50 Ways You Can Invest & Earn Money Passively (How I Earn Passive Income EVERY DAY)

– Hello all. As my old subscribers know, There are two things in life that I'm obsessed with. The first thing is to make sure that I will not forget Thanks to everyone who takes time From his very busy day to give my videos likes And subscribe, because seriously, Every time you do that, it really supports me. So many thanks to all Those who take their time to do so. The second thing, of course, He is earning money every day Without having to work by building passive income sources. And lately, my obsession with passive income help me, Because New Zealand just opened a travel bubble with the Cook Islands. I was very lucky to be able to take my family To one of the most beautiful places in the world. But, here's the problem. The Cook Islands are so far away, So my internet connection during the flight was poor, However, I was still able to earn thousands of dollars of passive income, while lounging on the beach without touching my computer. And so, in this video, I wanted to show you the different ways I make passive income, but that's not all.

In addition, I will also show you 50 different ways During which you can start building passive money sources as well. And yes, I am well aware that 50 different ways To make passive money looks a lot, But I wanted to try to accommodate everyone's wishes with this video Because I am well aware that the phrases "passive income" And "negative money" is a bit controversial, Because when it comes to passive money and passive income, Everyone has their own definition What is considered negative Everyone also has their own goals.

So for some, they want a way to make money without effort, Where they can only invest their money Then they let it grow. This is passive money, while others, They are instead looking to create an online business Like my job, this one, and yes, it takes some effort first And it requires work if you want to expand and grow it, They can be placed at any time in a sustainable passive mode Where they work automatically for you While lounging on the beach for a week With poor or no internet connection. So, yeah, I hope this video have something for everyone, Whether you are looking for new creative ways To add additional passive income sources to your life, Like registering for Wrapify And put ads on your car While driving it in your usual daily life For hundreds of dollars a month, Or you need passive income And looking for more traditional and safe ways to invest, To passively grow your money is like investing your money In bonds, which are government loans Companies withdraw money from individuals Like you and me in exchange for interest At the end of the loan term, Or you are a little more experienced And you want some more adventurous ways to invest your money Like LexShares, which allows you to contribute money To raise collective funds to fund lawsuits Gains are distributed to investors.

LexShares has a claim win rate of over 70% currently. And that's very cool. If you are looking for investment strategies passively earn money, There will be stuff like that in this video for you. And of course, if you're like me, And you are interested in building a business that earns you negative money while you are on vacation, I will also share different examples of this, Like selling stock photos Take it on sites like Shutterstock Or by selling digital downloads In online marketplaces such as Etsy. For example, this is an Etsy store Specialized in downloadable digital templates for weddings, selling things like invitations, tags and programs.

It has only been open for two years, And they generated 8,498 sales, while on average, It costs about $18 to download here. If I do the math, 8,498 sales multiplied by $8 are over $67,000 of sales in two years, selling downloadable text templates. And the cool thing is far from the high profit margins, Of course, the whole store is automated. As they explain in their lists, Thanks to the downloadable files feature of Etsy, Once you purchase one of these models in the store, It is emailed to you automatically It becomes available within your Etsy account, all automatically, All without the store having to do anything. as you see, There is something for everyone on this list, So I highly recommend that you keep watching.

Because even if one financial source doesn't interest you, You might like another one. But yeah, I feel like we can't start this video One of the oldest and most stable methods To grow your money passively, which is the stock market. Yes, of course, one of the ways you can make money is that you can invest your money In the purchase of individual stocks and stock holdings For certain companies and kept only. For example, look at the share price of Etsy. Over the course of five years, its value increased rapidly. If you bought 100 shares of Etsy five years ago, It would have cost you about $1,000, And if you sell it now, Its value will be between $16,000 and $20,000, according to the day.

