5 Streams of Income – How I Earn $500 A Day! (Passive & Active)

Let’s talk about Money, Kudi, Ego, Owo, How’s it 
going guys, it’s Fisayo here and in this video,   we’re going to be talking about passive income, 
and as the title says, I’ll be breaking down how   you can earn $500 a day legitimately with what 
I’m about to show you and what has worked for   me. This video is not being created with the 
intention to boast about anything, however I   only want to show you what’s possible and how you 
can learn from my small successes and mistakes.   If you’re looking for get rich quick schemes, 
don’t watch this video, it’s not for you. I   recently put out a video on some apps that I used 
to save and invest to earn $10,000 in a year and   that’s linked below but this is more detailed and 
more skill based.

A lot of the feedback from that   video was that I should talk more in detail about 
finances and that’s one of the many reasons I’m   making this video. I’m hoping to help you answer 
some questions as well as hopefully challenge you.   Before we move on, I’d love it if you could 
hit that like button so that you can help   more people discover these methods and you will 
be helping them help this get discovered. That   made sense in my head. Anyway without further ado, 
welcome to what we’ll be calling Finance Fridays! Graphic Design The first stream of income I want to talk about is 
Graphic Design. I’ve said this a lot of times on   the channel. I was primarily and still practice 
as a graphic designer. I mainly specialized in   one kind of design which is User Interface Design. 
I designed apps, websites, magazines, books,   posters basically any design that involves a lot 
of text and something people would read about.   I did and still sometimes do that today are in a 
digital age with social media apps everywhere and   companies are trying to stand out with creative 
communications in form of a beautiful design,   why not be the person they need for that? 
Designers are one of the highly demanded   people in the creative space, To do this would 
require you to practice a set of skills which   I always recommend starting with typography, 
that is learning how text and fonts work,   for lack of a better explanation and I’ll leave a 
link to the course that helped me get way better.   It’s by a professor of type called Ina Saltz, 
and it really changed my life for real.

I would   have loved to show you some of my designs but many 
are under NDAs or Non Disclosure Agreements but,   if you want to see me break down some of my design 
work and processes, I used to earn up to about   $14,000 in 6 months or almost 2,300 a month, 
I could get clearance and share with you guys   in a another Finance Friday video. Like this video 
and comment below if that’s something you want   to see. Anyway in summary, for my graphic design 
work, during my peak times, I could earn somewhere   between $77 a day to $200 dollars a day and 
sometimes it can be way higher but this is just   a modest average. Infact, a friend of mine, Joshua 
Oluwagbemiga or JoAccord who works with Invision   is one of the best designers for user interfaces 
that I know, he doesn’t watch my videos though   but he’s a super dope designer and he can 
actually earn tens of thousands of dollars   because his skill level is way beyond expert at 
this point. That’s what happens when you put the   time in. I’ll leave a link to his dribble 
page or portfolio in the description below.

Video Production The next thing I got into was video production and 
photography. Some of the clients I had when I was   primarily a graphic designer also needed 3 things 
one was photo editing with photoshop, taking   pictures for their website and making a video that 
would be graphically inclined and would further   communicate their message or promote them so that 
they can make sales. I thought this was a great   opportunity and took to learning. I took a lot 
of courses and kept practicing day and night and   that’s the thing. For skill based things like 
graphic design, coding and videos, the more you   practice, the better you become. Truly. I tried 
my hands with video production and made videos for   clients and friends for free, and this helped me 
become better. At the time, I was still employed   so I offered to create videos for the company even 
though I was mainly a graphic designer and social   media manager then, I created videos that would 
promote the brand as well which I got to learn   a lot from.

I’ll also leave a link to a resource 
that is super super useful on LinkedIn Learning.  
Another thing many of my clients did ask for 
after my design work especially for websites   was coding. I don’t know how to code, I 
wish I did but thankfully I had friends   that I could work with and I’ll be able to earn 
a commission from that as well when I refer them. Alright so give or take, for video editing and 
dabbling in photography here and there, I’m able   to make around 80 to 160 dollars a day or 2,000 
to 5,000 dollars in a month.

But like everything   else, if you put your mind to it and commit 
yourself, you can actually hit really high numbers   so you shouldn’t limit yourself. You can learn a 
lot from YouTube if you can’t afford to pay for   resources on Linkedin Learning. I love linkedin 
learning because it’s people with years of   experience like professors that teach on there and 
they categorize it in order for you.

