5 Ways to Make Money Online With Amazon (Even Make 1000 A Day or MORE)


– Who doesn’t love Amazon? It has seriously become
an irreplaceable resource for so many households,
us definitely included. We couldn’t go without it. But did you know that
there are several ways that you can make money with Amazon? And some of those require
zero cost to get started. Hey, it’s LeahRae from toddandleahrae.com, and I’m going to give you five ways that you can work at home and
make money online with Amazon, even thousands of dollars a day, so get out your notepad and stick with me throughout this video. Make sure to subscribe
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Now, number one. This is called MTurk, mturk.com, or the longer version is
called Amazon Mechanical Turk. Kind of a weird name, but it’s just a crowd
sourcing marketplace, and it makes it really for
individuals or businesses to outsource stuff to people, their jobs or processes that aren’t super technical or difficult that their staff needs to do it but it just needs to get done. So they can hire out a virtual workforce through this website to
do the work for them.


Now as an MTurk worker, you can make money doing
all kinds of different jobs. Now, the jobs in general
they’re gonna be simple tasks that people still do
better than computers. This could, you know,
identifying objects in a photo, performing data deduplication, transcribing audio recordings, researching data details. What does that actually mean? What would the types of jobs look like? Well this one’s kind of cool. You could actually be classifying
and identifying objects found in satellite imagery or just verifying restaurant details such as phone numbers
and hours of operations. You could be writing content for websites or translating content from
one language to another. How does it work? Well on their website
here just simply click the sign in as a worker
and get registered. Once you’ve done that,
you look through the work. You search or browse
through what they call HITs, Human Intelligence Tasks, and click on the task that interests you.


Once you read it, it sounds
like something you want to do, just accept the job and complete the work. Just follow the instructions
that they give you, and when you’re done you
just submit the work. At that point, you get paid. Yay! (laughs) After the requester approves
your work, you get paid. Number two is with Amazon’s App Store. If you’re an app developer, you can submit apps to Amazon’s App Store, and honestly if you already have some apps that you’ve developed for Android, many of those are gonna work
as is on their platform. So you’re potentially
sitting on some money with those already created apps. You could just submit
them to the app store and start making money. From the main Amazon website you can check out their app store if you go to the very
bottom of their website.


They’ve got a whole section
for making money with them in the footer of their site, and you can click on
sell your apps on Amazon. Now there are four ways
you can actually make money with your apps through
the Amazon App Store. So number one would be in-app purchasing, any purchasing, selling digital content, or subscriptions for your apps. Number two is mobile adds. Just monetize your apps
with high-quality ads from Amazon and brand advertisers. Number three, Merch by Amazon, or merchandise, short for merch. You can generate revenue through the sale of custom branded
products within your game, t-shirts, hats, whatever, letting your fans really
take it up to the next level. And number four, through Amazon Coins. This is actually an incentive for customers to stretch their dollars and to spend more within
your apps and your games.


Number three is actually
self publishing books or e-books through Amazon. This is really cool, guys. Again, from the bottom of their website they actually have a link right here, and it says self publish with us. You can just click on this, and it’s gonna walk you
through all of the options, audio options, printed options, paperback, or Kindle, just e-books. People don’t really understand how easy it is to
publish books these days. You think of being an author
as this big hard thing, but with services like
what Amazon provides it’s actually way easier, and it’s free which is really helpful.


And don’t be taken aback by
the concept of writing a book. It really doesn’t have to be that long. E-books or some paperback, to
me, pretty short in length. They just provide great content. It’s a much simpler
process than people think. Now, once you’ve put some content together for an e-book or paperback or whatever, then you just submit it through
Kindle Direct Publishing, and it will actually be up and for sale within Amazon to purchase
within 24 to 48 hours. Super easy. This is a great source for passive income. You do the work once,
you create the content, you create the e-book, the regular book, whatever, the audio book, and then you can continue
to make sales on it ongoing. Number four is to become
an Amazon associate. Super easy. We are all about affiliate marketing. We love it. I’ll have an info card up here for you if you want to learn more
about the nuts and bolts and how to be successful
with affiliate marketing.


