5 Ways To Make Money Online With NO SKILLS, ZERO KNOWLEDGE, and NO MONEY IN 2021!

in this video today I am going to show you five of the easiest ways that you can make money online with no skills and no knowledge, I am going to walk you through these five examples and show you how you can get started right after watching it is this video you can set it all up and i'm going to give you all the tools you need to start making money online after watching this video so if you have never earned a dollar and you want to get serious and you want to make money to earn online, you go to is absolutely crazy about it because it is worldwide and requires zero skill and zero knowledge of which you want to make money this watch this video hey everyone it's all here again from the smart money tactics channel where I post reliable content every day to help you make money online if you have not yet subscribed, go to the bottom of the hit subscribe button to turn on all the notifications so that if I drop a brand new video you will be notified immediately that way we can join aa nline make money and if you finally enjoy this video make sure you so smash button in appreciation and if you guys are curious and you want to know what else I do to make money online please click on it first link here in my description it is' a brand new strategy I am currently testing it works really very well with a repeat income strategy that makes me a lot of money at the moment so feel free to go check it out now guys I am going to show you how you can use fiverr.com if you have seen it fiverr before and you know what it is it is a freelance site going nowhere because you are not going to believe how easy these performances are to do and how much money people make with this they are not satiated and there are many of opportunity you can create the concert today and you can start literally making money online after watching this video fiverr gets a lot of people to his website so there are many opportunities, let me show you the first way you can make money on fiverr with a very simple strategy if you come to
fiverr guys and you can comment on blogs basically what it means is if you were to create a concert like these guys have here basically what they are paid for is just to comment on people's blogs can you also do it like YouTube videos to like facebook posts twitter posts instagram posts etc and these people earn a lot of good money you do not need skills you do not need any knowledge because these guys will tell exactly what to write on their blog or on their website, etc.

Let me show you an example of what I mean let's say that this blog here wanted you to comment on one of them articles basically you do, should you come to this site you browse and click on any one of these articles as soon as you click on one of these click articles it will take you to a page that looks like they wrote all this stuff about this article now as you scroll down to below one of these one articles that you are basically going to see ' a comment section so all you have to do is come here post the comment they give you once you enter that comment you put your name in your email address and you made a comment these people do it and they are earn a lot of good money some people here are paid six to fifteen dollars to put it comment on it and if you look, some people look at it has done it 150 times 170 times etc so there are jobs available and all they do is comment deliver on this verse illende blogs are very simple and you can start doing it as well as the second way you c'n make money online using fiverr guys is to find expired domains now go nowhere to show you exactly how to do it because there is a free tool that does all this work for you and I'll show you it in a second, but look at these guys when you get here, there are literally hundreds of people looking for obsolete domains, some people like to turn these domains around or some people want to buy it have expired domains why because they already have a lot of backlinks and basically what it means in a natural is they have some authority online and they do not want to get a
domain from scratch do they want one that has some authority so they are willing to pay someone find these domains for it and you are not going to believe how easy it is what you want to do before you create one of these performances do some research and take look at what tools you have available I'm going to give you this video but before I show you this tool guys if you enjoy this video make sure you get the button like in crush
rating and I'm thinking of doing something gifts next week so if you want to see give away next week go down in the comments section of this video now and comment alan let's do some more gifts and I will think about it next week if I get enough comments I will definitely do the gifts so this is the tool here , guys, it's called expiration net it's free to sign up and when you get here you can see you can look at dot com domains remove dot net domains dot org dot info dot biz etc and all you have to do is to click on
them and you are going to see all these things domains okay that have expired here that people can come here and buy and here you can also see it all I mean it is the backlinks that these sites have but let's say it you get a specific eke order from someone saying I want you to find me a dilapidated domain in the online niche for earning money for example what you do is that you come here where it says show filter as soon as you click to show filter you can just start with you can come here and you can type in money for example as soon as you press Enter it is going to give you all these expired domains starting with the word money so you can get a list of these different here domains you can go back to your client and say i have these domains available what do you want do you want to buy them otherwise they can pay you the service you find them 20 to 50 of these domains guys, it is very easy to copy just send it to them and you can earn a lot of good money online using five and you do not need skills for these guys and if we
look at a use at one of these performances here I mean this person you know is 41 paid times there were 41 reviews from people who ended up tlik reviews left and he asks for anything from twenty dollars to forty-eight dollars and his standard price is thirty four dollars not bad as I have to do it really hard work and you just do not need any skills for this and you can earn money with fiverr okay guys another way you can make money online with fiverr guys or the third way to do is to find domains well so the other one is looking for those domains that have expired come with brand new again domains if you look here you can see here that people are loading you know 13 if you scroll down here you can find it people who ask 20 54 etc.

