6 Easy Side Hustles You Can Do To Make Money Online TODAY!

hi welcome everyone my name is shay from dreamhomebasework.com i am glad to be back with another hot video today i wanted to focus on sharing some side hustles for those who want to put a little extra cash in their pocket each month in addition to a job so i wanted to make sure i share some opportunities that are great for beginners most of these don't even require experience i go more in depth and show you some of the skills that you can do in order to be profitable with some of these side hustles so you will want to make sure you stick around all the way until the end if you are loving these videos make sure you subscribe to this channel if you haven't already and also make sure you hit that like button this helps you to recommend videos just like this to others that are looking to make extra money from home so without babbling along let's go ahead and jump right into my intro and my disclosure and i'll jump right into the side hustles that you can do to start making money from home today the first side hustle that many people are not aware of is you can get paid to sell your hair online especially if you have long beautiful hair that grows really fast here are a few things that most companies and people they will look at before they purchase your hair they will look at the length of your hair normally it will need to be at least five inches or longer also they look at the thickness and texture of your hair also color is a factor because you know some people may be looking for a specific color and then of course the conditioning of your hair it must be very healthy um no one wants to purchase damaged hair so just make sure your hair is very healthy before you post your ad to sell online once you are ready to sell your hair a trusted marketplace called hair cell on which you can go to hair salon.com and you can create a free account and post your ad to sell your hair as you can see as i scroll through the website they have some featured ads up here at the top and if you scroll down you'll also see in the right sidebar some hair that has been recently sold and you'll see um that some people are selling their hair for around sixty dollars um looks like 12 to 14 inches someone sold for 120 dollars 25 inches was sold for 390 so it looks like people are able to make some really decent money by just selling their hair online and then you'll also see some newly listed um ads that were recently added you can simply get started by clicking the cell hair now yellow button here at the top and depending on how how fast your hair grows you can easily make you know 200 to 500 or more per month by just selling your hair the next side hustle is for anyone that enjoys teaching english for from home this is great for students definitely college students that are looking to make some extra income on the side you can be able to work from around the world um so this is one of those worldwide opportunities where you can work from wherever you can work on your own schedule and it looks like you can earn anywhere from five to nine dollars per hour so yes with that rate of pay is definitely a side hustle that you can do in your spare time now for the requirements it looks like they are looking for native speakers of english from the us the uk ireland australia new zealand canada and south africa you also must be at least 18 years of age have a minimum of six months of experience teaching english now they um do require you to have a teaching certificate in order to apply for this company so yeah if you are ready to get started um you can simply scroll down the website all the way down to the bottom here or you know what you can go up to the top here and just click that apply now to go ahead and register your information to get started the next side hustle that is awesome for you know students stay-at-home moms and dads is to become a virtual assistant um this is a great way to make part-time or full-time income on the side now as a virtual assistant um you can be able to you'll do a couple of different duties you may be replying to emails booking and managing appointments it may be some light phone work also handling social media pages data entry and the list goes on i mean you can either you know reach out directly to blog owners um youtubers um anyone that has a social media following and just see if they need a virtual assistant that can manage different tasks for them you know me myself i personally have a couple of virtual assistants that handles um scheduling for me and handles different things on the back end of my blog now either you can reach out to someone or you can work for a company if you decide to work for for a company fancy hands is an awesome company that is always looking for virtual assistants on a regular they are hiring people right now to complete a variety of tasks as long as you have fast internet connection they will need you to make phone calls schedule appointments track down the best price for items find hotels online you must have very strong written communication also you must have a computer and reliable internet the tasks pay anywhere from three to seven dollars per test and they go up from there just depending on the type of task that it is now as far as payments they go out every other week so every two weeks on tuesday so this is great for those that are just looking for something flexible that they can do on their own schedule so you'll just simply hit that apply now button on their official website at fancyhands.com apply the next side hustle is on a website called fiverr by the way fiverr if you're not aware of fiverr this website allows you to get paid to do a variety of tasks whether it's designing logos you can do web and mobile design create um all type of voice overs um different logo designs social media tasks uh create video intros i mean the list goes on but i'm going to show you a really easy task that anybody can do you don't need any type of experience so i am sitting on their official website and so what i'm going to type in is that you can get paid to remove the background from an image if you simply put that text in the search you'll see that people are getting paid anywhere from five dollars to ten dollars to just complete a task as simple as removing a background from an image now i am sure some people are wondering okay how do i do that so i'm going to show you right now you will simply go to remove dot bg and this website will allow you to simply upload an image this is completely free you will upload the image and it will