4 Ways To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog!

there are over 335 million people on pinterest so 
in today's video i'm going to show you some ways   that you can make money on pinterest i'm also 
going to show you some ways to do this without   having a website if you're ready for that then go 
ahead and hit that like button and let's get right   into it i want to give you a few general tips 
on pinterest to get you started just in case you   don't know just a heads up before you create any 
type of business on pinterest so if you're selling   anything or you're trying to make money with 
anything doing affiliate marketing or anything   at all to make money with on pinterest you have 
to create a business account if you don't have   one already but you actually don't want to sell 
anything on a personal account that is not allowed   on pinterest so be careful with that and just go 
ahead and create a business account in whatever   niche you are going to utilize to make money 
with another thing you want to do is you want   to make sure you're consistent so if you want to 
schedule pins you can use something like tailwind   also make sure you're using high quality 
images like really go ahead and study   pinterest and see what is already working also 
you want to build a community you want to put   out some really helpful content on pinterest also 
make sure you're using some keyword rich content   so you've probably already heard about canva 
you can create your pins on here for free also   pinterest at this time is really promoting video 
pins so if you can do any type of video pinning   that would be awesome as well and you can also do 
that here on canva they also have some free stock   video that you can use so that is very helpful 
too so if you're really serious about growing your   pinterest and pinterest success i do suggest 
that you take some kind of pinterest course   i'm taking one right now the one i'm taking is 
from a youtuber her name is nancy badillo but you   can also come to udemy.com and search for a course 
on here the courses on udemy are very affordable   for example if you type in pinterest you're going 
to see already all of these pop up let's go ahead   and click on pinterest and you're going to see 
some really affordable courses on here as well   on how to grow your pinterest account you can also 
check out youtube and check out pinterest growth   tutorials on how to grow a business on pinterest 
as well so these are just some general some basic   tips by the way this is the course that i'm 
taking right now it's helped me understand   pinterest a whole lot more so that i can use 
it in a better way or you can find some free   pinterest training on youtube as well all you have 
to do is search and you can do this stuff on your   own now let's go ahead and get into how we can 
earn money on pinterest all right so the first way   to make money with pinterest is if you do 
something like print on demand and also use   an etsy shop now this website right here 
is printful.com but you can use any print   on demand website that you like that connects 
to etsy because you want to use etsy as well   and if you're not good at designing things 
that's okay because i'm going to show you how   you can avoid the whole designing thing and 
also if you're clever enough to come up with   some words to put on a shirt that's also a good 
way and i actually made a video on how to make   money during the holidays doing this so i'm going 
to insert a clip of that so you get a good idea   of how you can make money on pinterest doing 
this but for this method we're going to focus on   creating some merchandise some shirts masks socks 
leggings whatever it is that you want to customize   you don't actually have to be a designer for this 
i'm going to go ahead and show you some examples   of very simple text based designs so don't be 
intimidated and we also have a traffic method   that if you can make some really good money doing 
this if you do put in the work whichever print on   demand website that you do use you want to make 
sure it connects with this one right here etsy we   can go ahead and search etsy so this is what i'm 
talking about right here on etsy is that you can   customize shirts that are like these now if you 
do not have any time to do anything like this and   you don't want to design anything at all i 
actually have another way also that you can   do this this is one of the easiest ways for 
example this design right here it just says   merry it's very very simple this one down here 
it says merry and bright okay very very simple   stuff so you can come here for some ideas here's 
another great example of simple text based designs   santa's favorite you know what and then you got 
santa these are really cute for example festive af   mary af jolly af these are very simple designs 
here's another very simple one text based belief   so if you cannot come up with your own thing what 
you want to do is actually search on etsy this is   another option for you if you type into etsy 
christmas shirt svg you can do valentine's day   or whatever it is and then the letters svg right 
after it for example let's go ahead and click on   christmas shirt svg for women and let's 
go ahead and take a look at what we see   now these are actual designs that you can buy 
and then you can then sell these on etsy you   don't have to even do any of the work yourself you 
can buy some of these designs also what you do is   you upload your design to something like 
printful.com and over here you can create   and sell your custom products you create an 
account and use the design on here then sell   it on etsy to get the traffic for this you can 
go to pinterest alright this is pinterest.com   now here's some more examples so you can come up 
with your own stuff or you can get some ideas some   inspiration from here you can also come over to 
etsy and you can purchase some designs from here   here's someone who is doing the exact same thing 
she is selling this over on etsy what happens when   you actually come over and you create a business 
account is that you can claim your etsy account on   to pinterest and that can also integrate this 
makes the process a whole lot easy for you   because you can actually pin your design from 
etsy onto pinterest and it's super easy because   this entire thing the entire meta description 
for example the title the tags the description   everything is automatically created onto pinterest 
so this saves you a lot of time now one thing with   pinterest it's a great traffic method because 
people are actually on here with credit cards on   hand and they want to shop so if we actually click 
on this this will actually go right to her etsy   shop right to where this shirt is okay so canva is 
also very easy to use you can search for tutorials   right here on youtube this is super simple you 
can do this for free actually let me go ahead   and show you one that i quickly put together this 
one right here i didn't even finish doing this but   this is actually a video and these are gift ideas 
for christmas of 2020.

