5 Websites To Turn $0 To $200 a day Passive Income (earn $ while you sleep) Passive Income Ideas

What's going on my make money online
youtube family, my name is Marissa Romero and in today's video we're gonna be
going over five websites where you can turn zero
dollars into a hundred, two hundred dollars per
day in passive income and earn money while you sleep because isn't that the
new american dream? The new dream of every country on this earth is to create
an income while you're sleeping, while you're doing
anything, while you're running your errands, while you're spending time with
your family, traveling the world when there's no
COVID-19 pandemic, am I right? So all of these websites I'll be talking
about today are proven to work where you can make your way up
to $100 to $200 a day in passive income and create that
six figure income in no time.

Trust me, I'm living proof
that it is possible. So if you're pumped for this video go ahead and type in
"money while you sleep" in the comments and let's get
right into it. So whatever reason made you click on this video, whether it's
making passive income, a side income, just extra money or
whether you want to start a profitable business,
it's very possible with all five of these websites, especially this one right
here, and that one is youtube. Now, before you
run away and click off this video, trust me there's a way to create a
channel, whether you want to get in front of the camera start your personal brand,
whatever your goals are and let me explain why.
In 2019 alone from my youtube channel I created an extra 42
thousand dollars just from the adsense revenue
that I created for my channel.

So that income
was passive and required no extra effort on my part, so imagine a social media
platform that not only helps you build your online
business, helps you build your passive income, but also rewards you
and pays you for submitting content. Now, there's a couple of ways to go about
youtube. This right here, it was my google adsense revenue
from 2019 and I'm sure it might be double that
this year in 2020, we will see, I'll report back to you in

But what I want to emphasize with
youtube is that there's two ways to choose to do youtube and that is
a faceless/animation channel where you don't show your face or
a personal brand channel which is the type of channel that you're watching
right now. I'm Marissa Romero, I am my personal
brand and I am in front of the camera and this is the type of youtube channel
that I have. I create my own content whereas
a faceless animation channel is kind of cool because
you don't have to show your face, there's so many different websites out there
where you can grab stock footage that's copyright free, where you can grab
copyright free music, put together compilation videos,
and make it a listicle style video where the video has different stock
images and stuff and subtitles at the bottom that explain
the video and you do not have to get in front of the camera for
that. There's millions and millions of minutes out there that's copyright free
where you can compile things, where you can compile and make your own copyright
free videos and upload them on a youtube channel.
So what we'll do right now is take a look at the pros and cons
of both but right before we do that, if you're interested in how I built
my wildly successful online business leveraging
the power of this youtube platform go ahead and download my subscribers to
sales blueprint, you can download it right up here or the
first link in the description.

So if you're wondering where my bias
lies with which one I would do, obviously, you know I have a personal brand channel,
I actually am interested in making a faceless
channel because I think it would be kind of fun and if you are someone looking to
start your online business and make multiple six figures
and seven figures, personal brand youtube channels are
definitely the way to go. I'll explain why,
however, I'm definitely not anti-faceless channels and here's why.

Some of the pros
of faceless channels is that you can
outsource it completely, like you don't have to do
anything, outsource, okay? You don't have to do
anything, you can outsource every single step
of the process, the scripting, the editing, the uploading, the optimization,
everything that goes into creating a youtube channel.
You can outsource the thumbnails, the graphics, everything with a faceless
channel and the other pro of having a faceless
channel is you can make a lot of content,
okay? You can bang out content like crazy because you can hire a team to make
multiple videos and upload three videos a day if you wanted to
because you don't have to get in front of the camera
and make the videos. Now the cons of making a faceless youtube channel, let's
talk about that.

The cons are that you don't make as much
money as a personal brand channel. Some people can argue that, but the
reason why is because nobody knows who's behind the camera so
they don't establish that connection like they do with somebody like you
would with me in front of the camera like this, okay? So
the cons is that you make less money, okay? So it's harder to sell
different types of products like affiliate links,
your own products, because that know, like, and trust factor
goes down. The other con is that is that it's very reliant on ad revenue. Okay? You don't want to rely
on google adsense revenue, you just don't, because what if the
algorithm changes and you make way less ad revenue because youtube is
like "Oh, everyone's going to get paid only 50%
for the next year or something." You don't want to rely on just ad revenue and these
faceless channels rely super heavily on ad revenue income.
Moving on to the personal brand which is my favorite, the pros
is that you do establish the know, like, and trust factor
with your audience and when you do that, okay, when you do that you're able to make more
money right off the bat with a personal brand channel.

