$25 vs. $300 Monitor Arm – What Stands Do I Recommend?

modern arms are one of my must-have accessories for the Home Office whether you want to spend twenty five dollars for a basic one or $300 for a premium high-end model I find it's a great investment to my computer setup to help save space on the desk can help with ergonomic Stu set the monitor at the right height and angle for my comfort and just add some style and aesthetics to the overall desk set up hi I'm David and these are my favorite go-to Monat arms for configuring my desk setup [Music] starting with a $25 option this is the cheapest of the bunch but I think for most people this is pretty much all you're going to need at this price ban you can honestly go with any reputable brand arm here but I'm just most familiar with the vivo brand and is one of the more popular ones on Amazon a simple clamp structure to your table set the arm bracket to the height you need and lock it in place and then mount it to the vessel holes on your display and you're good to go at this price point you're not going to get a spring adjustable arm for dynamic height adjustment and full range of motion but in my experience I think for most people will tend to just set it up once and never touch it again anyways these arms usually support up to 22 pounds of weight which is enough to hold something as big as my 34 inch ultra wide without any issue next up if you really want more freedom of motion with your display or need something with a little more weight capacity for a larger screen the Amazon basic monitor arm is a solid choice it's a pretty big jump in price at around $100 but I feel it's worth the investment over cheaper spring arms I tend to have lower weight capacities in the previous $25 option or other known issues with reliability with this arm you can raise lower swivel and tilt your monitor as you need with ease has built in space for cable management and with support for up to 25 pounds it's again good enough for most 34 inch ultra wide and I've even pushed it to its limits with my heavier 49 inch display but let's take a moment to talk about those weight limits and that common question I get will this monitor arms support my display and it's not always going to be clear-cut for example someone who else their monitor in the middle and rarely moves it puts a lot less stress on the arm than someone who wants to fully extend it out all the time and constantly move it around some monitors offset their ves amounts or aren't well balanced so it can put a lot more stress on the tilt mechanism making it droop down over time and your desk is also an important factor to wear solid woodwinds are highly recommended but sometimes you can get away with particle board and even hollow ones from Ikea if you reinforce them a little or stick with simple display setups so it can be a little trial error but finding someone with a similar setup will usually start you down the right path for my setup lately with the 49 inch monitor well I've never really had any concerns with reliability using the Amazon basic arm you can definitely tell it's working hard and does twist on the desk since I leave it fully extended out all the time which brings me to the last and most expensive suggestion at about $300 this is the Ergotron HX modern arm and when you see it in person you can immediately tell it's built like a tank for heavier displays starting with the display clamp it's much bigger and also has a flat rubber pad to better distribute the weight over a larger surface and on the underside you have two screws instead of one that really helps minimize the play as you move the arm around on the desk the arms are much thicker they joints lock together nicely everything from build to movement it feels very premium as you expect with such an expensive arm one neat feature is the optional rotation stop that you can use to prevent the bottom arm from rotating back and hitting your wall other than that you aren't getting anything new with movements as it's similar to the Amazon basic arm but doesn't go down quite as low the cable management is slightly upgraded here with built-in straps but it's not a huge upgrade the real reason you consider this is the weight capacity be aware lighter monitors may not work with us for example my Dell 34 inch just works at the lowest setting so I wouldn't go any lighter but for my 49 inch or anything bigger or heavier in the future there's a world of difference in how solid and well-built ore gachaaan HX is designed for that and with ten years warranty this will probably be the last modern term I ever need to buy but as I mentioned for most people I probably just stick to the $25 one to get most of the benefits of having an arm or consider the Amazon basic one if you want a bit more flexibility but if you want the best of the best for your super ultra wide display the Ergotron HX is hard to be as long as you have the cash but hope you guys enjoy this one you know what to do and I'll see you in the next video 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