5 Ways To Make Money On Instagram In 2021!

you may be looking for a way to make money on 
social media but you don't want to make videos   you don't want to write articles or anything 
like that so in today's video we're going to go   through some of the ways that you can actually 
make money on instagram now if making money on   instagram sounds good to you you feel like that's 
a good idea then go ahead and hit that like button   and let's get right into it so the first 
way we're going to be talking about is by   creating instagram story filters right 
now i'm on fiverr.com and these services   are actually available there's actually 
not much competition for this only 264   services are available for this and you can come 
over here and take a look at what these sellers   are doing i'm also going to show you the software 
that you need to create instagram story filters by   going on instagram stories you probably may have 
noticed that there are companies that have their   own instagram story filters and there may be some 
individuals and some businesses that do want to   create their own as well so they can also promote 
their brand at the same time so if you're someone   that's very creative and you are into designing 
and things like that you can actually do this and   you can do it for free we're actually going to 
go to this website right here this is where you   can go ahead and create your own instagram story 
filters and this is actually something that you   have to download into your computer and right now 
we're on spark dot facebook.com forward slash ar   dash studio and this is the website that you 
have to come check out in order to get some ideas   on how to start creating these instagram story 
filters and with this program they already have   everything that you need to learn and on here 
there are tutorials on how to create your own   instagram story filters and masks and now you do 
have to come over here to the website and you do   have to download this onto your computer another 
thing i see on fiverr is that people are using   spark ar they're also using lightroom for example 
this gentleman says convert lightroom preset into   instagram story filter so what they do is they 
just convert this into an instagram story filter   so for example this one right here this is the 
before and after that's the original and then   this is the preset what he did to make it 
into a filter so you can actually download   adobe lightroom for free on your phone they do 
have a free app that you can play around with   and see if you can convert any pictures like these 
into an instagram story filter as well and this is   also another service that you can offer here with 
instagram story filters and masks and the reason   i put this in here is because i don't think there 
are that many only 264 services are available and   if you know anything about this website is that it 
is pretty competitive so the way to actually make   money with fiverr is to actually promote your gigs 
and you can find your customers right on instagram   any type of instagram service that you want 
to provide you can actually go to instagram   and find people that way find businesses find 
influencers that you can do this for so if you're   interested in this idea this is pretty cool you 
can create instagram filters and you can charge   other companies influencers businesses you 
just have to come to this website right here   sparkar.facebook.com forward slash ar studio 
number two is instagram captions writer a lot of   influencers companies and businesses they actually 
don't want to write all of their own captions   but they know that they have to stay consistent on 
instagram and they have to use the right hashtags   and this is also another lower competition gig 
here on fiverr only 240 services are available   but with this category i think this is pretty low 
in my opinion and this is yet another service that   you can offer so you can come over here and get 
some ideas if you're someone who loves writing   and you're good with words and you can keep people 
engaged in a post then this would be a good one   for you if you really enjoy doing things like 
these and like i said before you can always look   for people on instagram who need this who don't 
actually have time to go ahead and post on their   instagram three times per day and also write some 
long captions for instagram and find hashtags and   all that because these people do want to grow but 
they also are busy with other things so the second   one is instagram captions writer so the next 
one is by creating websites or sales funnels   for anyone that's on instagram that offers things 
like this for example this page is on one-on-one   personal training and as you can see he doesn't 
even have a link in his bio and it would be more   professional if he had something like a link 
that took people over to a website looks really   professional when they have a website or a landing 
page or a funnel of some sort you can use any   software any builder tool that you like you can 
use cartridge click funnels what i like to use is   builder all and actually i'm in my back office 
right now because i want to give you just an   example of the type of website that you actually 
want to create for them so if you do actually come   over to builderall i do have a link below and 
it is my affiliate link obviously because i'm   an affiliate they have some funnels that are 
already built they're inside of the funnel club   which is a one-time fee then it goes to the 
regular premium fee every single month but you get   over 400 funnels that you can customize and you 
can sell to clients or some of them you can give   away this one right here for example they have 
martial arts let's go ahead and take a look at   this one the bootcamp one you can do this so many 
different ways you can customize this for them or   what you can do is just send them this page with 
your affiliate link attached to it and say listen   you can have something like this and explain 
to them that this is look that this looks more   professional and it's totally customizable if you 
actually take a look right here is your affiliate   link for this one and all you have to do is pretty 
much copy the affiliate link you can send it over   to them have a conversation with them send it over 
to them but that is just an example the personal   trainer wants just an example you can do this with 
anything if you see any other type of influencer   who is selling merchandise or anything like that 
and they actually don't have a website they don't   have any way to capture leads or look professional 
outside of instagram then that's another service   that you can provide for them and with this it is 
actually easy to do because you're only sending   your affiliate link over you're not really doing 
anything for them and the next way to do it is you   can customize and build a funnel for them however 
they like it and for example you can run an agency   and charge them every single month for that funnel 
so you can become an automatic affiliate if you   do purchase the funnel club plan which does come 
with access to all of the tools and you get more   than 400 funnel templates and chat bot funnels 
this is all stuff that you can actually sell   to other businesses or influencers and things 
like that so this is a great deal now this is   going to be 69.90 monthly after the 199 one-time 
payment but if you want to be locked in forever   with this price 69.90 before it becomes 99. 
