5 Fiverr Gigs that require no skills & Zero Knowledge | Make Money Online Today!

one of the easiest and simplest methods to 
make money online is publishing your skills   and services on websites like fiverr freelancer 
upwork and then you can start making money online   by providing your services as a freelancer 
today i will show you five services   five gigs you can publish today and start 
making money online even if you have no skills   zero knowledge stay tuned and follow up with me hi everyone i'm Hasan from H-educate and today i'm 
more than happy to be with you in this new video   today i want to show you how you can start making 
money online as a freelancer even if you have   no skills and zero knowledge i will show you five 
services five gigs you can publish today on fiverr   and start making money online even if you don't 
know anything so let's start with number one but   before don't forget subscribe now to my channel 
turn on notifications to get every new update almost   every day so number one is providing a service 
to remove image backgrounds now you may tell me   hey i don't know photoshop i don't know how 
to work with images and editing and so on   don't worry i will show you now in one minute 
how we can remove the background of any image   in one click but before let's go to fiverr and see 
here that we have a lot of gigs that provides this   service remove background image you can see these 
gigs i will do photo back ground removal and so on   so how we can remove an image background simply 
just go to canva.com this awesome website for   image editing and creating photos and thumbnails 
and ebooks and so on and now just click on create   a design and click now anything just open an empty 
design for now just to show you how things work   i will go now to upload i will show you now 
in action how this works let's see i will get   an image let's say this one here this one as an 
example this me with a background you can simply   click on effects and then background removal and 
just wait for seconds and awesome you can see   the background was removed then you can simply 
download the image and here we are we removed the   background i will show you now a second example 
someone somehow a complex example this image here   we have this house trees and much more click on 
effects background remover just wait for seconds   and see the power of canva how it can remove 
backgrounds in just seconds without doing anything   you can see here i am with no background you can 
resize this image and download and provide this   as a service on fiverr or any website so this is 
number one removing image backgrounds number two   providing in-depth seo report for any website 
okay what is seo or an seo report if you go   into fiverr and search for seo as an example you 
will find a lot of people offering seo services   and some offering just an seo report in-depth 
report about a website to show them what's wrong   in their websites and help them rank on search 
engines so just in three seconds what is seo it   stands for search engine optimization and it's 
a technique to optimize your website so you can   rank on google or any search engine and get free 
organic traffic from search engines so how you can   provide in-depth seo report of any website if 
you have no knowledge simply use this service   go to seo-analyzer.h-educate.com by the way this is my 
service i talked about it in one of my videos you   can review in description below so here you 
enter any website and click on review so you   publish this service this gig on fiverr and when 
someone asks you for this report you just get his   website ask him about his website and you enter 
it here let's do an example enter any website now codecanyon.com anything and click on review and 
the analyzer now will run and do everything for   you you don't need to worry about anything 
you just wait like for one minute and the   application will analyze the website and give you 
in-depth detailed report i would drink some water here i am again okay 92% 96% percent complete 
98 100% very nice now you can see here we have   in-depth detailed report about everything and 
tells what's wrong in the website so that person   can get help in optimizing his website for seo 
and ranking his website so now just click on   download report you don't need to register enter 
any emails or so on just click download report   and here we are this is the pdf you can see here 
a full detailed report it's about 27 pages report   we can just send him this report and provide this 
service you can download here if you want and have   this pdf file and send it to the customer or the 
user who requested this service so this is number   two providing an seo report for any website number 
three designing html5 advertisements what simply   if you go now to my website as an example let's 
go to my blog here and open H-supertools.com by the wayH-supertools is a free platform that 
contains free 100% free seo and digital marketing   tools go and check it right now if you haven't 
before anyway let's open any tool now youtube   keyword tool and here you can find these ads you 
can see this one this one this one all these are   html5 ads so maybe someone will ask you to design 
an ad for him to publish on his website or he   he want to create a google ad campaign or whatever 
