5 Ways To Earn Money Online From Mobile For Free (100% Legit)

I think everyone here has a mobile phone like this one In this video I will share with you more than 5 methods to make money online To start an online business with this mobile phone only and with no budget Starting from zero dollars, stay tuned and follow up Hi everyone, I am Hassan from H-educate and before we start Please don't forget if you like to watch more videos about Digital marketing. online business and make money online Go now hit and smash the subscribe button And turn on the notifications to get every new update i publish on my channel so let's start directly and stop wasting time and The first method to make money online with this mobile device is simply Instagram, instagram Okay before I tell you in detail what we can do I want to mention that instagram is one of the best The best and the powerful places not only to start a business but to market any business also now let's stick to the point, and let's see how to make money using instagram, In instagram mainly we have three methods to make money online to build an online business with only instagram Number one is what we call selling shoutouts if I now go to my YouTube channel Here you will see this video.

Earn 33 dollars per post on instagram, here in this video I explained in detail How to set up and grow an instagram account I shared with you some free tools and techniques and tips and tricks to grow the Instagram account to reach at least a couple of thousands of followers and how to sell a shout-out In detail, so please go and check this video to learn in detail how to sell shout-outs now one thing I i missed in the video Or I didn't think it was that important and I got a lot of questions about is after we grow the Instagram account like in my case this is my Instagram account If you go here, I have like 2000 followers today On my account with around 7% engagement rate so my shout-out can cost around $ 50 per post but how to sell it, where to sell it? So simply after you grow the instagram account after you watch this video here You can go to the website called shoutcart.com and list your account You see here you can filter by categories and you will see each account and you can Buy a shout-out here, so you can list yourself as an influencer As an account owner in this website, also we have shoutoutexperts.com Another website is Influencer-cart.com, all these websites are places are Marketplaces To sell your shout-outs, so the idea is that simple You have to create an instagram account get a couple of thousand followers The most important thing is to get high engagement on your account I explain this in detail in this video, please go and watch it and then you can sell on these websites also you can sell on Fiverr.

If you go to Fiverr.com, now you can sell this as a gig Look at this person I will give you a shout-out on my 800k Instagram page This has another one here, this is on a Facebook group, okay here I will shout-out on my 238k Instagram gaming page and so on. Also we have a website called shoutify.io and you can sign up as an influencer and sell your shout-outs so the idea is somehow simple you just need to work like 20 or 30 minutes a day only with your mobile phone Totally free on instagram Please go and watch this video to learn in detail how this works so this is selling shout-outs on Instagram, method 2 In instagram is to sell products, you can sell your products of your own or sell affiliate products.

As I told you Instagram is a great place to market anything you want simply because it has 56% more engagement rate than Facebook, so any post I publish today On my instagram account, it gets at least 600 reach from my Two thousand so it's really great, any post I will show you this like this one, this is my video it reached 665 person in the last 24 hours Out of two thousand, so imagine if you have like 10k followers on insatagram You can get with one click 1000 impressions It's an awesome free place to market anything so you can sell both Your products or an affiliate products.

Let's see an example if you go here back to Instagram this is an account called healthish it has around 84k Followers and you can see Click below to shop This is the link To their shop so think about it, they have a lot of followers they are linked to Their shop directly even in their stories, you can see in their stories here if you click on shop You will see stories with links if you click see more here, you will open also the store To buy this bottle or whatever so instagram is also a great place to sell products online without doing anything just from your mobile phone This also can be an affiliate product by the way So you can pick a product from clickbank or whatever and promote it on your Instagram profile The third method to make money with Instagram is flipping accounts If you go to a website called fameswap, here you can sell and buy instagram accounts and this methoud somehow is really great especially for beginners so what you can do is open A new instagram account maybe grow it into 1000 followers with some engagement and go here and sell it on fameswap, or on socialtradia or instasale All of these websites are places where you can sell and buy instagram accounts.