That’s one of   the places I even learned music theory and started 
dabbling in to making some music. However, youtube   is a super huge FREE platform and great resource. 
Which is where we’re having this conversation. Interlude Now, this next section is for content creation, 
which I’m sure you’ve all been probably waiting   for… or not.. I’ll talk about my foray into 
YouTube with the next 3 sources of passive   income.

My journey through life sort of moved 
past me being overly hands on or exchanging   my time for money into putting in the time 
and compounding it. Now, I still have to   learn alot, I still read at least one book every 
week so that’s something I try to dedicate my   time to in order to grow because once you feel 
like you know everything, you begin to decline.   Also if this video has been useful to you so far, 
do hit that like button and hit the subscribe   button + the bell icon beside it so you’ll 
be the first to know when I post a new video. Affiliate Revenue Alright, let’s talk about Affiliate Revenue, 
this is when you recommend a product or service   to people and when they click to purchase, you get 
a small commission from that. This is actually the   smallest portion for me because I didn’t usually 
do a great job of posting the links to my tech   items in the description or the tech I have can’t 
really generate much revenue or can’t even be   linked at all, but the few ones I did, actually 
did get purchased and in total, I was able to make   about $337 and 66 cents and when you spread it out 
within the months, it gets so low and some times   I can get $11 a month.

It’s not the most stable. 
I also mentioned that I loved to read and I also   love Audible, the audio book platform which 
I’ve been using for years, so for instance,   if you used my Audible Link in the description 
to sign up, you would get 30 days for free and   would only start paying after the free trial 
expires and I would get a tiny commission.   This can be useful for people who also have 
Podcasts and want to support their shows,   if you can get people to sign up as well you both 
benefit and I think Audible is one of the better   audiobook platforms in my opinion because I’ve 
bought around 30 audiobooks on there as well.

Another source of affiliate revenue for me is 
also Musicbed. Which I’m quite grateful for being   their first ambassador in all of 
Africa. I’ve also partnered with them   for years now and Musicbed is a company that helps 
creatives get very great songs to use in their   music productions and things like that. So let’s 
say you’re making a video, and you needed a song   that would go great with that video, you can just 
browse their selection and they do feature well   renowned artists. If you, again, use my link 
for a subscription and get a couple of songs,   we also get paid while you get to use 
dope music on your videos, you’re welcome. I’ve also tried out Jumia affiliates here in 
Nigeria but it’s also been a little hazy in   terms of commissions. In total, affiliate revenue 
would account for about $2 per day to $17 per day   on great days and about $11 
per month to $517 per month,   this one is the most unpredictable 
because not everyone buys via your link   but if they do, they could be supporting 
your channel or platform big time.

YouTube Now, my 4th source of passive income is YouTube, 
this Channel you’re currently watching on. So   as you may or may not know, I try 
to make the best videos I possibly   can to create interesting thought pieces about 
smartphones and apps, or just gadgets I like   and can get a hold of in general. I’ve been making 
YouTube videos for over 4 years now. I would say   making videos on YouTube does require a certain 
amount of skill where you need to learn about   concepts you’re trying to talk about and make a 
video of.

Essentially something you’re interested   in and can’t get bored of talking about. For 
me it’s tech and some aspects of finance.   I like to think about this platform as a portal 
for Entertainment or Education but it’s much   broader than that. Let me explain, Alot of 
people come on here to watch funny videos,   interesting vlogs, music videos and celebrity 
topics, and more things along that line, those are   entertaining and on the other spectrum, a video 
like this about how you can make some money, or   just a tutorial in general, science videos, my own 
tech review videos and the likes, are categorized   as educational videos where you hope to gain some 
knowledge or be informed about a certain topic.   Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, 
there are many many categories but these are just   broad points.

The way people make money on 
YouTube is by the views and the advertisers.   Let me break it down. YouTube as a platform 
has many creators and viewers which is why   advertisers who want people to see their 
products or services pay YouTube and   creators share that money with YouTube where 
the creator gets 55% and YouTube gets 45%. If a video gets 20,000 views for instance, and the 
advertiser says for every 1,000 views they want to   pay $10 because that’s how much they value 1,000 
people watching their ads. This is what is called   CPM or Cost Per Mille, where mille means 1,000 
so cost per thousand.

