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– Hello all. Today I will make one of the most popular videos A request at all. I'll show you five different ways To make money online for free, No matter if you are a teenager or an adult. Yes, today I'll show you how You can earn money online whether you are 60 Or twenty, fifty or seventy, thirteen years old, And best of all, they work all over the world It does not require a PayPal account or capital to get started. So, even if you are penniless, All of these ideas are applicable. Now, I personally inspired me to make this video Because most of the videos that I see the speakers are in On How Teens Can Make Money Online, Somewhat ineffective.

I had additional money making experience as a teenager When I was 15 years old, I really wanted to buy video games, But I had no money. So I went to my dad who instead of giving me money, They told me to get a job. So, I got to work every Sunday evening. I cleared groceries at the local supermarket. And I can tell you now, Like everyone else working there, I hated my job 100%. And on Sunday, when I cleared the groceries, I said to myself, There definitely has to be a better way to make money. Certainly there must be another way Change jobs with little income and more effort.

And so after three months at the age of 15, I embarked on my first day of research In used video games to make a profit. I ended up earning a thousand dollars for just one day In flipping between games. And every three to four months, I was doing this and earning another 1,000 dollars. And it's a story I told her in this video here, In which I explain my exact method of flipping games. And the crazy thing is that you earn a thousand dollars In my job is a supermarket, I had to go back to work on Sundays For a full six months. Then at the age of 16, I promoted my Morkhuli more by getting started With the first successful online store, video games resold. So yes, I really have experience making money online As a teenager, Which means I understand personally, too The limits of being a teen. And I hate adults not having money making experience In their teens, and creating videos like this, Watch out, teens. β€œI have a great idea for you. Why not open your eBay store, β€œLook at things like that. "I am a genius to invent this idea for you," "Let's put the likes now." Then you say to yourself, well, maybe a good idea And you return to think it's not.

Because when I sell on ebay I basically need a PayPal account to collect money Of my clients PayPal will not allow me to have an account Until I am 18 years old. So, for each of these five methods, I'm not just going to explain how they make money for free, I'll also explain how to do this legally As a teenager and how to get paid Without the need for a PayPal account. First method, start for free in my own store. If you have seen this my most popular video, You may recognize this idea, But I still recommend to keep watching, Because I'm going to give you a new website You can use this method with him.

In addition to that, I will also show you a new winning product That you can sell this way. And I'll show you how people can Open a free online store for goods And earn a good side income like this Using this method, Without the need for a PayPal account legally, Even as a teenager. So, here's the deal. Anyone, whether you are a teenager Or an adult, you can open an online store And start selling goods online for free, And you don't even need any skills to do that. How? Well, because of the websites Like this, CafePress. The people on this site, people like you and me, They sell specific products that we create to make a profit for free, Because as you can see, it's very different from the traditional Online store like this here, Where you have to purchase a domain name Then install your ecommerce software from scratch Then pay to advertise your store To attract customers to it.

No, instead of this, CafePress giant pre-existing online store, Anyone can add, list, and sell products. You can think of it like eBay. People visit ebay every day to buy products Anyone can list items for sale there. Well, CafePress is the same. Anyone can create and list products for sale there In the form of custom merchandise. And as you can see, every year, CafePress earns tens of millions of dollars selling merchandise And CafePress lets you sell a wide range of goods for free And make money from it.

Most definitely sold product It is the classic shirt, But clothing is not all you can make And sell it for free, And you can create and sell custom mugs for free. You might say to yourself, well, Sarah, I didn't get that. I am a busty teenager. How can I create and sell products like this Without money? Don't need my T-shirt printer? Well, the answer is no. No, you don't. All you have to do is sign up for a free CafePress account. Once you create your free account, Go to the "my design" page, Here you can download your chosen design. and you know, Some of you may have noticed before That when I was recording, I have been asked for my date of birth.

