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Imagine planting little
money trees online. Now that is exactly what I'm going
to be showing you in. Today's video, how to start and build your
little sales tree machines online, and the best part it's about it are
you don't need any cash to get started. There's no experience needed.
There's absolutely no selling. You can do this from literally anywhere
in the world and it could be done within a matter of minutes. Well, dang, it
doesn't get much lazier than that. Now, today we'll be leveraging Amazon for free. One of the number one largest
search engines in the world, and we'll leverage it so that we
can sell low content books. Now, this is a passive income business model, where if you're just
getting your feet wet, maybe you could expect a recurring
monthly income like this, but if you take it seriously
and plant more money trees, we're talking realistically monthly
recurring income like this, or like this.

So if you're just as pumped
up as I am for this video, go ahead and comment "money
trees" in the comments. And let's go ahead and
get started with step one. So step one in all of this
is understanding low content. What are low content books?
What does that even mean? Well, we all know about regular content, so that could be video that could be
consuming audio books that could be consuming printed books, all of the posts and images
that we see on social media, really any entertainment or information
that's consumable is considered content. Now local content means really there's
hardly information in that piece of content. And now let me ask you something. Have you ever written down in
a to-do list, maybe a planner, maybe an agenda or even colored
in a coloring book? Yes, of course you have.

We all have. And that
is exactly what low content books are. They have no chapters, there's absolutely
no writing. They could be notebooks, diaries, planners, log books,
coloring books, activity, books, anything along those lines. And you
got yourself, a low content book. And so you're thinking, okay,
that sounds simple enough, creating low content books,
selling them on Amazon, but how the heck would I even get started? And that's a great question because
today's video is sponsored by book bolt bookbook is the number one tool
for low content book creation.

It's a tool that'll allow you to create
these books within minutes so that you can publish these books on Amazon KDP
within no time BookBub allows you to create a cover and it allows
you to create an interior. The only two things that you need
to create a low content book. It has hundreds of different types of
templates for the interior and the cover creator is extremely
easy and user-friendly, and there's so many tools within
book vault. Like for example, you can look up the hottest keywords to
optimize your book so that it can rank on Amazon on the first page
and it can generate more sales. And it has a cloud feature as well,
which helps you do reverse engineering. So that from the beginning you can start
to make sales on Amazon right away. So today I'm going to walk
you through step by step, how to create a low content
book we'll be creating. It's kind of like an in
between a and a log book, and we're going to leverage
the book bowl tool to use it.

And the best part about all of this
is once your book is on Amazon, there's absolutely no
fulfillment on your part. You don't have to have any inventory.
You don't have to deal with shipment. You don't have to deal with
customer service, which is amazing. So book vault does all the heavy lifting
for you and Amazon takes care of the rest takes care of the traffic.

There's millions and millions of
people every single day on Amazon. So with that being said, let's go ahead, hop behind my computer and let's get
started. So step number two is the cloud. But obviously before we get to the
cloud, we have to log into book. Well, and if you use the link in
the description, you can
get a three free day trial. And not only that, there's a
discount code. If you know, later on you decide to
buy one of the paid plans. So really what's going to happen is
you'll come to the sign-in page right here the login page. So you will create your
credentials. And then when you log in, it's going to look like this.

So what we want to do first is come over
here to the cloud cause we're on step two. Okay. And what we're
going to do is just research. We're going to look at what people
are shopping with right now. What are the most popular products? What products are getting the most sales
because remember people shop with their eyes. Some of the most basic books that are
attention grabbing are the ones that are the winners. So you can just come here.
We can pick the category, notebook, journal calendar for the time
being I'm going to click notebook. And this value right here is
called best sellers rank. Okay. We'll talk about this number in a
second, but this is the price range.

You don't have to really
adjust any of that right now. So basically what we're going to do
is just look through what are the top sellers. And you'll see going
through some of these it's just, these books are basic. Look at this. It's a cheetah print or is that yeah,
cheetah print. It says notebook. And it has nothing in it. Remember
these are low content books. There's lined paper, there's
college rolled paper. There's grids, simple things in these books.
Look at this black notebook. It just says notebook. And if
we look at the stats down here, it's incredible because it's
getting estimated monthly sales of 474 sales times $6. Now just think about that for a second. Just this one black notebook
with no creativity whatsoever. With blank note sheets on the
inside is making, let's see 400.

Let's do the math right here.
So 474 times, let's just say $6. That's $2,800 for one book. Now of course you have to subtract
the printing costs from Amazon, which is approximately $2, $2 and 10
cents. I believe don't quote me on that. So obviously let's say the profit is $4. Let's go $4 times 474 sales. We're talking 1800, almost $1,900
a month. Just from one book. I remember the name of the
game is growing these money, trees planting these money trees. You can post an unlimited
amount of these books on Amazon. There's absolutely no limit. So you
plant these many trees, you nurture them, you love them and then you grow them.
Okay. So let's go back to this page, but yeah, we're just going to
take a look at what's winning.

Look at his engineering notebook. I used
to be an engineer. This is pretty cool. Composition, notebook, graph,
paper comp composition. You know, it's just, there's just
tons of the same thing over and over. Some of these are eye catchy,
really some aren't, but yeah, a lot of these you can see when you
come down here to look at the average monthly sales, again, the
BSR number, the lower, the value is with this. The better, because if if a book or yeah, if a low content book has a
lower amount of monthly sales, then this number is going to be higher.
So this is just to get a gauge of, of what's going on.