Because of that if 20,000   people viewed the video and the ads, we divide the 
total views by 1,000 to get 20 so the advertiser   pays 20 x 10 which 200 dollars and the creator 
keeps 110 dollars while YouTube keeps 90 dollars. In Nigeria however, advertisers pay like a dollar, 
1 dollar per thousand so it largely depends on   your region. Where people are watching. If you’ve 
got viewers from countries like the US where   advertisers spend a lot on promoting on YouTube, 
the CPM could be as high as $20 per thousand so   that same 20,000 views can make around $400 where 
the creator would keep 55% of that which is $220   compared to $110 or if you’re from Nigeria, 
maybe $11. From the same 20,000 views.   I am from Nigeria and it’s not always the 
nicest when it comes to revenue however,   for the month of February, as you can see on 
the screen we made about $1,800 in a month   which roughly translates to $60 per day and this 
can go as high as $130 a day for me depending on   how good the video does but it’s very 
rare especially since it’s Nigeria.

Branded / Sponsored Content Last but not the least l source of income is 
sponsored content. This is where a company   or brand directly pays you to talk about their 
product or service where they believe you can   share to as many people. This can happen when 
a brand thinks you’ve got an engaging audience   in form of followers or subscribers and 
they want to get in front of those people. For me, this can range anywhere 
between 1 million to 3 million   in a month and that’s Naira, not in 
dollars, I wish that could be in dollars but   hey…..anyway at this time, it’s a range of $2,000 
to $6,000 approximately per month.

This is where I   talked about products like DSTv, MTN, and the 
likes, which I’m very fortunate to work with   thanks to you guys’ constant support. None of 
this would even be possible if you don’t watch and   I’m very humbled by it. One of the channel’s long 
time partner is Union Bank of Nigeria, I’ve worked   with them for over a year now and they also have 
opportunities for even more people to make money. They recently launched their M36 app 
which shows you investment options like   Treasury Bills where you can invest for a period 
of time and get up tp 2.4% in interest. The   Federal Government Bonds in Nigeria which can make 
you 12.75% for a much longer period of 2 years   and some months. There are also Guaranteed 
Investments Funds to earn up to 5% back,   The commercial paper from Guiness Nigeria, 
Dangote Cement and Nigerian Breweries which   can net you up to 2.3% in returns for a shorter 
period than Treasury Bills and you can also Fix   Deposits.

This was similar to the video I did 
early this year about savings and investing and   in fact one of the things I did was to get 
US dollars at the official rate in Nigeria,   what does this mean? Well instead of me to pay 1.9 
million to get $4,000 at the black market rate,   I paid 1.5 million to get the same $4,000 
and saved a whopping 400,000 Naira.   At the time I was only able to do it with Union 
Bank, the other banks kind of disappointed me but   there’s a thing called Personal Travel Allowance 
where if you’re about to travel and you truthfully   have proof, I paid for my ticket and everything. 
I was able to access the PTA and businesses,   they BTA (or Business Travel Allowance) where you 
can get $5,000 at the official rate, as far as   you have good reason.

This was one of the hacks I 
didn’t mention in that video earlier and it was a   timely life saver for me. It can also be done on 
their app as well as even getting loans and even   speaking to a wealth manager. I’ll leave links 
to download the app in the description below. Conclusion In total, thing brings it to about 
$430 at a minimum to $701 dollars at   a maximum a day and I just stuck 
to the mid point at $500 A day. I want to mention that some of these 
earnings are before taxes, I have a tax   adviser and I’m taking a chunk of this to pay 
for taxes. If you’re in Lagos state where I am,   you have the personal income tax, the LIRS 
(aka Lagos State Internal Revenue Service)   and Federal Income taxes for the corporate 
side or FIRS (Federal Inland Revenue Service).

In the US, this is simply the IRS, or Inland 
Revenue Service. I’ll leave a link to the LIRS   platform and once you pay your tax, you should get 
an email like this. For the Federal Income Taxes,   Nigeria has made it somewhat easy for small 
and medium businesses so if you earn less than   25 million Naira or 52,000 dollars in a year, 
you won’t need to pay company income taxes so   you’ll only pay your VAT (or Value Added Tax) and 
that’s 7.5%. This is how the VAT Form Looks like. having a stable job or working for yourself and 
having to deal with multiple clients where the   income varies. Many people will pick being an 
entrepreneur or working for yourself as more   risky because you kind of don’t know what can 
happen next exactly. Business might not come.   Which is very true. The well can dry up. However, 
as an employee, you’re guaranteed a salary at the   end of the month. Now, the point I was trying 
to make is that, if the employee gets fired,   for any reason, and they don’t have 
any other source, everything is gone,   but an entrepreneur with multiple 
clients or multiple streams of income   might be able to afford losing 1 of 
them, or 2 because there are options.

Alright that’s pretty much it for my video, let 
me know your thoughts in the comments below. Do   you guys have any questions, please let me know. 
Again if you found this video useful in anyway   at all, let me know by hitting that like button, 
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for watching and I’ll see you in the next one..

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