($30,000+ a Month) How To Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face – Full Tutorial!

on this video I will show today you how to make money on youtube without ever showing your face and earn thousands of dollars each single day or tens of thousands of dollars each a few months just by telling others people's stories, I'm going to show you where you can find these stories absolutely free then i go show your channels what is absolute inflate in this niche and exactly what to do to start over I go give you a complete step-by-step through all the resources you need so you can start right after that watch this video so if you want make money on youtube without ever showing your face, make sure you do not continue because I will walk you through everything step by step we get into it hello everyone it's alan again from here the smart money tactics channel where i post trusted content every day to help you make money online if you has not signed in yet, go down bottom guys press the subscribe button turn on all notifications and I will make sure you are notified every time I post a trademark new video now make sure you stay the end of this video because I will be to let you know what to do to import the following PayPal gift and I give you clear instructions exactly what you need to do to import with that said, let's go straight in this video, so today I want guys show you a niche that absolutely inflates it's called the story niche on YouTube but i want to show you how you can create one of these channels it's a lot very simple without ever showing your face and not even create any of the actual video content itself and make these channels thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars every month and I want show you one specific niche it's absolutely blowing up and i will give you all the resources you need where to start absolutely free, so if you come here there is a variety of guys story type channels to get you started to make money on youtube guys and there is one here is this channel here called true stories okay this channel here guys go out on google find different types of real stories then come back and just talk basically about these different types of stories okay this is not the nation i'm going to do tell you to get started but these are different channels extremely profitable and this channel is make anything up to 20 000 every month again type of channel you guys can start with is a story channel, but it is a animated story channel type Cisco goes out and finds otherwise stories funny stories scary stories everything different types of stories but then he uses an animation type software around these different types to create channels there are many software that you can use guys there it's also free for your source to get started as an animator and you can come here and create it's going to take a while more work but this channel gets a lot views I mean when you look at this 947,000 views 1.8 million views 1.4 492 000 1.5 million I mean this channel smash it and make ten thousands of dollars every month okay a different channel guys is this one here called big big story okay this is a podcast type channel and these guys also get a many views we are talking millions and hundreds thousands of views on their channel and they also get you know different kinds of stories google and so on, but the niche I want to show you today with which you can earn money youtube guys without ever showing you face is the scary kind of storytelling can a specific channel deby I want to show you that you can you know well imitate is this one mentioned here mr nightmare okay this channel here is absolute inflate and especially this niche when it comes to telling these stories now i'm going to show you exactly who i am will give you a complete throughput of what this channel does well to make money on YouTube and how they did it set it up, but before I do it I have some number one requests guys make you so crush button in appreciation if you is enjoying this video and two, I want you to go down and comment I like to make money youtube and the person commenting that i choose that person on my next video and I announce the winner of the 25 PayPal gift and we'll be it increase giving away over the next few days until we are at 100 and I will run it's okay for about a week guys so go at the bottom crush that like button and comment i like to make money on youtube and I choose the winner on my next video like the guys are i create these channels guys i go to walk you through and show exactly number one the first thing they must do guys should they find these stories somewhere when we come here and we watch this channel before i show you where to get it stories if you come here and look at this channel guys who make this channel anything from five thousand up to eighty thousand dollars every single month now as you unroll here you can see that they make anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars every month and when you browse below and look at how many millions of views do they get every month this channel is get about 15 million views, so what does it actually mean a dollar value okay, so if you overcome here and you do 15 million 309 thousand views okay and you share it with a thousand because YouTube pays us per a thousand views, that's fifteen thousand three hundred and ninety-eight if you do it on a two dollars cpm, depending on the content that they fix that's 30,000 a month channel generates a lot money okay guys and i'm going to show you how does this person do it true they get the content the way it is to put it all together so the first thing you need to do is guys is on google and you have to type something like scary stories for free because you need a story to tell and as you can see when you overcome here are all these different types of stories you can get, there is a one thousand thirty stories here here are 20 scary stories 30 shorts short horror stories here okay now i'm going to show you as soon as you get it these stories where you are going to come the free images of then i'll show you where you're going get the free music you can put on these videos and I will show you how to get the voice possible for this the video is put together and get it on youtube guys then I show you a bonus strategy as you want to start your channel you can grow it, i can show it to you at the end of this video let's say you guys came here guys and you wanted to use these 20 scary stories for Halloween okay you would simply click on these guys and this is where you're going to come your different ideas now you can change the ideas a bit guys if you create this different types of videos etc but basically guys if you get over and you click on this all these things you know different kinds ideas I mean look at this there are already 10 to 20 video ideas what you have here to start making money on YouTube so as soon as you come here and you will find this different Halloween scary stories good the next thing you need to do is you should come to a website, for example like pixels.com okay once you'm over in pixels these are royalty free images and videos what you can use absolutely free now some of these videos and images you will need to know that you are paying credit on and they will tell you going on here whether you need it or not but most of them you do not actually have must and what it means just put a description at the bottom of the video that says where you got it videos or pictures of so you can come here you type Halloween guys in and when you look at the pictures there are 4 780 different photos that you can use to upload to create this video as you are make your voice heard it's all about halloween if you roll down here, I mean take a look at all the different images that you can get then if you come here guys if you type when you click on videos there are all these different videos what you can use and lots of it videos are extremely scary guys like I click here on this video and if i play this video you can see that you know it is you know extremely narrow type of videos and images what people can see and you can use this on your videos absolutely free and many of them do not even need attribution required, so this is one site with which you can get it different images and videos guys another site you can be used this one mentioned here story blocks even now once you channel starts doing growing story blocks have a paid subscription, but if you are left here is everything you need to do type halloween guys in