Literally, all I've done is that you came here and spent 30 seconds Buy 100 shares online for $1000, and that's it. Then it's set and forgotten, and all of a sudden! after five years, You will have an additional amount of 15-20 thousand dollars without having to do anything. But, of course, everyone thought that cruise lines It was a safe bet too, and then its market was hit by COVID-19. And so if, like me, Don't enjoy trying to predict the future, Alternatively, you can invest your money in index funds and exchange-traded funds, They are quite similar.

For example, this is a common and safe product, It is a Vanguard 500 S&P. When you invest your money in this Instead of buying individual shares of companies, Your money divided by 500 One of the best performing companies in the United States, Like Amazon, Microsoft and Apple. This way, there is no need to guess. Statistically, while some companies may decline in value, It is likely to increase, in general, statistically speaking, If you buy and keep, your money will generally increase, Even considering crises like COVID-19. For me, I invest in New Zealand versions of these, It is completely negative.

I have direct deposit, As I invest money in my chosen funds on the automated system, So I literally do nothing, and in the long run, getting richer I also became richer from these earnings. Some companies will try and motivate you to buy their shares, and to do so, They reward you with so-called dividends. Dividends are when they take some of the company's profits He paid it as a cash gift to the shareholders. There are boxes like this that are specialized In identifying companies with high profits So you don't have to do a search about it yourself. Again, it is completely without your input. You just buy stocks, Then cash payments are sent to you every few months. Put it and forget it. This is what a lot of people do Are they going to diversify the types of stock funds they buy. They will invest some of their money in Predictable Index and ETFs Like the S&P 500 To grow their net worth and quit investing to grow up, They will also invest some of their money In high profit companies And they live off cash dividend payments as a regular income.

But while the stock market may be one of the oldest, The most proven way to make money, There is another way to make more money than that, This is the futures market. Yeah. Let's take the commodity market. And let's also say you're a dairy farmer, And next month, you'll know you'll have plenty of milk to sell. Let's come and say that you are also the owner of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Company. Next month, you know you'll need a lot of milk To make a batch of ice cream to sell.

So what you both decide is to create a contract where you both agree that next month is in the future, Ben and Jerry's will buy all the farmer's milk For a fixed price per gallon they're now agreeing to, Based on the price of milk now. This is futures contracts, future financial contracts. If you are investing in a milk futures contract, The price of milk is rising Your contract will be worth more money. The good news is that you can actually invest These contracts are made through a specialized broker Without the need to buy or sell the milk yourself. Just like stocks, you can buy and hold. It is a more advanced way to invest, But a lot of people enjoy how volatile it is It can lead to some big returns if you get hit. And of course, another traditional investment It is property. But trust me when I say There are many ways to make passive income of possessions, which are the ways of most of you They may not have heard of it before.

If you prefer, You can go the usual way الطريقة To earn passive money from property, Like buying and renting a house. You can then use part of the rent To pay the property manager's wages To take care of everyday tasks property owner, Turning a time consuming way to make money To passive way to make money. On Rovstock, you can find real estate already has existing tenants to buy, To start making money from day one of your purchase. You can also transfer your property to Airbnb Say goodbye to Airbnb's management company You manage the property and earn passive money this way. But I can imagine a lot of you saying, Well, Sarah, I'd like to buy an investment property.

There is only one problem. It is really expensive. I can't afford it." I understand you. Buying a home is expensive, but don't worry. There are still ways you can invest in real estate To earn money and passive income. One option is to invest in a real estate fund. Like the ones offered by RealtyMogul. You set up an automatic investment every month, And they add your money to their real estate fund And merge them with others to buy the property. They have multiple types of chests. For example, a box . is designed To maximize regular cash payments for profits… Great if you want to live off this as passive income… While others are designed for focus Safely grow your portfolio value, which is great If you want to focus on increasing your net worth. You can also choose Join the micro housing investment website Buying part of the ownership and equity In an upcoming housing project. These returns are likely to be paid to investors Once the project is completed in the form of cash payments of the tenants' profits. Or you can choose to buy a cheaper real estate investment, Parking space in a busy city center and inclusion in Spacer And earn money from renting them every month For people commuting to work.