So this for instagram You can flip accounts sell and buy. You can sell products or affiliate products and you can sell shout-outs, I hope the idea is somehow simple Let's move on to the next method, to the next way on how to make money How to build a Business with Your Mobile Phone, number 2 is Blogging Just writing and monetizing your blog, you can do it with your mobile only I explain this in detail in this video, you can see here earn $ 20 per day from google, i explain step by step How to Reach $ 20 per day writing and monetizing your blog Please go and watch this video, and also go down here and you'll find this video here 5 ways to monetize your website. With your mobile only you can start a WordPress website a blogger website totally for free with free hosting. You can check also this video here, how to get free hosting if you are a beginner and start blogging writing about something you love whatever you want And monetize your blog with ads, please go watch these videos I explained step-by-step how to do this, Method number three is to providing support with your mobile how is this, what I mean here is to provide like consultation over mobile, or maybe provide support maybe technical support maybe tutoring like teaching english We have a lot of websites as an example we have websites like skooli.com we have studypool you can see earn money for answering homework questions you can see this onlineenglishteaching.com, vipkid.com All these websites will help you teach English as an example online with your mobile phone you can open a session And go in a conversation with someone who is trying to learn English so you can improve His English with conversation.

This is one of the best ways now to be honest with you I don't do this, I provide consultation and IT support You know if you are following me I have an IT background I used to be an IT support guy in a company like 6 years ago Or 5 years ago, so what I do today, till today I open a Video-call with someone who wants an IT support a video-call on whatsapp as an example and tell him the solution, so it's somehow a remote support by mobile only I do this twice a month i think, or maybe three times a month, providing IT support For one company till today he's my friend that's why I do it for him also i provide consultation so you can do a Zoom call or maybe record a podcast Or whatever for someone and sell it.

In this way It's somehow a consultation online with your mobile. So this is method number 3 i'm trying my best to be somehow fast to tell you the ideas the links the websites, all of them will be in the description below just to have the idea You can go and search about it and start your own business whatever you are doing you have your mobile You have the ideas, go and work. That simple. Method number 4 is working as a freelancer I mentioned that you can work on instagram with your mobile You can blog on your mobile You can consult with your mobile all these tasks can be freelancing tasks you can go to Fiverr as an example, open Fiverr here And here on Fiverr, you can sell a gig that you can manage an Instagram account Or manage social media accounts and by the way, today we have a lot of apps on the mobile It allows you to manage social media
accounts so easy, I use in my case an app called contant studio, I am not an affiliate or sponsoring it, I just use it.

It's somehow simple and good you can use a hoodsuit or whatever you want You can manage social media accounts from your mobile You can also provide blogging, you can provide a writing service On Fiverr from your mobile also, you can provide A consultation gig as we mentioned before on Fiverr so also we have a lot of Ideas, freelancing gigs that you can also do only with your mobile phone just use your brain, think a little bit And you will work only with your mobile.

Method number 5 the last one for today It is what we call application testing, so a lot of people are developing apps for mobiles and they want someone to test them before They can publish to ensure it has no bugs And it works perfectly on different phones Etc. So we have websites like usertesting.com where you can make money online around $10 for every 20 minutes of app testing Go to usertesting.com now just to be honest with you This website doesn't accept anyone whatsoever as such You need some qualifications, like knowing how to test apps, maybe you can Learn how to do this, go to udemy as an example udemy.com and search for a course on How to test apps, let's say test apps, whatever You can take a course on udemy on how to test a mobile app Tesing or whatever and then you can go to usertesting You have the qualifications that you can start making money online, get paid With usertesting on your mobile phone, only testing applications So here are five ways you can work from home Using a mobile phone from zero dollars Starting today, the only thing you need is just to get started, to just take action As always, I say 90% of people will not take action that is why they fail This is why they don't do it This is why they don't make money online or They test for five minutes or maybe ten days or five days and after that They simply fail and stop if you want to change your life You have to think differently, change your mindset and you will succeed See you later

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