3 Instagram Marketing Tips: How To Earn Money With Instagram In 2018

hey my friend Ben Martin here aka the
king of email and welcome to my channel profits in paradise in this video I'm
gonna give you three Instagram marketing tips which is going to have your account
growing and cranking out commissions for you no matter what you sell or what
niche you're in so let's go inside let's get to the computer I'm going to share
my screen and I'm gonna give you those tips right now I'll see you there okay
so instagram marketing tip number one when it comes to crushing it on Instagram is you're going
to need to pick a niche and find a product to promote now this is actually
free to do you can find products to promote for free and you can come over
to a site called clickbank.com set up for free accounts
and then you can find products here now if you don't know what Clickbank Carmen
is it is basically a site where people who create products are looking for
affiliates just like you and I to sell those products so when you come into
clickbank.com once you've created your free account and you've logged in you're
gonna go to the marketplace and click on marketplace and then over on the left
you have all the different categories that you could choose from and inside of
each of these categories there are also subcategories so for example if I click
on health and fitness then we've got all these different subcategories here too
and you can also type in keywords here and find products this way and hit
Search so let's say for example I just put in weight weight loss weight loss
and it's now search my keywords and pulled up a bunch of different things
and then what I want to do is I want to do something important I want to click
here and want to click on gravity now what this does is gravity score which
you see underneath each product here is basically this number of one hundred
ninety seven point seven nine simply means that in the past thirty days there
have been a hundred and ninety seven different affiliates who have made at
least one or more sales of this product here so that's an important stat because
the more affiliates who have made sales of the product typically the more chance
you've got of making sales because it's a popular product and a lot of people
want to buy it now a couple of other things you should know about picking an
offer to promote is I typically don't want to promote any product that pays me
any less than twenty bucks per sale and here it will tell you what your
average sale is so this one pays twenty eight dollars eighty nine next thing you
want to do is you want to check has it got blue arrows here because if it has
that means you're gonna make a recurring Commission each month of every person
who purchases this products which is awesome because it means you make the
sale one time you get paid over and over and over again next thing you want to
check is this arrow here is there a pitch plus arrow because again if there
is that means there are upsells for sale within the funnel and you are going to
get paid on the Bop sales too which is awesome so chances are that you'll make
more than twenty eight dollars eighty nine per customer because you're they're
gonna get sold different things within the sales funnel so when you've looked
at all those stats the next thing you want to do is you want to probably right
click on this link here and you want to open the link in a new tab and you want
to do the same with this link here we're just gonna switch these around the
fact we're not we're gonna do this now okay so I'm just gonna pause this video
but basically this is the sales page for the offer
you are gonna promote you know you go that well you might not promote this one
but this is how you go to the sales page and what you're looking for in the sales
page you want to read the headline you want to listen to the video and you want
to ask yourself is this appealing to me because if it's appealing to me then
chances are it's going to appeal to the traffic that I send to it now we'll talk
about traffic in a minute we're good luck that's kind of like tip number two
to a degree so that's the first thing anyway you go to the sales page and you
see if it resonates with you so we're gonna close hi gonna close that after
that we're now on the affiliate page when you come to the affiliate page
basically they will let you sign up and they will give you all different tools
and and banners and emails and everything you basically need to promote
this successfully on Instagram or however where you're choosing to promote
it which in this case it is Instagram so let's go to tip number two then tip
number two if you want to make money on Instagram is once you've found a product
so if I just go back to my other window quickly
this product was it's the weight loss category the red tea detox was the
product I was looking at so once you found a product what you want to do is
you want to come over to Instagram and you want to find the big accounts in the
niche that you're in so obviously weight loss has many sub niches like you know
losing belly fat so I recommend that you niche
down and you choose an sub-niche within your niche so if its weight loss you
choose belly fat or you choose a particular product so I'm just gonna
type in red tea red tea detox and see okay the red tea detox let's see there
you go so here's a page red tea detox and basically let's say you decided you
wanted to promote that red tea detox products to you would come to a page
like this and you would take a look what's the kind of engagement they're
getting they're actually they're actually not getting masses of
engagement on this page but basically what you would do is you would keep
searching if we go back which you typed in red tea type it in again red team
detox you would search or maybe if we just put red tea we and we click on this basically want to find the top row so so
let's let's click on one of these maybe okay let's go for this one and basically
what you would do is you would like try and look at the people who were like in
these posts because these are people who are interested in red tea and you would
choose to follow these people and maybe you know you would follow like maybe
1010 an hour from your account your own red tea account obviously you set up
your own red tea account and then these people who are interested in red see
some of these are going to come and follow your butt right so this is how
you get traffic to your red tea offer and if I just click on this a second
obviously in the bio you could have a link to your red tea offer you put your
you put your affiliate link on a domain and then you put that domain name there
and then traffic that comes to your page is gonna click on that
and they're gonna see your offer oh by the way if you were promoting a
Clickbank products this product here and you decided you wanted to promote it you
just click on promotes and then you would type in Instagram because this is
gonna give you it it's gonna show you basically the traffic and sales you're
getting is coming from Instagram and this top link here is the link you'd
copy and put on your own domain name so you go to GoDaddy or something like that
like Namecheap you buy a domain and you put this link on your domain so tip
number one we talked about picking a product tip number two we talked about
going over to Instagram finding the accounts in your niche and following the
followers of the accounts in your niche to get traffic back to your own profile
tip number three right because you're probably thinking at this stage well Ben
this sounds good I get it but it kind of sounds like work and it kind of sounds
time-consuming so is there a way to speed this up well yes there is because
then I want to come to tip number three which is you automate the freaking
process for you right and on that note I want to tell you about something I found
the other day called insta crushing two because right now right there are
thousands of affiliates just like me and you who are making a hundred to a
thousand dollars per day on Instagram but they're not doing it like the long
hard difficult way they're running software's and growing their account on
autopilot and this this program here this product shows you how to do that
for seven freaking books so for less than a couple of cups of Starbucks
you can actually find out how to grow an Instagram accounts and make a hundred to
a thousand dollars per day in popular niches on autopilot now this software's
or the software's behind this have even been able to take people from zero
brand-new accounts to 10k followers and in like like basically a month or two
real real real simple so what is inside of insta crusher then while inside
events the crusher you're going to get four software's rights and these for
software step one it's the crusher software is going to allow you to find
niches full of six-figure accounts so you're gonna be able to find hot niches
with lots of six-figure accounts and lots of buyers and then you're going to
be able to set up a an account an Instagram account in a hot niche the
software will find those niches for you step two is creating content right
content is key images and knowing what to post on Instagram is key but it's
time-consuming right so what you're gonna do is with the software is you're
going to enter your niche and the keywords that the soft would the
previous software found inside of this product and software number two is going
to generate you a template and basically provide you with posts that are proven
to convert to already so you don't have to you don't even have to create your
own content because software number two and software number three are going to
take care of that now software number four you're going to basically get a
piece of video software that cranks out and creates videos for whatever niche
you choose to be a nun Instagram that look top-of-the-range really
professional videos are super popular on Instagram right now and this software is
gonna do all the hard work for you and basically
there's a couple more steps but you get the point right this product takes all
of the hard work and all of the guesswork out for you find you an it and
then creates you the content and and basically grows your account on
autopilot rather than you having to do it manually now there is a 30-day
money-back guarantee on this too so if you decide that in 30 days this doesn't
do exactly what it says it will for a measly 7 books you can always get in
contact with their support once you're on the inside and get your money back so
with that being said my friend check out this product in my description box below
it will be the first link in my description box the zero risk there's
nothing to lose and everything to gain for checking this out so go ahead and do
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