5 Proven Ways to Make Money Vlogging on YouTube

so making money vlogging is a little bit different than other styles of content on YouTube so in this video we've got five strategies on how to make money blogging coming up this video is brought to you by vid IQ the number one Chrome extension for youtubers looking for OnPoint data analysis research resources and enhanced video creator tools start getting more views in less time today by signing up for free at vid IQ comm slash influence that's vid IQ comm slash influence hey what's up Sean here benji here and this is video influencers helping you build your influence income and impact with online video on this channel we've got weekly tips and trick videos as well as interviews as some of the top influencers so if you're new to this channel consider subscribing so if you better on this channel for very long you know we have talked about how to earn money on youtube quite a bit but never really from the perspective of vlogging and in this video we're gonna be covering five strategies that don't include google adsense now a lot of people know you can make money with youtube ads problem is you need a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time to even get considered for that program but here's the good news the strategies in this video you can apply right now so let's jump into a strategy number one merchandise you know what I love about this strategy is even if you only have one fan you can start selling merch for example shirts you know I'm a vlogger and I talk about green juice all the time so I've got a lot of fans of green juice so I made a green juice shirt and I was able to sell that fairly quickly because I had built content around a specific topic was able to make money through merchandise yeah and you can use a site like teespring you know part of the influencers community is got love and they just put some shirts together that are about their vlog put them up on teespring and you only actually print them when someone buys them so you don't have to have any inventory and you can start making some sales and income immediately really simple with a site like that strategy number two affiliate marketing now if you don't know what this is this is where you actually get a little of commission from referring a product we love using Amazon affiliates and a great example of this you know I'm juicing with my family in my vlogs a lot of people are asking what juice are using what blend are you making smoothies with if I put the link down in the infobox and they actually click on and buy that device or juicer or blender I get a little bit of affiliate Commission and that's a great way to make money and to quick power tips here is stay on message for your channel and also give calls to action so you probably noticed with Bengie that in the first tip he had green juice shirts then you hear that in affiliate marketing it's related to green juice and blending there's something more powerful than just doing random tactics when it comes to earning money and actually staying connected to your values your message and the things your audience really knows you for and what you really love and then the second tip is make sure to give a call to action so when he's juicing when they're in the kitchen you might say and hey if you're curious about what blender we're using I'll link it up in the YouTube description below so you guys can check it out if your audience doesn't know the link is there then they will never find it so you will never build your income and we're actually not going to cover affiliate marketing in depth in this video so if you want to learn about how to do it how to set it up and get started immediately we'll link to a playlist on the YouTube card and in the description below with our affiliate marketing series strategy number three sponsorships you know one of the things that a lot of people know about youtube is people get sponsored if a brand or company pays you to talk about their product or service you can get sponsored get paid you know and I say a dollar saved is a dollar earned so even if you can't get paid what if you get free products again going back to the green juice example you know because I'm juicing a lot a lot of green juice or juicer companies want to send me their juicers for free again I'm not getting paid but because I don't have to pay for that juicer I'm actually saving money and that's just as good as making money and so I hope you're seeing a theme here about really figuring out core messages that are parts of your vlogs and then doing those so again green juice when you build out a brand of the things you love the products you love to use consistently in your vlogs you could start working with companies and as your channel grows you can also look at marketplaces like famebit.com and they connect brands with influencers like yourself and eventually you need to get like 5,000 subscribers to start with them but now it's a marketplace where you could find even other sponsorship deals for your vlogs strategy number four promote your current business you know we have a friend John Kohler who's actually one of the most well known gardeners on YouTube and a lot of people don't know he has his siphon it's called discountjuicers.com a lot of people were watching his videos are health conscious they're into gardening fruits and vegetables and because they're interested in that they're probably gonna be juicing and he has a site business where he actually recommends and sells juicers on his website so ask yourself how can you use your vlog to promote the things are doing in your everyday life especially if you're doing business and maybe that's real estate that you're doing or maybe you're doing fitness and you can build your vlog around that to promote that business another tip would be network marketing and we have friends that are promoting companies like essential oils with young living or Beachbody doing Fitness on YouTube tying their vlog into it building their teams selling products with something that they love and using YouTube to increase that influence we were talking off-camera about Lulu rue which or Lulu raw or lularoe Lulu ROH okay Lulu row which is a clothing distribution network marketing company and again if you have a lifestyle Instagram a lifestyle vlog you could be using those channels of influence to be furthering the business that you're doing on YouTube with vlogging strategy number five sell your content one of the things you forget as a vloggers you're creating a lot of content and you're getting great at producing content recording editing putting it out there engaging with people and that is so valuable for business so don't forget that it costs a lot of money for not just a business but anybody to create content so as a blogger consider the value you bring to the table with the video itself yeah such a great example of this is our friend travellingjools who travels the world full time uses social media to promote out her content but you might be surprised she doesn't have a million subscribers she doesn't have a hundred thousand she has a relatively small audience but because she's developed her skills of storytelling video production riding and shooting she is really a one-woman band if you will for creating content and travel boards travel agencies want to work with her because of the content she's creating that they can share on their own social media platforms so never forget you are a video influencer you're a video creator and your skills that you're developing right now you can begin to build those and then sell those to companies to build your income biome lastly the point wanna make is you know a lot of people rely on the Adsense income to create income revenue right to make money but these five tips are something you can start doing right away so explore these and ask yourself what is it I'm already doing that can help boost income for or where can I find more income opportunities with some of these strategies for the things that you already love talking about and recording about question of the day have you started earning money as a vlogger yet and do you have any tips or creative ways for building income as a vlogger let us know in the comment section below so thanks for checking out this video subscribe ring the bell if you haven't yet and if you want to check out our sponsor for this video vid IQ they have a killer YouTube channel just click or tap the screen right there to go over to watch some training or another video from video influencers click or tap the screen right there until next time keep crushing it we will talk soon

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