You don't have to wait
to reach a thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours in order to
qualify for the youtube partnership program and start making ad revenue
money, you can start making money immediately,
okay? You can start making money when you only
have 200 subs, 300 subs, and once your channel grows and gets
bigger gets to a thousand, gets to 10 000 subscribers, you can make
bank on any type of back-end products you have. Maybe you have
coaching, maybe you have your own digital products, maybe you offer group
coaching, a membership site, any of your affiliate links, those are
going to sell like hotcakes because you'll have the links to those things in
the description and you won't be reliant on adsense
revenue, and so, really, the back end products or the higher end products,
what I refer to right here, is how influencers and youtubers are
really able to crush it every single month
with their income from youtube is because of the traffic that they're
getting to their channel and the other products that they're
selling on their channel.

It's not google adsense revenue, okay? So the cons,
of course, you know what i'm gonna say, is basically it's less scalable in regards to the amount of content that
you're able to put out on your channel because, really,
at least for me, it's impossible to create videos enough to upload every
single day of the week, it's just I would absolutely lose my mind and go
crazy if I had to make that many videos and that much content within a week. So
there's a limit of how much the creator can make and edit
because the content relies on you being in front of the camera, but really for a
personal brand channel I just recommend new tubers getting started and posting,
minimum, once per week. I think that's a very manageable thing,
once you conquer once per week then you move on to posting twice per
week and, again, please download the subscribers to sales blueprint which I
mentioned before which goes over everything step by step in regards to
growing your YouTube channel and monetizing your channel like crazy,
so you can get that right up here.

Alright, so coming in at the next website
where you can make some serious passive income
is teespring.com or aka you'll be creating your own
print on demand t-shirt business. So what does print on demand mean? It's when,
let's take teespring for example, you create a design,
it doesn't have to be a fancy design, you upload it onto teespring where they have
so many products like cups, shower curtains,
apparel, and all these different things, and then once somebody places an order
on your store this teespring company does all the
fulfillment for you so they create the shirt, they print the shirt, they package
up the shirt, and then they ship it to the customer who bought the shirt
from your teespring store. So this is really interesting and what i
invite you to do is come and build a teespring store with me, I just
started my own teespring store last night and if you're wondering how
much you could really make with print on demand,
my friend Peter Chan has been killing it with print on demand
teespring shirt businesses for the past five six years.

You can see the snapshot
of a million dollar month that he made with his company. Now, it's going to take
a while to build up to that type of passive income,
but it is very very possible and this website is
completely free. You just sign up like I did last night, you go to their website,
you pick a couple of steps like where you're going to promote, where you're
going to be active, are you a content creator,
what type of person are you, and you create your store, pick a name for your
store, boom you have an online store. And so the
other thing I did last night was I created a
simple design on canva.com which is also "free.99" to get started and when I did
that I just went to the different fonts and looked at the different styles and
looked at the different styles of letters and text that I can add
on my t-shirt, so I just created a simple phrase like "passive income
pandemic proof" or "quarantine proof," I forgot what it was, and then you take
that design you save it as a png download and then
you just upload it to your print on demand store on teespring and you have
a shirt and a product to sell.

So we can take a look just real quick at how I
made this simple design. Okay, so basically we're behind the scenes of my
brand new teespring store, which isn't very,
um, there's nothing so it looks very blank, but when you're on here
all you have to do is in the listings- this is where your apparel is going to
be, all you got to do is go to "start design"
and then you would choose your products so
there's accessories, home decor, apparel, so this is a little bit of what home
looks like and if you scroll down you get an idea of
what accessories are so face masks obviously
are selling like crazy right now, okay? And then if you scroll down you
get to see more of the apparel and the options
that you have and what you can create: socks, hoodies,
leggings, it's really cool, swimsuits, I didn't even know they had swimsuits,
that's cool, how about a passive income swimsuit, okay?
So we're gonna click on apparel and I was playing around with this last night
and I can't wait to build out all of my apparel, but let's say we
want to start with a tank top and I want to do unisex, I think there
was a unisex one, unisex, start designing, what would
you like to do with your design? You want to buy, you want to sell, okay? So then here
all you would do is add text, you can add text like this and type in
whatever you want, "passive income," but if you want to make a
cooler design you could come to a free website called
canva.com which is kind of like your home base for
doing all the designs you need online and then
you can start to create your own design, you can just come here,
create a design, it'll ask what you want to do,
I picked infographic, or I just picked social media since it's
a very easy template to work with and so when I picked social media, it's
this nice easy dimension to work with and
so I just picked this right here from this font
right here on the left, okay? And then that was it so let me delete that, and
then I found this font and as you can see it's so easy to just
create these designs in canva, this took me
like two minutes to come up with this and this I just chose
from a regular text, so I went to add subheading
and then i went to the regular font, I picked Gagalin and then I just typed in whatever,
okay? I thought that was kind of cool and that's it and then when you're done all
you got to do is come here to download
and then you download it, you want it to do png so you can have different colored
shirts and then when you come back here you
want to delete this and then you want to go to add image, passive income, open, and then boom you have passive
income on the shirt and you have your design.