In fact, You don't even need to buy a parking space. You can only rent your driveway every month And earn $200 passively on the side If you do not want to buy a separate stand For this. Or you can even provide your own parking spaces and driveways, As a long-term storage of vehicles such as recreational vehicles and caravans With sites and apps like Stow It. Do you know? Even if you don't have a parking space Or driveway in your home for rental, no worries. I still have something for you, Because with websites and apps like storeatmyhouse.com, You can even provide additional rooms and lockers In your home as long-term storage places for people In exchange for negative cash payments each month. Well, I can imagine a lot of you are thinking, Well, Sarah, Earn $200 from renting my driveway every month Sounds good, but here's the bottom line: I'm shy. I don't want a stranger to park his car in my driveway.

Is there another way I can earn passive income Anonymously from behind my computer screen? Yes, my friend. Yes you can. And one of the ways you can do that By building your own versions From my online affiliate marketing company. So one of the works that I've created is this, my blog. One of the ways my blog makes money Through affiliate links. This is a blog post Features an in-depth tutorial How to create an online store With the world's largest e-commerce platform, Shopify, I am a certified trainer.

Well, inside this tutorial, There are affiliate links for Shopify. Now, for those of you who don't know What is an affiliate link, let me show you. If you click on one of these links, you will be taken to a page Where you can sign up for Shopify. And if you look at the URL, You will see that it contains a tracking code. This tracking code tracks every time Someone clicks on my link and purchase a subscription to Shopify. If they do, I earn commission on the sale. Every day, I make money passively through affiliate marketing in this way. I also have another way I earn commissions with Shopify, By creating educational videos on YouTube, like this here, And add my referral link to the video description People can use it if they want to express their thanks Create a free tutorial and publish it on YouTube. Yes, create tutorials on YouTube About great products with affiliate links It can be a great source of passive income. I know someone will comment and protest, “But Sarah, the YouTube channel and its videos. They are not passive income, in order to make money, You have to keep uploading videos." The words of these pessimists.

It is not real. And to show you that, Let me also show you another way I make money passively online, And so with YouTube ads. If you post a video on YouTube, once you get 1000 subscribers, You can make an income of your videos through ads, Then every month, YouTube will send you a paycheck. And check this out. Last week, I was in the Cook Islands. I didn't even post a single video, did my income drop? No you did not. I still earn thousands of dollars. Why? Because I make videos on evergreen topics What people are always looking for and a desire to watch rather than trendy topics.

And even if I don't post a new video, People find my YouTube channel قناتي and see it every day, And even when I stop posting videos, I still make money passively of people who find and watch old videos. Thus, if you want to earn passive money on YouTube, Focus on creating evergreen videos because they are useful, Educational topics instead of trendy videos. “But Sarah,” I can imagine a group of you saying. “But what if I don’t want to start my own business Like a blog or a YouTube channel? What if I just want to take my money Investing in someone else's business And make money from the profits they make instead?” Well my friend, why don't you do that instead Look into this passive money source then? Angel investment.

Angel investment is when new companies seek financing In exchange for capital and perhaps even dividends. Historically, to be a angel investor, You had to join an exclusive angel investment group Like this here in New Zealand You promise that you will invest at least $50,000 a year in these companies. And if you have $50,000 a year, that's a very good idea, But I can imagine a lot of you saying, "Okay, Sarah. $50,000? That's a lot of dollars." And you'd be right. I understand that not everyone has $50,000, Fortunately, the angel investment sites for crowdfunding Like this exists now, instead of $50,000, You can now pledge $100. If the business is successful, Your $100 will likely turn negative to $10,000 without having to do anything.