But he did not ask me my year of birth. So don't worry. Although, as you will see, CafePress is more than happy to make teens They sell their products on his website. Therefore, you do not have to lie about your age to work here. Once you've uploaded the design you want to use, You can then choose any of the products That you want to sell. And as you can see, They literally have hundreds of products to choose from. Once you choose your products, You can then go and adjust it. For example, I can move the design to make it fit under the shirt Or it could be made smaller, and modifications like this. And I can edit my product page title as well. Once you've created your CafePress product It will automatically generate product list for it In the market. Then when the customer comes and buys, This shirt is from you. CafΓ© Press has a clothing factory that will print your design On a shirt, He wraps the shirt Then ship it to the customer Automatically without you having to do anything.

And in the e-commerce industry, Actually we have a name for this service It is called printing on demand Because it is just that. Customers order your shirts, Then print on it as customers request. And with CafePress, you never have to spend any money Because you have never paid for this shirt yourself And CafePress still lets you create your own Then set the price.

And when a customer buys the product, CafePress will collect their money And removing the fees for making the product from it. The rest is sent to you as profit In the form of commission. By now you may have noticed something you did. I uploaded this design I created to CafePress, And there were two reasons for making this design. First, I chose this design because I know a lot of people You will order it, but they will say Sarah, I can't create and design my own t-shirts, I am not an artist. I have no graphic design skills and am penniless. So I can't hire someone to design a shirt for me. Well, do you know what? No one cares. This is totally unimportant.

No, not if you choose to focus on textual designs. So using the free graphic design app here, Canva, I use the included free open source fonts To create a simple text based design. I've put a text box here I picked a font, then wrote some text and that's it. There is something a little annoying about Canva It will not save the images without a transparent background, Unless you pay for a premium subscription, Any cafe press asks you to do that. But it's okay because there are a lot of free tools out there On the internet like him. If you only use Google to find it That will remove the white backgrounds from the photos And make your designs transparent.

It's the number one reason I used this design For this example. The second reason is that it is actually a copy Design by best-selling on CafePress. Look, let me show you something. If you come to women's shirts And check out the first page of results here on CafePress, They will list the shirts that were best sellers Recently on the first page of results.

And what do we see? We see a very similar design, Just look at the text, THE WINE MADE ME DO IT, A design that I literally managed to set up and insert In one minute for free with Canva. And in fact, if you notice, that didn't happen The only minimalist text-based design ever In the list of top selling shirts. Now of course, If you are an artist, use your artistic abilities Of course, to create great designs for sure.

But if you aren't an artist, don't let that stop you. Just focus on selling products like T-shirts and mugs That looks great even with simple text designs. But yeah, I don't suggest that you copy designs Pre-existing designs like I did in this example, Copying them would be copyright infringement. Instead I did this to show you Simple textual designs, Especially when it's funny it sells great. In fact, there is another way to make more money With this free way to because CafePress Just one edition in Demand Markets, There are a lot of other markets like it On which you can list your products Once created. For example, here is a subscribers site You'll admit, Redbubble. Redbubble works just like CafePress And it's more popular. In the past six months, it has had over 20 million views Of people who come to buy goods. So just like CafePress, You don't have to advertise your products Because people come to Redbubble To buy goods.

And, in fact, Redbubble has a product CafePress does not face masks. And now people are making a lot of money by setting up And sell their masks. This earns a lot of money Because a lot of countries in America impose For people to wear masks outside, And people want fun masks Instead of white masks or surgical masks. So custom masks really make people a lot of money While adding fun to the customer's life By having fun masks to choose from Instead of boring. But yes, you are 100% allowed. Take your own CafePress designs And uploaded to Redbubble And sell them on the products there, You own the rights to your designs. And just like CafePress, it is completely free. Redbubble collects customer-paid money, They remove the fees to create their products from this money And they pay the difference to you In the form of commission.