it's actually this is actually going up to 99   but you can lock this price in if you do so before 
february 1st and this really is a great value   because you can do anything at all that you want 
for your business all you have to do is choose an   online business that you want to get into and 
there's already a ton of training inside of   this platform too and you can earn commissions as 
well as an affiliate or another thing you can do   is create the funnels yourself use 
any funnel software that you want   and just customize everything for the client do 
whatever the client wants and you can sell those   funnels to the influencers so just wanted to put 
this one out there if you want more information   about builderall and the funnel club i do have 
a funnel club link below you can check out the   video on more information about the funnel club 
so that's another way that you can do it so next   is going to be with affiliate marketing you 
can create a page on any topic pretty much   but make sure that you niche down for example 
this one is a dog training page all they do is   post some pictures about puppies and dog training 
and dogs and things like that and they're just   consistent with this page that's why you have 44.7 
000 followers but if you actually click on this   link right here it'll take you to their link tree 
page which gives you a couple of ways to train   your dogs if you actually click on any of these 
these are actually clickbank products so this   person is actually an affiliate for this clickbank 
product alright so there it is right here on the   corner you can see that here's the clickbank 
logo so this person is probably making a lot of   money with affiliate marketing and on this page 
they're not even taking pictures of themselves   they're probably just grabbing dog pictures off 
of the internet that are copyright free images   or taking pictures of friends dogs and things like 
that and these get a lot of views this one gets   11 000 views 4 000 views 9 000 views people might 
be checking out the links that they have right   here because they actually want help with training 
their dog so this is definitely a good idea   as well on instagram it's another way to make 
money with affiliate marketing and instagram just   have to grow the page and of course you have to be 
patient just like with anything else that you do   and you have to be consistent also here all right 
so the next one is with instagram story ads and   these types of instagram story ads are pretty easy 
to create actually you can use canva.com for free   there was a different video where i showed you 
actually how to make these i'm going to insert   a small clip of that so that you can see how you 
can make these instagram story ads very easily and   for free on canva instagram story ads as well 
these are very easy to create so for example   here's one that you can use for a coffee shop 
and you can edit this however you want so if   you want to for example use a different video 
you can delete that and just find a different   video you can go ahead and search and go to 
video we can go ahead and search for coffee   i just changed the video to this right here so 
we can go ahead and play it also if we want to you can add in your clients logo and 
edit this however you want as well   here's another cool one this image right here 
is paid but that's fine because some of these   you can replace now if you can't find any 
good stock footage that you like on canva   you can come over here even though they do have 
a lot you can come over here and search this is   pixels.com we can go ahead and for example go 
to workout and yoga maybe for a yoga studio or   something like that and you can always 
come up here where it says orientation   and get vertical videos so go vertical right here 
these are photos but we want to go to videos and   here are some other ones that you can use as well 
so let's pretend that i want to use this one here   i just download it i just come over here to canva 
and upload media and i'll just upload from device   and this is going to start uploading over here to 
my videos i'm just going to wait for it to be done   and i'm going to add it to this to give you an 
example all right now i'm just going to take the   video and click on it there we go and now we have 
we can change all of this text if you want to you   can make this smaller if you want to we actually 
we have the other image in the back but that's   okay that's just an example this video is about 
20 seconds long so you want to click on it and   you want to also trim it as well you can do that 
right from here you can make it 15 seconds so you   click on done and that's it and whenever you want 
to play it you want to come up here to play it and there's a short video ad and then you can just 
download it from here to your computer and for   this you can also come over to facebook groups 
and join some of these small business facebook   groups or just business in general facebook groups 
and see if anybody is interested in being helped   out by creating some instagram story ads you 
can try to find some small businesses also on   facebook there are a ton of small business groups 
in any area you can really do this from anywhere   anyway it doesn't have to be your local place 
i do think it is better if you actually do   contact businesses that are in your area because 
you're local they would probably like it a little   bit better now this business is like everything 
else you have to start doing it and start   looking for people you can create your own 
website to brand yourself with you can create   your own social media accounts specializing in 
creating video ads and intros so you do really   have to put in some work i know it's very easy to 
create the videos but actually brand yourself and   put yourself out there as a person who specializes 
in this as someone who actually does this comment   below if you did find this helpful and if you 
got some really good ideas out of this video   if you did enjoy it then you're probably going to 
like what is coming up next thank you so much for   watching and i'm going to see you in the next 
one bye this video is for educational purposes   only the results are not typical there is no 
guarantee that you will earn any money using   these techniques and ideas mentioned in this 
video i am not a financial advisor and anything   that i say on this youtube channel should not be 
seen as financial advice your level of success   in attaining the results claimed in this video 
will require hard work experience and knowledge   i am only sharing my biased opinion based on 
speculation and my personal experience you should   understand that with investing there is always 
a risk always do your own research before making   any investment we have taken reasonable steps 
to ensure that the information in this video is   accurate but we cannot represent that the websites 
mentioned in this video are free from errors no   earnings projections promises or representations 
any earnings or income statements or any earnings   or income examples are only estimates of what 
we think you could earn there is no assurance   you will do as well as stated in any examples 
if you rely upon any figures provided you must   accept the entire risk of not doing as well as 
the information provided this applies whether   the earnings or income examples are monetary in 
nature or pertain to advertising credits which may   be earned whether such credits are convertible 
to cash or not this video and description may   contain affiliate links which means that if you 
click on any of the product links i'll receive   a small commission i won't put anything here that 
i haven't verified and or personally used myself

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