And there are many sites that help you find these domains or create these brand new domains that are not taken all you have to do is come to a site like this one here, for example, it is called businessnamegenerator.com and it's a great site people where you can just come here type in the name of the company and it's going to give you some ideas, let me show you another site that does the same this one here called domainrule.com this site do exactly the same guys and all you basically have to do like food to get in here again and type money in as an example and you click to search what it is going to do it is going to start finding a whole bunch of different domains that are currently available is if you come here and you can sign up here it will give you much more search results okay but it will give you domains currently available that you can buy here through moneyservices.com moneylink.org cashmoney.blog etc moneyman.blog so it give you everything there is be available this here for example getmakemoney.com and you can come here guys and you can look at all these different alternatives too and as you can see, these guys are earning very good money for this person here has 73 reviews on his fifth concert and he charges' a standard fee of 27.47 not bad, it's a free tool, it's going to cost you nothing you do not need all you need to do is create time create a fiverr concert and when you get your first order comes here and executes the order exactly what they want and then they can really pay you good money online and the longer you do this the longer you stick to it, the more opportunity you have even more reviews and then your gig has risen in the rankings so you can make even more money with fiverr guys it is possible to make money in fiverr many people think it is saturated but it is absolutely not you still have many opportunities in the next way fourth way guys what you k an make money on fiverr if you come here and you type in CV design is one of the easiest and one of the most profitable ways of how fast it is many people earn money create these attractive CVs but they do not have the design skills and they do not have the ones you know kind of technical skills to try to create these so they will go to places like fiverr and pay someone something from 15 to 50 dollars sometimes even more to create some of these i will show you where to find all these designs can get absolutely free i mean look at these 42 reviews 41.96 reviews at 13 and if you scroll down here, these guys designs are nothing great they are, you know something that creates' now know what takes a lot of work or something like that and people pay very good money for this and some have meant over a thousand reviews here of which you only know 10 to 20 actually deliver a lot of reviews they do not deliver reviews and it people crush it absolutely so where would you go to hird ie getting different resume designs is one of the best sites to go to guys is canva.com now canva is absolutely free to use it is not going to cost you anything all you have to do is come here and type CVs in as an example once you resume, guys take a look at all the different designs you have go on canva with these different CVs and I'm telling you that they are no different according to the designs these guys use on fiverr these are very similar templates they are extremely professional and you can get away with selling them for some really good money so you can smash them in 2021 so when you come here guys all you basically have to do is click on one of these different designs come here guys and if they want you to fill in something about this design whatever you want or you can send this example to them and ask them is this what you want or some examples of other kids and they can choose watts there one they want very very simple guys and if you come here it's so simple guys to come here and change the name of this or do whatever you want super super easy guys and if you come here and see how much money people mean by this i mean, look at this person here they have a star rating of 4.9 have 2 848 reviews here and like i said not it many people deliver reviews and if i grab my calculator here to show you this you do 2848 and you mean I mean it with their standard fee they charge a basic fee of six dollars then a standard fee of 82 and a premium of 137 let's halve this standard fee as an example because many people would get the basic and late we say we were just twice of it by saying forty dollars okay if you look at those guys, it's a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars that this person made just by design professional resume okay and you can do something very very similar and earn a lot of go own money use fiverr okay guys and like i said you do not need much skill because everything is here and you can grab it from canva.com now the last way, the fifth way you can make money online guys use fiverr once you are five and you type wallpaper removal is to simply remove all these things wallpapers these are super super simple things guys and if you come here you can see how many people literally want wallpapers removed they need it for products they need for sites they need it themselves photos whatever it may be, you can see here there are so many people doing it but still get thousands of reviews as you want to see how many of these different shows have more than a thousand reviews, it's crazy and they ask a lot of good money a lot of these people rate six dollars thirteen dollars when you get there, some people do not ask even twenty dollars but the thing about these sites is guys how easy it is to remove these wallpapers, there are some free tools you can use and one of the really good things online is this one mentioned here remove bg okay now I have used it for many of my photos all you need to do is to get here and click on to upload an image once you upload that image guys, is it as simple as come here and delete that image or you can even add a background and you can upload more around that background as you can add see this picture here what the was
original image they removed the wallpaper then they can come here and I can add another wallpaper it's super simple guys choose just what you want it's as easy as you guys here come guys this is how this tool works how easy can it be removed this wallpaper is all you need it literally takes a few seconds to remove this wallpaper and if you look at this and you go through this site if you come over five and look at some of these performances many of these performances are literally using the pictures that some of these instruments promote on their website very simple things to use and when you come here if you choose one these performances I mean, look at this person here 2 149 reviews for removing wallpapers for products weddings different kinds of things you can see here is a before and after they are just here, they have removed that barn or their factory in background and they are here and they added this beautiful scenery very simple things guja, they charge twenty dollars because it literally takes a few minutes to do it the premium price is 54.

For 10 images again guys it does not take much time and you can earn really good money online use fiverr and these five performances, so if you want to make money online and you want to get started, guys, I would very much recommend that you go watch any of.
these different ways start today make yourself familiar or even create every one of these performances I have spoken and watched for whom one works you and then stick to that one double so you can make money online in 2021 use fiverr so this was my video today guys on how to make money online with no skills no knowledge and with zero money guys it costs you nothing to do with this if you like this video, smash that like button in appreciation and go down the bottom do not forget to comment, let me know do you want to see a gift next week if you do if I get enough comments I will bring the gifts back guys and I am more than happy to give back to everyone who supports me channel thank you very much for watching another of my videos guys until tomorrow I am alan of smart money tactics you take care of yourself and goodbye

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