automatically remove the background from your image so once you have the image ready that you would like to remove the background from you can just simply go here and upload the image and i'm going to do that right now i'm just going to find a random image on my desktop here and once i go here and upload the image this website will automatically remove the background just like that and then you will be able to just download that image right to your computer crazy right i mean a lot of people may think that you need some type of photoshop or some type of you know expensive software in order to remove and and edit the background of images but no you can use this free platform to just simply remove the background from your image and download right away so on fiverr once you have removed that background you know on fiverr it is really simple you know you pretty much can go ahead and join um fiverr by just entering your email address hit continue it is really simple to go ahead and sign up for an account and go ahead and create you a profile where you can be able to um remove images remove the background from images and simply get paid and they will provide you with an updated link now one thing that you should know about fiverr is that they do um collect a percentage from whatever you earn so that is something that you will have to no before you actually sign up and start offering this service the next platform that i really love that i've recommended several times on this channel is paid viewpoint now this is a legitimate survey platform that i've used for many many years and they are really trusted they will pay you to take short surveys online and so you can simply get started by registering your email address you will also need to put in a password and a bonus code here hit you have agreed to the terms and then you will click next now once you start to create your profile this company will need to know um a couple of things about your demographics they will need to ask some questions just to get a feel of the type of surveys that they will send you so that is totally normal they will ask just you know whatever questions they need to only submit the information that you are comfortable submitting you don't need to um submit any personal information like your address or your social security number nothing like that once you get done with completing your profile then their dashboard will look just like this you know you will be able to see your earnings you will see your demographics right here you will also see your trade score and your trade score depends on how truthful you are on your surveys um you will need to be as truthful as you can because that helps build your trait score over time as you can see my earnings are around 800 these are earnings that have been built up over time and then this trade score you know is really high because hey i've been on this website for over five years and then you have your settings tab if i click on the earnings tab here you will be able to see the payment options that they provide they provide and they pay you through either paypal amazon or you will receive a walmart gift card you can be able to cash out right away as soon as you have at least ten dollars through paid viewpoint the last side hustle i would like to share with you is that you can get paid to sell your t-shirt designs online through teespring you will go to teespring.com and you will see more about how it works you can click the how it works tap at the top this company does a great job of handling all of the marketing for you the production the fulfillment and the customer service all you need is a design i'm sure many of you guys are wondering okay how am i going to design a t-shirt and i'm going to show you that right now if you go to canva.com this is a great website you know i use for many of my marketing materials my youtube thumbnails um different designs that i use on my website pinterest designs you can design pretty much anything on this website so what you will do is go up here and just type in t-shirt you can type in t-shirt i've already been searching so you can just simply type in t-shirt and canva has they already have a lot of pre-made designs here that you can change up and just create and make your own unique design you don't want to use any of the exact designs on this website you want to make it your own definitely the wording you want to change it up right here or you can just create a blank t-shirt design if you click right there once you bring up your blank screen then you can pretty much um just go over to text right here and they have a bunch of um pre-made text right here that you can pretty much be able to use you can use that one if you wanted to add that there um if you wanted to change the complete background you just click on the box here to change it to maybe black what if it's a black t-shirt that you are trying to design on and so you can just change the wording up if you have a specific phrase that you would like to use if you want to remove that text and add a different one you can add something like that um you know you can change the font color if you just highlight it and then go up here and then change it to red what if it's like a red white and black design that you would like to to create and so basically to download this design you will click the arrow button up here at the top and you do want this to be a ping type and also you want to have a transparent background and then you will simply click download teespring does allow you to not only sell t-shirts but you can put your design on a backpack socks pullover tees a onesies leggings and the list goes on they have so many different products that you can be able to put put your design on if you have something that you would want to put on a a coffee mug you can use this website for that as well so yeah definitely to get started you will go ahead and hit that get started button create your free account and then you will be able to easily walk through go through and create and build your store so you can start selling your designs today i really hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you give this video a thumbs up also make sure you leave your video suggestions in the comment section below i hope that some of these high hustles were really helpful for those that need to make some extra money and as always if you're looking for more ways to make money from home make sure you visit my official website dreamhomebasework.com until next time guys take care [Music] you

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