and then if you look down here to set your price,
you can set it to maybe you want to sell your shirts for $21, $22,
this is going to be your profit per sale, okay so maybe you want to bump it up to
25, then this is going to be your profit. So
that is really cool and then you would just click continue and then it would
list on your store, so that's really easy to
get up and started with your teespring store
for free and let me just say this one thing, it is so crucial right now
when the whole world is at home because of the pandemic and there's
more traffic than ever online to build up a print-on-demand store
because because people are looking for these things and especially like in the
united states with the election coming up
there's so many ways to take advantage of the election and no matter
how you're voting, it doesn't matter, people buy t-shirts and sayings on
t-shirts because it makes them feel a certain way, they don't care about
the quality of the t-shirt, they just care about how the t-shirt
makes them feel, so if they're wearing something on the t-shirt that
they feel proudly about that really is all that matters because think of my
shirt, for example, who doesn't love passive income, right?
Who doesn't love making money online? So you're going to wear
that passive income on your shirt proudly, right? So I invite you,
let's just get our teespring stores and print-on-demand stores started together
and if you guys are interested once i get all my designs uploaded into my
store and you want to know how much money I'm
generating from my teespring store go ahead and type it
in the comments and I'll be sure to make a follow-up video about my teespring

Okay, so let's now talk about this next website where you can
really, really make a killing with passive income and that one is
InVideo and what I love about InVideo is it is a
content creation machine. What I mean by that is you can create
content on this platform super easily, think about canva
but for video editing, it's one of the most easiest video editing tools in the
world and you're thinking "Okay, that sounds like a lot of work." I promise
it's not because they have over 3,000 templates of video, whether it's
Facebook videos, YouTube videos, Instagram, Twitter, and so
when you think about the example of what I talked about with the YouTube
channel and creating a faceless channel you can go through and start
creating your own listicle style videos and animation style videos with this
program, it's free to get started but after that
I think it's only like five or fifteen dollars a month depending on what plan
you get but that's so minimal to the amount of content
you can produce and the amount of money that you can make from that content and
so the idea is you would go to this InVideo website and you could either
create a faceless youtube channel with this
content, you can create content for other brands and businesses who need it, you
can turn this into such a big business with just this
one tool.

For example, if you go on Fiverr and you look at everybody wanting a
facebook ads video, and they're willing to pay a
hundred dollars to two hundred for this facebook ads video, they're not
hard to make because the templates are literally done for you.
You can go to one of the Facebook style templates, edit it,
upload your own pictures of the product or whatever it is
that customer wants and download the video and turn it in and
boom you just made $100 or $200. So then what's the next step? You
outsource this work, you outsource the work of
whatever it is you're doing so if you are
creating a faceless youtube channel, if you are making
facebook ad videos for people, if you are creating
instagram ads for different people, you can outsource all of this work so it
becomes very easy to create a passive income source
with using a tool like InVideo right here so you
can check out InVideo and create a profile for free
in the description to find out how it works and check out all the beautiful
editing templates and start creating that passive income

Okay, so the next website that i want to tell you
about is a website called acx.com
and I explain in detail what the heck that is and how you can create some
serious passive income with that website, so let's check it out
right now. So today we are talking about a website called acx.com
and how becoming a reader or becoming a narrator of an audiobook could make
you some serious passive income, some serious cash, and definitely worth
your while. Making your book into an audio or an audible version is way
better than just having it be paper because you get
way more reach from the other perspective when you do this and it
definitely increases your profit potential because
now people could listen to this audiobook when they're doing the laundry,
when they're going to the gym, when they're driving across town to pick
up their kids, just all types of stuff.

So one thing I wanted to mention before
I get started was there are different languages available including
English, French, German, and Spanish, also there's thousands of different
genres so you won't have a lack of options on acx and
essentially it's like you do the work once and get paid for
years to come because of royalty share. So we'll explain what royalty share
mean, what all this means right now in this tutorial.