and he want a design now you tell me i'm not   a designer how can i design such ads and i don't 
have any experience before in graphic design or ad   design or html5 so simple before i go i just want 
to show you another example you can see here this   other ad there's another ad here on my blog so 
simply go to website called bannersnack.com   an awesome website to create banners and 
ads with a drag and drop editor and a huge   library of templates i will log in now 
to my account it allows you to create   google ads facebook ads native ads a lot of 
kinds you'll see now click on i will log in   and here we are this is my library i will 
now create a new design make a design here   and you can see a lot of sizes templates 
you can start from for instagram for youtube   for snapchat for twitch for a lot of applications 
and services let's now select anything   like this one here medium rectangle and you'll 
get this empty template and now you can go here to   templates we have animated and static templates we 
can simply select any of these templates in this   library we have a lot of templates you can 
see here it's like the category let's say   as an example e-commerce and select 
any of these let's say this one here   so this is the ad here you can see it and you 
can just edit this change the title change the   buttons and change the colors and so on you can go 
to animated and select like this one is an example   you can see this animated ad start 
from this and you will have this ad   you just need to edit it 
just maybe change the logo   maybe edit this text and so on and then you can 
download as html5 ad or you can publish directly   if you go here back to my workspace you will see 
my ads here let's say this one here click on view   so this is the ad you can simply give 
him the embed code so he can directly   embed on his website you can see it here can give 
responsive scale just copy this code and give it   to the user who is requesting this service and 
he can publish directly on his website without   worrying about speed or downloading uploading and 
so on you can give him the code directly or if   you want you can just export this template here a
jpeg png html mp4 whatever you want and give it to   the user so this is service number three providing 
and designing html5 ads with no experience number   four is fiverr arbitrage or reselling services 
what do we mean by this you know we have a lot   of websites providing freelancing services 
like freelancer.com like upwork like fiverr   and so on so the idea here is to publish a gig 
on fiverr as an example or on freelancer and then   resell it so you find a cheap gig here like for 
maybe five dollars ten dollars twenty dollars   on fiverr here and then you publish on freelancer 
with a higher cost or higher price so and you   earn the difference between the two prices as 
an example a lot of my followers contacted me   said Hasan hey we use your applications your 
software to provide service on fiverr so as an   example here i provide on my website these four 
servers like email validation like advertising   let's say this one here i promote your business 
with native ads for around 99 dollars for one   month you can see this a service i provide on my 
website so you can simply publish a gig on fiverr   with the same service description and then you buy 
the service from here and publish on fiverr and   you add a difference you can as an example publish 
it with 120 dollars or 150 dollars and so on   so go and find a service on fiverr and publish 
it somewhere else or find it on other websites and   publish it on fiverr and then you can end like 
a commission or the difference between the two   prices i hope the idea is somehow simple so in 
this way you will not worry about any skills and   experience anything you just order it from here 
and published on the second website and you earn   the price difference number five is commenting on 
blogs anyone now can open a blog post and comment   on a blog if you go here to fiverr and let's 
search for blog comments or whatever you will   find a lot of people will tell you i will give 
you high quality backlinks using blog comments i   will comment on whatever blogs about these niches 
and so on so simply you can provide this service   on fiverr by commenting on others blog so let's 
go to my blog as an example let's say i told you   i want this service i want you to comment on my 
blog like twice a week or maybe three times a week   and so on from different accounts so you simply 
up on my blog you go and open any article here   and you read the article and then you go down 
here and comment on this blog i think the idea   is somehow so simple you just provide a service 
by commenting on others blog this will help blog   owners get more backlinks and increase the 
authority and the rank of their website so   it's somehow an seo service but you are providing 
a simple task which is commenting on others blogs   i hope the idea is somehow simple this five ideas 
with no experience no skills zero knowledge you   can start working today on fiverr or any 
other freelancing website and start as a   freelancer online and make money online i wish 
you the best please don't forget to read a book   every day on booksandmore.blog and change 
your life and boost your knowledge see you later

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