I know I'll get 1 million billion comments Of people like, "But Sarah, does this actually work?" I definitely hate this question So let's answer it now. Yes, this 100% works at all. And I'm not just saying this because I have viewers Leave very cool comments saying that they make money Using this method. I also say it because there are so many For successful case studies like this one online For you to read and watch. If you just take a second to Google, People earn hundreds Even thousands of dollars a month, Sell ​​items like this on these online marketplaces. And the first way to do that is, It is by learning how to choose their products and improve them For internal search engines.

So that designs appear when people search For related keywords. And if you want to know more about how to do this, Then there are tons of free YouTube videos Which contains lessons and detailed information On a specific topic. So if you are interested, be sure to look out for it. But the big question, how do you do this as a teen, Without a Paypal account and still getting money? Well, you know, it's kind of funny Literally, no one checks your age upon registration. And as a kid, she played newbits, It was a virtual pet simulation game, I was 11 when I first registered, To use the Neopets forums, You must be 18 years old.

So guess what age you signed up for, But clearly I cannot recommend doing what I did I am not allowed to recommend to do what I did. So I will tell you the truth. Each print-on-demand site has its own age limit On the terms and services pages. As for Redbubble, as long as you are 16, everything is fine. And if you sell on CafePress, They are more lenient. As long as you are 13 years old and have supervision, You have AKA permission from your parents, The terms and conditions allow you to use this website.

So, how do you get paid? Well, while they both have PayPal as an option to get paid, They both have alternatives. For Redbubble, they'll pay your money directly To a bank account. If you live in America, the United Kingdom, or Australia. Let's clarify this now Because it's important for the video. Some teens got confused If they can open bank accounts, The answer is that you can, You can get your own bank account and debit card, It is basically a prepaid credit card With the help of your parents. This is called a joint account. At CafePress they are easier with returns If your parents aren't willing to go to a bank And create an account for you.

CafePress will literally send you your commissions In the form of a check. And they will even send it to many countries. Via the check, you just have to take it to your bank And give it to them. Then they'll turn it into good money. And by the way, I keep free e-books, Which contains more tips from six print-on-demand stores Like this for my study video of my case. And if you want to download my e-book, I'll put the link in the video description below. But anyway, go back to the video. The second method, make money by creating YouTube videos Here are the conditions, to start a YouTube channel, You must be only 13 years old.

And YouTube can make you a lot of money. In fact, over the past 28 days, You've earned over $ 15,000 on YouTube thanks to ads Unfortunately for teens, AdSense is not the easiest way to make money on YouTube. This is because YouTube requires you to be 18 years old For an AdSense account. So you need your parents to create it and let you use it. And it's kind of annoying. In addition to YouTube ads, They'll let you use it as soon as you have it Thousand subscribers. So it's one of the ideas.

So what do you think, if you start earning money As a teen right away? Here is a video on my YouTube channel, It is an instructional video that shows you how to set up Online store with WooCommerce. As part of this tutorial, I use my favorite web hosting platform For beginners, SiteGround. Hence what I did is I signed up for SiteGround Free affiliate program. Then they give me this, which is the URL for when someone clicks It tracks whether or not they have purchased a subscription On SiteGround or not.

Then if I click on it, I get paid a commission on that sale. But what I did was move on And put the link and my video description, And I made it even better by using the redirect link. And now it tracks every time someone clicks on it And buys web hosting. and since then, You have won hundreds of dollars Every month it was SiteGround Through affiliate groups. The really cool thing about affiliate programs. Is that while some will only allow 18 people And senior to register, Not all of them tie you down like that. For example, here's another affiliate program.

Adobe Partner Program. Every time someone buys Adobe Premiere, Or in Photoshop via an affiliate link, You will get 85% from the first month of their subscription, Just like with CafePress. As long as you get verbal permission from your parents, You are legally allowed to register, And they pay your commissions directly In your bank account. So Paypal is not required. So here's what you can do. You can go ahead and find a successful Photoshop Or offer a premium video tutorial to recreate and replicate yourself And upload them to YouTube.