You can do very simple pins   like this obviously you want to do this better 
look for a really good tutorial but you just come   over here to the side where it says videos and 
they have they actually have videos that you can   use you can do a search right here i was searching 
for christmas so i did find that now you do want   to make sure if you don't have the pro account 
which is the paid account you stay away from   these with the little crown right here you want 
to search for the ones that say free on it okay   so make sure that you are leveraging those video 
pins for your account and you can come over here   and get some ideas for design so you can do this 
all year round once you start getting the hang   of it you can actually use a tool like this like 
tailwind this is the tailwind app you can schedule   your pins for the day or for the week whatever it 
is that you want and this tool actually works and   is approved with pinterest so this is another way 
that you can automatize this system in the future   once this becomes something that is earning you 
money you can go ahead and invest back into your   business go ahead and hire someone you can go to 
fiverr.com or upwork.com you can actually hire a   virtual assistant to create the pins for you right 
here on canva they can also schedule them out for   you whatever it is that you want to do if you want 
to schedule them out yourself that's totally fine   if you do want to be hands off when it comes to 
creating your pins you can hire someone for that   as well or you can easily create them yourself 
right here on canva now you can earn money   with this during the holiday season or before the 
holiday season if you can come up with a phrase or   something that's really clever to put on 
merchandise you can still do this outside   of the holiday season but you can take advantage 
of the holidays to generate even more money for   yourself and start putting your stuff out there a 
month or two before that holiday that way you can   start ranking on those search engines of pinterest 
and etsy and google really a potential to make a   lot of money if you are consistent with this all 
right so the next way is with affiliate marketing   you can create promotional pins if you have 
any certain product that you want to promote to   receive an affiliate commission now pinterest does 
allow direct linking to some products but a lot of   links get blocked so i don't recommend direct 
linking to an affiliate product you can however   have a landing page to use with a domain or a sub 
domain attached to it in another heads up if you   are using the same link over and over again they 
will stop sending organic traffic to those pins   so you don't want to be doing that you don't want 
to put the same link on every pin that you create   okay there are even tips right here on pinterest 
on how you can do affiliate marketing without a   blog so you can also look at some of these tips 
because they are very good so you can also look   at some of this information right here and get 
some ideas as to what you want to do for example   if you're promoting let's say a weight loss 
product or a fitness product of some sort you can   create a landing page that will take them to that 
product you won't be direct linking over to them   so for example you want to create a landing 
page the funnel builder that i use is inside   of builderall and they do have templates on here 
there's going to be a builderall link down below   that is going to be the funnel club link if you 
want more information on what the funnel club is   you do have access to 400 plus funnels of 
all sorts already on here or you can create a   landing page from scratch it's not very difficult 
let's take a look at this one let's say you are   promoting a photography course or something like 
that then you can use something like this and you   can tweak it however you like add a sub domain 
customize it you can even change this picture you   can change everything if you want but there are 
templates that you can use already on here as well   you don't have to use builder all but i do have 
information for it down below if you want to know   more about it but you can use any funnel builder i 
do recommend builder all because you get unlimited   sub domains and you'll have different links for 
your pinterest pins and you don't want to just   promote you want to make sure you're providing 
value check out some of the pins that are on   here just check out your niche and see what other 
people are doing what pins are doing the best and   you can model after that don't copy them just 
model after that and see what's working you   also want to create some helpful content so 
tips and tricks infographics and things like   that work very well on pinterest so the next 
way is to create pins for other people or you   can create customizable templates as well now if 
you're a very creative person and you can design   pins and you don't want to grow an account 
yourself you can create pins for other people   so here's an example of someone doing this on 
a site called creativemarket.com so if you're   good with this stuff you can also do this and 
this basically becomes a passive income because   it's a digital product you just put it up on this 
marketplace and the customer has immediate access   so you don't have to fulfill orders or anything 
like that and some people are just looking for   templates they don't want to create the actual 
pins or any of this stuff now if you're just   beginning i would recommend you just find people 
that you can do this for if you're interested in   doing this then learn how to do it and find people 
who would actually use this or use these templates   yourself then you can go ahead and find people 
that actually need this and you can build up   a portfolio then put it up here because it does 
take a little bit of effort to actually get on   creative market and sell your own digital products 
but you can do this from anywhere in the world   as well so if you're really creative and you can 
create any of these on canva this person creates   his on canva and adobe illustrator now this is 
a little bit harder to get accepted you do need   to have a portfolio so sell on other freelance 
platforms first or look for bloggers that you   can help to build your portfolio before you 
apply here but this is another option for you   all right now the next one is a pinterest account 
manager now there are a lot of individuals that   know the power of pinterest but they actually 
have actual businesses they don't have time to   pin on pinterest or manage their own pinterest 
account they actually do look for individuals that   can do that you can come over to facebook group 
there are a lot of pinterest facebook groups where   you can find bloggers you can find pinterest 
people that would need someone to manage their   pinterest account a lot of people don't have time 
to actually manage their own accounts and this is   where you can come in you would be responsible for 
creating and scheduling pins doing some pinterest   seo and overall making sure that they are active 
on pinterest and for example there's a community   here for pinterest virtual assistants so these 
are people that help each other out basically   you can join a group such as this one to get 
some tips and tricks on how to become a virtual   assistant for pinterest or a manager and things 
like that there's a lot of helpful information   already on here so that's another way that you 
can make money on pinterest by managing someone   else's account if you found this helpful then 
go ahead leave a comment down below let me know   also check out the next video because i'm 
talking about how much money youtube paid   me in 2020 alright my friend thank you so much for 
watching and i'm gonna see you in the next one bye

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