I welcome you
to behind my computer, let's get into it. So we're at the acx.com
website and the first thing I wanted to bring your attention to
is the way to sign up. You would just come to this upper sign up now
link and then you would create your profile and
just know that on the author's side the audio books will be published
on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. "What you need to get
started," this will be a good thing to review so that you
know what to expect. I would assume that you would need
a good microphone, something like this like a lapel mic
to get started (oh sorry if that made noise) and other things,
just maybe a silent room where you're uninterrupted, you have certain
times of the day where you know the weed whackers are outside
making a whole bunch of noise, that happens to me.

The first thing
you would want to do is check out titles accepting
auditions, okay? So these are all the titles that
are currently wanting a narrator for you to come in
and narrate their book, so there's so many cool ways to
narrow down the search. If you look to the left here there's
profile filters and there's title filters, so I
would first want to go to the compensation filter and keep in
mind you might not get the highest
paying job, maybe you would get paid like
fifty dollars per finished hour. So per finish hour means
the hour it takes to complete an audio script, so
not including mess-ups if that makes sense.

So let's say we wanted to look for
something that pays you a hundred to two hundred
paid finish hour and you want a royalty share which
means you would get that passive income
because when the author of this book sells a book, you get a percentage of the
book. So let's apply that and see what pops up.
So there's still a lot of titles that match your search so let's go to a filter that we might like.
So let's say, I don't know, my voice sounds like a
teenage boy, I don't know that's really bad, but I think my voice is kind
of weird so maybe I'll just put young adult,
apply, and then let's say authoritative, child-like, deadpan, enthusiastic,
flirtatious, uh maybe, maybe I'm flirtatious,
hysterical, inspirational, so maybe I'm inspirational and I'm engaging, let's
say that, so we could apply that and project length, maybe I don't want to
read a 10-hour book, maybe for now i just want
to get a job under my belt to get the job and make the
quick $100 or $200, however it's gonna be.

So let's
say, maybe let's just go for three to five hours. So
I think that's, I think I could read for three to five hours, right? So
yeah, so now we've narrowed it down to nine books
so you could easily take off some of these filters and put them back on but
you can see all of this here is pretty cool, oh this
one's in Spanish, Ghost Dreams: a haunting romance, we got Spanish going on, let's click on
one of them because the next thing that you're going to want to do is check
out the video so let's take a look at this romance one.
Okay, so the estimated length is 3.9 hours so it's probably going to take you
longer than that, so that's how long it'll take to read the book like
perfectly without mistakes and they have royalty share, this is the
word count, the language is english, distribution exclusive, right?
Here you could read more about the book and about the title so you can get more
of what's going on.

This one's "Was a haunted house the best place to
recover from broken heart?" This book seems interesting
and then you could see here requires a narrator who could perform fiction,
language English, male or female, young adult, so yeah this is pretty cool and
then the next thing you would do is figure
out okay, well, how do I audition? Oh and one thing
before I click on audition is the project budget.
This is only royalty share so they don't pay you to read the book
up front, they just give you passive income with making royalty shares so
we could take a look at what other books look like that have the
pay for finish hour pricing.

So with the audition you would click here
and download the script and you can just check it out
and then you would learn more about the submission requirements right here
on this book, so if I open up the script we'll take a look at what it looks like.
It's eight pages, yeah, that's not that bad. Chapter one, and
yeah this is what it looks like.

So chapter two, so yeah if we go back we
could easily pick a book where you get paid not only
royalty share but also an upfront fee, let me show you what that looks like.
Okay, so if we come back to the beginning when we started our title search with
1814 titles that we could potentially read from, let's first narrow down
by gender, I didn't do that the first time but that would be good to do
to knock off the ones that you can't read, so I'm a female,
and genre, I didn't look at this either, let's say
self-development, boring, and then let's take a look at compensation.
I'm just gonna click this hundred to two hundred dollar
paid for finish hour, so with acx you have
kind of three options: you have royalty share, you have
paid for finish hour, or you could just get paid one
lump sum fee.

