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now I'm not talking about filling out surveys watching ads or testing websites you're better than that [Music] hi can you hear my name is Megan and welcome to my channel where we talk all thanks travel adventure and working remotely from all over the world now today I'm going to be covering five ways that you can start making money online today with no previous experience and no specific tech training this is perfect if you're a recent university graduate which is the general hard-worker that doesn't happen to be trained in a specific tech area like web development or coding now I'm not talking about filling out surveys watching ads or testing websites you're better than that let's get started the first way that you can start making money online is through drop shipping now drop shipping is a fulfillment model that allows you to purchase products individually from wholesalers who will then ship the product directly to your customer you will list the product for sale on your website a customer will then come to your website place an order with you you'll take the customer order and their details and send that off to your supplier the supplier will then package the item up and ship it directly to your customer in your name dropshipping is very attractive because you don't have to own store handle ship or pre purchase any of the inventory the way it works is that you purchase the products at wholesale price and then sell them at retail price your profit ends up being the difference between what the supplier charges you and what you charge the customer the way you can get started today is by putting a website online through a platform like Shopify and then going to a website like eBay or Aliexpress to find a supplier Aliexpress is a popular choice because it allows you to buy directly from manufacturers in China so as you can imagine the products listed are very inexpensive you you will then take the product a few choice listed on your own Shopify website for a more expensive price and can start generating sales you are essentially the middleman and are responsible for driving sales as well as handling customer service concerns as they come through [Music] I have a friend gon shine by who had seen very successful over the years with dropshipping his name is Johnny and I've linked his website below which has 20 more information and can explain the posis to you much better than I can the [Music] second way you can start making money online as Amazon FBA Amazon FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon and is very similar to drop shipping a key difference is that instead of having the product listed on your own website it's listed on the Amazon Marketplace this option is riskier and requires more money upfront because you do have to pre purchase the products from your supplier and then have it shipped to an Amazon warehouse you also have to pay amazon for storage fees in that warehouse [Music] the benefits of using Amazon FBA over dropshipping are that you don't have to set up your own store and it may be easier to drive sales as your product is listed on the Amazon Marketplace which is a trusted name your products also become eligible for Amazon Prime and you don't have to handle a lot of the customer service as customers will be directing any of those shipping questions or general questions to Amazon you [Music] teaching English online is very popular because it can be done from anywhere in the world with the only qualifications being that you're a native English speaker and have a bachelor degree in anything the job is in high demand they're always looking for English teachers and most teachers that I know are making around twenty US dollars an hour working for companies like VIP kids and dah dah once you hired on by one of these companies you can expect to be doing 20-minute sessions with students from China via videoconferencing all of the lesson plans and materials are provided for you so all you really need is a laptop with a webcam and a quiet room for the sessions keep in mind that since the students are in school during the day the hours for working are between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Shanghai time this can mean very early mornings for you if you are living in the US or Canada contracts are often a minimum of six months and you can expect to receive two weeks of vacation as well as a couple days off each month during that time so if you high-energy and you like working with kids or can at least fake it this may be the perfect job for you [Music] udemy is an online course marketplace that allows anyone to be an instructor and sell courses through their platform once a course is approved by udemy and uploaded onto the website they'll also do the marketing for you and then split the profits 50/50 in order to get started you need to identify something that you can teach others on now thank Bodley this could be gardening it could be how to dress for an interview it could be public speaking anything that you're good at or at least better at than most of the people that you know you also want to make sure it's something that other people are interested in learning and then you want to browse on udemy comm and make sure there's not a million other course that's being taught on the subject with five-star reviews because that is pretty tough to compete with once you've identified a topic you need to film in which can be done on your smartphone although you may want to invest in some audio equipment as audio it's key here and then you need to edit it you can edit it yourself on iMovie or Final Cut Pro or you can outsource it to a video editor for very inexpensive price through a website like Fiverr or op work once the video is edited and ready to go you can upload the course to udemy calm udemy we'll get back to you within 48 hours and lets you know if the course has been improved or improvements that you can make on the course two men have it approved at a later date it may seem like a lot of work to come up with an idea film edit and upload to get a course approved by udemy but once it's been approved it becomes a pretty passive source of income because all you mainly need to do is handle the occasional customer concern the fifth and final way that I have for you today is affiliate marketing the way this works is that you prefer people to products and if that person meant by stock product you receive a commission which is usually a percentage of the sales a very common and easy way for anyone to get started as an affiliate marketer is through a program called Amazon Associates for example I'm signed up on the Amazon Associates program as an affiliate for this laptop stand because it's totally epic folds up into nothing and I literally take it with me everywhere I have a link with a tracking code embedded in it so if you click the link it will take you to the Amazon listing for this laptop stand now if you had typed in Amazon the laptop stand and found it yourself you would see the exact same listing for the exact same price by going through my link I end up getting a percentage of the sales at no extra cost to you what makes this even better is that if you clicked my link went on to the listing and that now I want to buy that laptop stand but I do need a new pair of socks because well winter is coming say he then go into the search bar and type in thermal socks you find a pair of socks that you like and you buy those I will receive a percentage of the sales odds commission on those socks because I was the one that initially brought you to amazon.ca or amazon.com the amount of commission that Niva see is between one and ten percent so on a pair of socks you're not gonna be making very much money but say you had typed in MacBook Pro and bought one of those in the same browsing session you can make quite the Commission on some associates in order to get started scroll to the very bottom of the Amazon page and click Amazon Associates all right there you have it those are five ways that you can start making money online today with no real specific expertise or tech skills I'd love to know in the comments below which way you found most appealing or if you have any other ideas that you would like to show if you found this video helpful please give me a like and feel free to subscribe to be notified when I come out with future videos on similar content all right that's it for me have a great week and I'll see you next time bye

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