No blog posts or YouTube videos here, folks. do you know? There are alternative ways to invest to make passive money of portfolio gains during the rally. For example, did you know that there is an unusual and creative way You can passively grow your money By buying shares in sports memorabilia, Like the uniforms worn by famous athletes? This subscription, collectible, It allows people to convert their sports memorabilia into stocks. For example, Let's say someone has a collectible shirt It is worth $1,000, divided into 1,000 shares, You buy 100 shares for $100, and then the next month, The value of this shirt is up to $2000. Well, suddenly your $100 is now $200 الآن without having to do anything. Alternative investments like this are on the rise, Also, they may not have the same stability shares in the stock exchange, etc., They bring in much higher returns. So it is high risk and high return. Otis is another app that makes this easy. This is a micro investment application. The assets are converted into shares, Investors can purchase partial quantities of them.

So people register their own Pokemon And of course Magic: The Gathering Trading Card groups here, The app converts them into shares, Investors can invest in a segment of their group. Digital currencies, of course, still a fancy alternative investment, Especially for another reason We'll talk about it later. Another form of alternative micro investment which is an investment in rare cars, i.e. Rally Rd. It makes it easy to do so. And Masterworks makes it extremely easy Make frictional investments and buy shares in rare historical artifacts, If you are interested in this kind of thing, And Vinovest makes it so easy To invest in fine wines. The bartenders will help you form a group A fine wine that you can keep and sell whenever you want As the value of your collection passively increases and grows.

And they all store it for you, So you don't actually have to have your own wine cellar To make money from good wine. But what if instead of negative money in the form Increase the value of your assets, You would prefer it instead of regular cash payments In the form of income? Well, one way you can do that فعل To start your own e-commerce store with the automated system, And it's a way, as my subscribers know, make me earn passive income every day, Thanks to something called print on demand, It is one of the main aspects of the activities that I teach on this channel. And yes, that's in addition to all my businesses, Some people will say that it is not considered passive income Because it takes time to grow and expand, But personally, I consider it negative. Because if it is built correctly, These types of stores can be run at any time In passive mode or automated system to make money When you are away from the internet on vacation. So, to keep the length of this video reasonable, I can't go into how to do it too deeply But I highly recommend watching this video here, It shows how I run an e-commerce business on an automated system If you want an in-depth tutorial, But to briefly explain why it is passive income, What did you do for this video? I made a template for a print-on-demand store Let's show you how to make money this way from the automated system without me doing anything.

So you see all these goods I listed the store here. Well, I can sell all of this, without having to manufacture or create any of them myself, And that's because of this app which I linked to my store, Printful. With this application, you can browse the catalog of items And choose empty products from which you wish to sell your customized copy. The things I sell now are T-shirts, And mugs and stickers, which was a huge win for me. But these are only my top sellers.

There are a lot of different items here that you can sell, But either way, once you get in here and choose the item you want to sell, You can then download either a trendy logo Or a piece of artwork on it Choose the color of the shirts you want to sell Or modify your chosen product. For me here, I uploaded a piece of art to it, And you can move it and place it where you want. Printful will then store a digital copy of this shirt that you created here on their computer. You can then offer this item for sale in your store, And then when the customer comes in and buys a shirt, It will see the Printful app automatically It handles the sale on your behalf. Their merchandise factory will then print the design on a shirt, then wrapping the shirt, then ship it to the customer, They will notify the customer That package is on its way And send them a tracking link. And they will do it automatically without having to do anything. Thanks to that, My e-commerce business was running itself Last week in an automated system while I was on vacation.

And therefore, If you would like to learn more about how to do this, You should be sure to download my free e-book, The Six Steps Which 6-digit online stores track تتبع To earn more than $10,000 a month. And you'll find a link to download my free e-book In the video description below. But yes, this is a way to make passive money Print on demand. Another way is to open a shop on Etsy And automate your on-demand printing there. This is a successful example Etsy print-on-demand. It is very easy to run a commodity auto shop here Because of Etsy integrations With all major print-on-demand applications, such as Printful This app and other print-on-demand service The one I'm using here, Printify.