And inside the video description, You can then put your affiliate link And start earning money right away From affiliate committees. Adobe products like Photoshop and Premiere, You have a seven-day free trial period That you can benefit from. So, download that free trial version and use the time To shoot a lot of educational videos. Or if you have a debit card and some spare cash, You can actually purchase the software, And use it for 14 days and record a lot of tutorials Upload them to YouTube and use YouTube SEO To rank them highly in the search engine Then refund the full price of the program from Adobe. OBS is a free screen recording program You can use it to record your own video lessons, And because it is an educational program, You don't need to photograph yourself So, you don't actually have to be in front of the camera. Then you can use our free video editing software Like OpenShot for editing, including adding voiceover, Which you can record with the built-in microphone From your phone.

So yes, anyone even a teen can earn money With YouTube for free. But this is not the only way in which you can earn money Through our YouTube tutorial videos. There is another way to make money That is, the third method, Create and sell your own video course. Seriously, I see negative people thinking all the time β€œWhy would anyone pay for an online course "When is there so much free information on the Internet?" And whenever I read comments like this, I tell myself, Gee, I do not know. Perhaps millions of people. The online education industry is not going down thanks For free information on places like YouTube. It is already growing. By 2025, this industry is said to be worth $ 300 billion. So, how do you behind the computer screen there, Either a broke teenager or an adult Without a PayPal account, are you making money by doing this? Well, it's all thanks to the teachable website.

Now not many people know about the free Teachable account Because they hide the feature until most people miss it, But yes, you can create a video course Then sell it to people for free. To open a free account, just go to the pricing page. And now yeah, I know it looks like you have to Pay $ 29 a month, But then again, it's a hoax Because they have a free plan. You have to find the little text here that says, Try our free plan. Now you can create and sell your own digital course Free. So, here is a solid game plan for making money with YouTube. Plus use your free trial Or the recovery period with the software you chose You are affiliated with, To recreate YouTube tutorial videos, You can also get very crowded and make enough tutorials To create your own digital course.

And yes, people buy the software's digital courses, Even with free YouTube lessons online. See the reviews that Photoshop courses are giving on Udemy. Some with over 10,000 reviews, Then in the video description From your YouTube educational videos, Don't just put your link in there, But you also put a link to where people can go And buy your video course It sells through Teachable. On Teachable, as long as you're 13, And you have verbal permission from your parents, You are legally allowed to register You are pushed through this, bar.

Bar as a fully paid processor It is the collection of payments from clients Pay this money directly into your bank account. As long as you have a bank account, you'll see it. Now I personally use Stripe a lot I was very surprised to discover this. But you must be at least 13 years old So you are allowed to register. I can see it from the appearance. Fourth method, Create Fiverr Gig. So, here's something kinda cool about Fiverr Unlike the other methods I've discussed In this video, You are supposed to ask permission from your parents Before registration, Fiverr is not claiming to be interested And he does not have a clause on this matter in the terms and conditions As far as I can see.

As long as you are 13 years old, You are permitted to register and use their website. Now here's the thing about making money on Fiverr, Lots of people will see Fiverr on this list And they'll go, "Oh, what a terrible idea. "Fiverr is way too competitive." But don't listen to that negativity. The only reason why they think there is a lot of competition Because they are lazy and have no creativity at all. This here is Fiverr. It is a site that allows you to sell freelance services In the form of gigs. For example, here's a party I used a lot, Edit video gig. So if you need to edit the videos, I will tell you the result Select the service I need, and purchase it.

So think about the types of skills you have You can sell. If you have Photoshop skills, You can sell graphic design gigs. And if you have writing skills, Well, you can create order carts Orders writing assignments from you in exchange for money. Now, here's the problem with Fiverr. Most of the people will stay there And try to sell the exact same services That others sell. They say, β€œAh, I know I'm good at writing. "I will sell blog posts." Of course, everyone else does. So it is very difficult to stand out. Or, they'll say, 'Hey, I have the art of drawing skills. "I will sell logos." And see how many people are trying to do that. While you see what you should have done Done some research and you're gone, Hey, look, Fiverr has a dedicated section To create logos for political campaigns.