But from their main website you scroll all the way to the bottom and just click on this
become an affiliate link. This is gonna take you to tell
you all about their program, how it works, and walk you
through the start-up process. This is one of the free options for making money with Amazon. Now, you probably are going
to need a website first. That’s something that they do ask of you, but you can set up a free WordPress site before working on applying to join. Now once you are approved, you can simply share any
of Amazon’s great products. So say you are really into videography. You love shooting videos, and you’ve got a really
nice tripod that you like or a nice camera or a teleprompter or lighting kits or whatever, awesome. Create a video talking about all of the different tools that you use and use an affiliate link from Amazon so that people could purchase
that very same product.


Throw that in your description or if you’re gonna do it
in a blog post or whatever. It’s a great way to make income, and you’re just referring people to purchase other company’s
and people’s products, so you’re not the middleman. You’re just making the referral, and you get a cut of the
commissions, up to 10%. It usually ends up being around 5 to 7% of whatever that purchasing price was. Now number five is Amazon FBA. FBA meaning fulfilled by Amazon. Now, this is a bit different from all the other options
that we’ve talked about so far. There are actually some
significant startup fees, but it also has a ton of earning potential and stable income potential. Now what is Amazon FBA? This is basically where you’re just purchasing a bunch of products and they get sent directly to
one of Amazon’s warehouses, and then when someone purchases it right off of Amazon’s website, Amazon is gonna take the product, they’re gonna ship it to the customer, and they actually handle most customer service issues for you.


Now these products that you sell they can be made by a
different company or brand or they can actually be branded to you, be your specific products, as well. Now honestly, some people
make very little with this while others make hundreds of
thousands of dollars a month with only a handful of products. Now in order to be successful, it’s gonna take a ton of research so that you can choose the right type of product
that you want to work with that you can be profitable with, and then you’re gonna
have to take the time to research to find the specific products you want to work with and the manufacturers for
that product to work with.


You’re gonna want to test the product. You’re going to then, if you’re
gonna build it under your, sell it under your brand, then you want to design your brand. There’s a whole process
that goes into that. Once you’ve done all of that stuff, then you can order your inventory which comes with a hefty price tag. Then after you’ve ordered inventory then you have to import your inventory ’cause it’s probably not
made here in the U.S. Now, once your products have been received at the Amazon warehouse
your product can be listed, and then you get to work
to get your products to show up at the top of
Amazon search results. Now, truthfully, this is by far the most complex option
for making money on Amazon, but it is likely to be
the most predictable path to a six or seven-figure business online. Now from their main website you can learn more about this program.


At the bottom of the site
click on sell on Amazon, and they’re gonna give
you some more information from Amazon’s viewpoint. But here’s the thing, guys. If this is an option that you want to investigate
and perhaps pursue, you really need to invest
in some great training to help you succeed. There are a ton of
logistics to figure out, and there is a lot of up-front costs, so you don’t want to mess it up, okay? We found an awesome training
that is super detailed giving you everything you need to create a successful FBA business. So if you want to explore
that type of business, simply click in the info
card up in the corner to check out that training. I don’t want to scare you off, but I want to be real. Amazon FBA is an amazing opportunity you can make really stable,
really good income with, but it does take a lot of
work in the set-up process.


Once you’re all setup, it’s actually fairly
easy to keep it going. Now these five options for
making money with Amazon should provide at least one good fit for just about everybody
whether you’re looking just for a work at home job, like MTurk, or you’re a true entrepreneur ready to dive into the
world of Amazon FBA. Now just a quick bonus for you since you stayed on to the
very end of this video, if you’re looking to create
a substantial income online without all of the logistics and things you have to
deal with with Amazon FBA, I want to give you another option. Go ahead and click the link
at the top of the description to check out our number
one recommended program to help you make money online. Again, this is LeahRae
from toddandleahrae.com. Know that we are rooting for you. We’re here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So make sure to subscribe so
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Now if you’re new to the channel, make sure to say hi in the comments so that we can welcome
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