and when you come over, look at all the videos you can use and what they have also images to help you create these different types of videos another site you can use guys who also pay and have free is Pixabay.com okay guys now this you can of course come here and you can get lots of these different types images to help you compile this video I'll show edits again software what you can get that is absolutely for is now free from there guys what you have to do is come over to Google and simply type in something like royalty free music okay now once you type royalty free music you want to browse off and you want to find a website where you can get a lot of this stuff that is absolutely for a friend you go find lots of it guys and lots this stuff is free and you know a lot about it fantastic you know different types of music that you can use and sound effects etc and one especially one I have used a lot times this one is mentioned here incompetech.com relatively free music guys, if you click on it, it's will transfer you to this site here okay and all you are what you need to do is to come over, you can click on free items you can come across and for example, click on raw to free music once you have gone and on mourning clicked to make guys free is all you have to do scroll down here and just type in something like horror as an example okay once you do that you will find it all these different sound effects well now there are different types of sound effects you can look for but let's say you want to click on it this one here, guys and you can actually listen to this I'm just going to increase the volume so you can hear this okay and you can use it on your videos so this is just an example of one of these tracks that you guys can use and all you have to do I'm going to stop that there all you have to do is come here guys and download it as an mp3 and then you can upload it to your vvideo now many of you are going to say ellen how can i do a voice-over well, simple guys one of the best ways to do this is to do it yourself with your phone or case because youtube wants to use us human voice there are other ways you can use human voices now when you first start your channel if you want you can use a website like this a natural called here readers.com okay to start getting views and start getting traction when you do not want to use your own voice to test it to see how it goes and back from there if you do not want to use your voice guys you can get to fiverr and with fiverr you can find people who will make voice statements for you and you can find people who will do it as little as you know thirteen dollars twenty dollars etc but I would recommend that you do it yourself guys come out of it your comfort zone good because it's going to be a lot cheaper for you as soon as your channel starts making five to ten thousand dollars then you can outsource it in full and get someone else to do it for you even the video creation guys and you can do it completely automatically channel guys so until then until you have the money for guys to do it themselves but then from there if you want to come here and looking for someone to do for you you can absolutely guys you can come over to fiverr where you can even go upwork.com from there guys when it comes to you know how to create and upload these videos all this together what you want to do is find a website like openshot.org okay where you can go here and use this software to create these videos and it is absolutely free, this is a video editing software you can use openshot.org well, or you can both use a site like obs studio websites absolutely free, okay, we get you out of trouble when you first start and you can very simply very create these different videos okay from there guys you want to do you want to come and you want download this software here called vidiq.com I have a link in my description i always do it with this type of software because it helps you to organize your videos so if you come to one of these one videos guys if we click on this video here as an example it is basically going to bring you here and it is what vid iq do it shows the labels that these videos contain use with which you can of course arrange your ranking videos tell youtube where to print these videos in front of which audience so basically what you want to do is you want to see what these others use videos as the title they put in them description here, guys, so if they have did you get to know others you know different social media that they also link to make money there and then guys you want look at what labels they use (okay) and you want to repeat some of these successful channels with their labels with their titles and their description so YouTube knows it's similar content and print it a similar audience okay guys so much very important that you download vidiq to help you make money on youtube by pressing your content to the right audience Ultimately will help you get your 1 000 subscribers much faster and your 4000 hours of watching guys very important now from there guys you need to know where you might have a going to get a lot of these different types thumbnails these are very easy guys you can simply if you have a looked at these different types thumbnails they use it's basically one photo with a bit text coverage lots of these pictures like I told you can go back to sites like pixels above here and grab all these things different images by just going to images okay guys or photos here and what you can do then is simple come to a site like canva.com where you can create all these different thumbnails absolutely free, everyone you use it is necessary to come here to where it says, create a design role at the bottom click to resize and basically dis 1920 okay by 1080 okay guys this is the default YouTube thumbnail size so you can create one of these different types thumbnails then all you do is you come here guys, you download it different photos you can download it here on canva and make your thumbnail and you have everything different types of text here you can use to create a wonderful thumbnail which will enable you to naturally post it on your youtube channel get a very good click-through rate your YouTube videos that finally is going to lead to more views which will eventually lead to you make more money on youtube guys now all these guys take a little work takes some time and you must get traction that's why I'm a created youtube course where I help people make money YouTube this is exactly what I do and how can i do it right, if you will do something similar to what I do and how I built my channel if you come here and click on it link in his description here guys it's going to take you to a page what it looks like when you enter in your email and your name will take you to another page where I have a video there with another youtuber shows you exactly what we do and how we make money youtube now if you decide to join our program okay guys basically what it's going to do is going to take it go to a page that looks like this where we'll show you everything what to do to be successful and how to make money on youtube of the equipment you need to choose niche choices to set you up know guys who create content how to upload videos how to read youtube studio and analytics how to make money on youtube how to get you you know the first 1000 subscribers you watch time how to get your channel earn money everything we are going to guide you through everything step by step plus you can join our Facebook group where we will of course be accessible and available to answer any questions you may have should help you make money on YouTube, so if you're interested guys click on the link in me description or ask me any questions and I will more than be happy to answer someone's questions because all i want to do is help you make money on youtube so this was my video for today guys and how to make money on youtube without show your face when you enjoyed video do not forget to smash like that rating button and go below and comment like to make money on youtube guys as you want to go to the next draw to win the 25 PayPal gift that I will announce on the next video, so make sure you go lower on the bottom comment crush like buttons, but do not go everywhere as always I have another great videos appear here guys other ways you can make money online guys thank you very much for watch another of my videos I come from smart money tactics to tomorrow take care yourselves and goodbye

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