And see, only one person has a gig It does not cost hundreds of dollars. And so she gets all the work done in this place While it charges more Who paints regular pennants that are new like hers. This is what you need to do before you go And create Fiverr, search and find gigs Where there are few people who provide it and get the job done Instead of that. Now Fiverr, they have three payment methods, PayPal, Which you clearly cannot use teenagers. They also have a so-called Fiverr Revenue Card. And it's actually a Payoneer debit card. Unfortunately, you must be 18 years old To register for a Payoneer account. Although, this is a great way for people In non-PayPal countries who view, Who turn 18 extra to get paid. But yes, the third payment method Am I going to make a direct bank transfer, It is, of course, a teen friend. And if you live in the United States, You can even make a bank deposit. So, this is what I recommend you to use When you make money with Fiverr. Fifth method, make money from Instagram Shoutouts.

Now this is a very fun way for people to earn money online. However, teens are usually not allowed to do this. However, with my trick solution, You can do this even if you are a teenager. Here I am Instagram today at 8:00 pm EST As on the day this video is posted, I will host a live Q&A hangout. So come on and follow me until you can join. But yeah, you see, I have ten thousand followers This is actually very important Because it allows me to add pictures For my Instagram story, Then add links to those images.

These links are called scrolling up. Swipe up and you will be taken to the URL. This is one of the most effective forms Advertising on Instagram. But you won't get this feature right away Because it requires 10,000 followers like me. But it is worth investing the time to build a page For this figure, Because once you access this feature, It can make you a lot of money. Take, for example, this account here on Instagram. Now Doug only built this account By reposting free photos And videos of dogs on the Internet Then use hashtags for people to find Default photos repost. There are lots of videos and tutorials About building niche Instagram accounts By reposting free viral content like this one on YouTube. So if you are interested in doing just that, Be sure to check out these videos. Anyway, here's the website. Where companies can buy Instagram Shoutouts From specialized pages like this one. And Instagram Shoutout is when you post a picture On your page you announce a product or brand.

So we note that this page here posted a shout Includes a video about a dog game. Most shouts last for 24 hours. So this is likely a 24-hour shout, too. For 24 hours, they'll have this video here Then they will remove it. So if we check the rates charged by this page, We can see that it cost them $ 35 for a 24 hour shout. but, this is not every thing, Because brands usually won't just buy a trend, They will buy a story slot as well using the scroll up link.

And you can say it cost an additional $ 50. And that's exactly what the dog game did. They also bought an Instagram story And a link too. But this isn't the only product this page is promoting. A story promotion is running for this product Without link up. She also writes a 24 hour shout Of the product as well. That shout here is $ 35, And the promo for the story was $ 20. Along with promoting other dog game That this page works, This Instagram page made $ 140 in the last 24 hours Just by posting photos and videos. Unfortunately, Instagram markets are being banned Like this usually bans teens. Age of majority means you legally need to be an adult. Luckily, There is an innovative solution So we can get around this, And this is Fiverr. Create guidelines for people Then put your email in the profile of your page, And when people inquire about screaming, Head them here. And be sure to ask them to leave a comment, So that's the Fiverr buyers who browse the site They will see instructions when they search for it on your site We will also buy from you, Which makes you get more money.

So yeah, age is just a number. And even if you are a teenager, You can make money online too. If this video helped you, please click the subscribe button And click on this little notification bell So you never miss any of my videos. And if you are interested in this extra work Which I got when I was 15 Who was earning me a thousand dollars a day, I'll have a link for it here on this end screen. So go ahead, check out the next video I will see you in the next stage..

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