I also have a free video tutorial for you to watch This shows how you can create a store like this for free If you want to check it out. But here's the bottom line. I know that for some people, this just won't work for them. Why? Because if you don't notice, Printful charges me for the shirt and freight in advance, This is a problem for a lot of people, Because Shopify and Etsy need At least 1-2 business days for batch processing and send it to your bank account. Because of the bank's general logistics, You cannot get the money right away. So how do I pay for production in advance and shipping cost? Well, my friends, I use these credit cards. Yes, I pay immediately for print-on-demand production and shipping costs on my credit cards, Then when Shopify sends me my payment two days later, I'm paying my credit card bill Long before I get any benefit.

Which is great because credit cards Can be an additional source of passive money, If you, like me, use it wisely and just buy things that you can buy with, Because many credit cards offer free cash rewards As a thank you for using it. for example, In the US, this card gives you 6% cashback, Just to buy groceries. Lots of countries have their own versions of credit cards and cash back. Do you know? You already have to buy groceries anyway, So why not passively get extra cash back while doing that? If you can take charge of credit cards, It's obvious. But my friends, If you hate credit cards, don't worry, Because there is another different way To start the print-on-demand business It does not require any upfront costs or fees, Many of my subscribers use this method To earn passive money every month, And that's through Redbubble. If you have been a subscriber for a long time, You know what Redbubble is, but I'll explain it quickly For those new here.

Redbubble is a free site Where designers can upload images and logos and sell the merchandise. Last year, Redbubble sold over $400 million From the value of the goods on behalf of artists and designers. It is very popular, It is visited by about 20 to 40 million people every month, I'm looking forward to buying great gifts here. Here's how it works. You just come and upload either a picture or a modern logo, give it a title, keywords, and description if you want. Lots of hot selling products on Redbubble Simple word-based designs like this one, And if you can think of a funny, witty slogan, You can still get a best selling product Even if you are not an artist.

Once you do this, You can then just choose any of the Redbubble products You think it would look better when, and enable these products to sell, You have disabled the products that you think looks ugly, then that's it. You only save your product. Redbubble will then store a digital copy of your photo or logo on their computer and create a product page for it. within 15 minutes, Redbubble customers will be able to come and buy it, Then when customers come in and buy, for example, the shirt I made, A Redbubble print shop will see your order, And he says, "Yes, let's do that." They will then print your design on a T-shirt, Then the shirt is packed and shipped to the customer. They will not charge any fees. Instead, they collect money And pay a portion of the profit to you As commission on the sale, it is usually around 15-20%, Directly to your bank account or PayPal account.

For most Redbubble stores, They just upload designs or logos, and that's it. They claim Redbubble takes care of everything else for them, Including marketing, they make money passively. But what if you were designing your own merchandise And sell them do not care? Well, don't worry my friends, Because there are so many things you can sell online To earn passive money. For example, if you are a budding writer, Why not take advantage of the next passive income source? Kindle. Yeah. Self-publishing e-books are a huge market. write your e-book and put it on your kindle, and earn commissions up to 70% When people buy your e-book. From Amazon Marketplace via Kindle, People will find your e-book naturally When searching their catalog. And if you want to make more money, Convert it into an audiobook and put it on Audible. Many people want to write e-books, but few are willing to turn them into audiobooks, So if you want, you can take advantage of the market Which is in huge demand right now, but there isn't much supply, And passively earn commissions here. But, of course, as I said, There are a lot of different things you can sell.

For example, if you are now in college As you take notes for your classes and create study materials for yourself, Why not sell it too? Websites let you Like Nexus Notes list your study notes Study materials, such as book summaries, are here and sell it. You get 50% commissions every time someone buys it. You really have to make it for yourself. So why not sell it to others? And if you're a videographer, Especially if you are proficient with drones, Why don't you sell 4K videos stored in places like Shutterstock You earn negative commissions Every time someone downloads and uses it? And if you are a developer, You can create passive income By creating and selling things on a website For platforms like Shopify And earn negative commissions from people who buy these things.

