you're at least gonna have to watch some YouTube videos to know how to do so aren't even more about YouTube and growing your YouTube channel click into this playlist right here we've got a bunch of videos in there that are gonna help you out and if you haven't yet make sure you subscribe thank you so much for watching I'll see you next time

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