I know that doesn't make sense but those are the three main
options but the most popular are paid for finish hour,
and also royalty share. So if we click apply
and see what comes up, one matches my title, so
estimated length is 3.8 hours with a project budget of 100 to 200 paid for
finished hour. Okay, so if we calculate on the low side
what you would get paid to read this book it'd be about 380 dollars if you
get paid $100 an hour, and on the high side you can
expect to get paid 200 times 3.8, $760.
So how cool is that just for four hours of your time, getting paid
760 dollars? That's cool and if you do that and get the experience under
your belt that'll be better to get those deals that have both the paid for finish
hour and the royalty shares, I've seen it before but you do kind of have to look
around and figure out which book gives you, I
don't know, the biggest bang for your buck, the per finish hour.

I just wanted
to share with you guys some production earnings
and cost just so that you could understand from the author's perspective
their earning potential and how you can make this passive income. So,
basically, the author has different options when it comes to producing, they
could kind of pay a giant one upfront fee and receive full
royalties or not and receive 40 royalties. So you have
options to meet your budget needs and earning goals when you create your audio
book with acx. Choose your producer, negotiate your production costs, and set
your production schedule. So if you come down here the benefits,
like earn 40% of retail for sales on Audible,
Amazon, and iTunes with exclusive distributions, that's a lot of money that
goes not to the author, 60%,
that's a lot. But if they were to do this one, pay your
producer a one-time fee for production and collect full
royalties or the non-exclusive royalty, retain the
right to distribute elsewhere and earn 25
of retail sales on these three platforms.

Okay, so let's take a look at this tab-
"Royalty share and royalty share plus." So exclusive royalty with the
narrator which would be you split your earnings equally with
your producer and you earn 20% royalties on sales of your audiobook,
so therefore the narrator would also receive that 20%.
Your cost, you pay nothing out of pocket, your producer receives payment in the
form of an equal share of the proceeds from sales
to the finished audio book, and then royalty share
plus is access a higher tier of producers with a one-time
payment. Alright, so the next website to make 100 to 200
per day in passive income is a website called Snapwire. Now this is a
poor drawing of a camera, this is a 4k camera,
but on Snapwire, if you like photography, even if you
don't like photography that much, if you're somebody who takes
decent pictures which you probably already do if you have a
smartphone, okay? You have the opportunity to upload
your pictures on snapwire.com and make passive income
from the photos that you upload to that website because there's thousands of
people on Snapwire looking every day for images to use
for their graphics, their websites, their whatever that has to do with marketing
and if they find your photo you can get paid anywhere from ten dollars to a
hundred dollars an image depending on the size of the photo, the
resolution, and how much they purchase it for.
So once you upload a photo it's there forever
and the more photos you upload the more of an earning potential that you have to
make money with this website.

So if you go to the
website and check out how creators can earn there's three
different ways that creators can earn money from snapwire.com and that is
from challenges where there's a
challenge like maybe you have to take a picture of a mountain or an animal or
something and if you win that challenge you get a
hundred percent of the commission, so maybe the prize is 250
you get 100 of that prize up front and the next way is with
getting access or if purchasers basically say that
"Yes, you should be leveled up because your photos are that good,"
then you get access to a whole other level of people
like requesting to buy photos from you and you're getting more commissions,
and the third way is to just keep building your portfolio.
So the more photos you upload, the higher the chances are for you to keep building
and building upon that income so when people go on the
website and just straight up buy your photo, it's a $50

So those add up and could add up
very nicely to a monthly earnings of a few hundreds of dollars and then very
quickly thousands of dollars. Okay, so if you
wanted to check out more on Snapwire you can come here
to snapwire.com and click on "For creators" up here and you can just see
like get hired or join the community, you can see how to get hired and apply,
join the community, looking to produce a project,
and just come on this website and understand how it could work
from you. So it's kind of cool, you create your own
profile, basically, in Snapwire, you have your about me section,
scenes from a global pandemic, that's kind of cool, and then
so ready to get paid for your photos and videos, sign
up. Okay cool, so you can upload videos too, so that's nice, I have my own-
the iPhone 11 has 4k footage
so you could do this as well with your 4k camera on your smartphone.
Yeah, but definitely come on this website and check out more
about the process and how when you submit your high quality content
you can get paid passively every single month just by uploading and continuing
to upload your photos and videos on this website.

So if you're still here I
know you're loving this video, so why don't we keep growing and
learning together, and what I have for you is a free master class on, basically,
the four step framework on how to build a wildly profitable online business
where you'll be making several passive income streams by leveraging the
power of youtube the platform that you're on
right now and to sign up for this free master class all you got to do is
register and click the button below, sign up, pick an available time, and I
will see you on that master class packed with
value and actionable ways to make major passive income with YouTube.
See you on the class go ahead and click!

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