And speaking of Shopify, it's very profitable For making and selling Shopify apps because Shopify reviews and checks apps in the app store, Thus, if you are selected, you will be in a regulated market, And you will get a much larger share of downloads. And if you are a 3D modeler, You can sell things you've created on Envato. And if you are talented at creating fonts, You can create and sell your own line. And if you are good at making videos, You can create video effects and templates, Like video intros and endings and sell them. And if you lean audibly instead, You can create and sell sound effects. Every time someone downloads your effect, You will earn a commission on the sale, usually around 60%. You can also sell music here, But if you are a musician, You can also make extra money by listening to music On all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Thanks to apps like Lander.

You will keep all rights to your music And passive earnings every time someone downloads it and listen to it. But do you know? Even if you're not a musician, You can still make passive money selling music. How? Well, it's through this, the exchange of ownership. Here, you can purchase the rights to the music. This is music that has already been used in commercial projects which people buy their license regularly. You can buy rights to earn profits From the people who licensed the songs. Now, this is definitely a more advanced method To earn passive income It requires a large upfront investment, But it can also be a very large amount From negative money in the long run to the right person. You can also sell educational materials. You can create your own educational video collection الفيديو And sell it as a course on Udemy. I know someone who earns $25,000 a year passively on Udemy From people who buy his course الخاص Which is "How to Create a Marketing Website", And he doesn't have to make any announcements about it.

People passively find it on Udemy and buy it, And he earns money passively every month. And if selling your course doesn't interest you, Alternatively, you can choose to put it on Skillshare. Skillshare allows you to upload video courses Then its paying members can view it. To pay you between five and 10 cents For every minute someone watches your videos. Top teachers earn Skillshare more than $100,000 a year Negatively from the lessons they uploaded in the past So much so that to this day they still make money from it. Cash rewards are not the only type of currency rewards that you can earn. No. Remember when I said earlier that by buying cryptocurrency, There is another way to make passive money from it, Other than the gain you gain from rising value? Well, this is the way. through lending. Thanks to Ledger, you can lend your cryptocurrency to users On a peer-to-peer loan system Earn interest on loans. But if you don't like cryptocurrency and prefer cash, Then Prosper is a great way to earn a very passive income. Prosper is a peer-to-peer cash loan based site.

Prosper only lends loans For users with high credit scores. In addition, you do not actually need to choose To whom will you lend it? Instead, Prosper takes care of it for you If you select their automatic investment feature. You simply deposit your money into your account every month And Prosper will distribute your money automatically On loans that earn negative interest. Do you know another place? Where can you earn interest passively? the bank. Bank deposit is definitely not a great way طريقة to earn passive income, But if you need to keep your money in a bank account, You'd better choose one At the highest possible interest rate.

But in fact, there is another way During which you can earn passive money with the help of banks, And so with the ATM. Yeah. Did you know that you can buy an ATM? If you keep the cash, You can make money passively from fees That users pay to withdraw money from it. ATMs are not cheap But it doesn't require much maintenance. Which makes it very negative. But if you prefer the digital method instead To earn cash, instead of dealing with banknotes, Be sure to check out this site here. This is the coupon site where users can come And find coupons to use before buying products online For discounts of course. One of the ways the site finds coupons It is by paying users to submit. If you send a coupon and you are the first person to do so, You will earn 2% of every sale whenever your coupon is used, Even up to $25 per coupon per month. I checked it on Reddit, And someone earns up to $140 a month passively From the vouchers he gave back to the site. Very stylish. So, wow, team. It was a very long video, but that's it.

we're done. Like I said, the goal of this video was to try to tell as many passive income and money sources as possible, So that everyone can find what suits them, So you have to tell me which one is the best fit Yours in the comments section. If you liked this video and would like to know more, about building passive income streams online, Make sure to subscribe and hit that little notification bell, So that you don't miss any of my videos, And if you want to know more about how i make passive income every day, Be sure to watch my video Five sources of income I built in my twenties It makes me earn more than $1,000 a day." So, watch the next video. I'll see you there..

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