But again, this is all really cool
because you can get a feel of. Oh. I can't remember. Now that's catchy. It's
simple, but it's catchy, right? So this must be for people that can't
remember their passwords, can't remember, you know, their, to do
lists, stuff like that. These are tools that people are using
every single day in their lives to note things and you know, whatever they
need to keep track of. All right. So now the third step in all
of this is to pick a niche. And this shouldn't be too complicated. It should be something more likely
that interests you. So for example, I'm all about online marketing. You know,
I love YouTube. That's what I teach, but also I love fitness.
I love working out.

I love traveling. And so I could pick really any niche
because when you create your Amazon KDP account, you can create different
authors within your Amazon KDP account. And you can have all kinds of
niches within that same Amazon KDP. So the more niches you have, it doesn't really affect the sales
that you're going to make.

So that's, what's cool. So if we're
back in here in the cloud, if I want to look up weight
loss or something like that, to have like a weight
loss notebook or journal, I'm going to look that up and see
what the most popular things are. And what's out there right
now for this. So, okay. Not, not that much came up for notebook. Let's maybe look at journal and see
what is out there for the keywords, weight loss. Okay. hello, new me. Okay. Okay. Body I've seen body.

I've seen these two
before. This is catchy F me. I'm going to do this diet and
exercise, body, body, joy, food, and fitness journal. Okay, cool. So
I know this is what I want to do. Weekly body measurements.
We can keep looking. So let's say I wanted
to just put in fitness. Is that a bug on my
face? A fitness journal. Okay. So then we see some of the
same journals like this one here. So F me, I'm going to do this
diet and exercise. Sorry. I said the S word, but the price is about $8
average BSR for the past 30 days. This is a little bit lower
average moving our I'm sorry. Estimated monthly sales,
$374 74 sales for that book. So yeah, this is really cool. There's
a bunch of different options here. I like this niche. I'm going to go for it. I think there's another one I found
earlier when I was doing research.

I think it was workout. So
workout, journal, workout planner. I think it was a let's see planner or maybe, oh, I guess not.
Oh, this is kind of cool. So fitness workout log book. So this is the niche that
I'm going to go with. This is the one thing you have to
choose is what's going to be your target audience. And from there, that's going
to be important with getting keywords, which I'll show you
later on in this video. So we're going to go ahead and go
with weight loss. Okay. So step four. And all of this is creating the
cover. Now with a low content book, there's only two things
that you need to build. That's a cover and that is the
interior that is literally it. You don't need anything else. So if you come to book bolt and come
to the upper left-hand side and come to create, you can see
the book PALT designer.

So this is where you could come and we
can start to create the cover right here. You want to select cover. All
right, trim size. Typically, according to the owner of
book bolt, who's a really, really pro he's the pro at selling
low content books on Amazon. He says that six by nine are the ones
that sell the most of the winning books, white paper interiors,
good page count 24 submit. So this is just to create the cover,
right? So when we do the interior, it'll be a little bit different.
So when we land on this page, we're going to see here that
we have two blank slots.

The right hand side is the
front cover of the book. The left-hand side is the back
cover. So front and back here, we could do different things like
add text. We could add images. I'm going to show you guys how
I made this image in a second. We could add different shapes, whatever
we want to do, we can draw things, which is pretty cool. Here is where you could manage all the
different layers of what you have on the book. Here's some different effects.
So this is really, really neat. So if you get any copyright free image, you can literally upload
anything you want here.

What I did to take it a step
further because I want to target women in fitness who are
exercising and trying to lose weight. I just went to canva.com.
It's actually a free tool. Everything I did on canvas was free. So I created this front
cover and this back cover, it took me like three minutes and
I'll show you how I just came here to templates. And I typed in fitness. And then all of these different fitness
templates came up and this is a free, this is not a part of the pro. And so all I really did was I
selected a template and I modified it. So you can do this, modify it.
It's really, really easy to do.

And then if you want to
duplicate the page and let's say, this is going to be your front
cover, you know, work out, and then you can duplicate this
and this could be your back cover. Maybe you take off the title and you just
have something even more simple on the back. But yeah, so I targeted
a boss, babe. So, you know, maybe the millennial type women
who use the term boss babe, I kind of can't stand the term boss
babe, but that's beside the point boss, babe fit get it girl lifting,
training and fitness notebook.

Okay. So these are copyright free
images that I replaced. And then the back of my book is going
to be this, just a picture of a boss, babe. And it says, boss,
babe fit. That is it. So I just went up here and I clicked
download and then I downloaded it. So once I did that, I went back to book bolt
and I uploaded these images. So this one is going to go on
the back cover so you can drag and drop here on the back cover, make it a little bit bigger.
Okay. So here is the spine. So this pink part, basically the
bleed, the margin of everything. That is how everything fits. So let me
upload the other image really quick. Okay. So you upload image
and I could just easily right here. Okay. So that looks good
to me. So then we're going to come do, here is click download
and it's going to prepare your design is ready download. So now we're here and this is
our amazing cover that just took minutes to make.

And that's it. What you're going to come here is come
to download and then we'll download it and save it to our computer. So boss, babe cover. And we're we'll need that later
when we uploaded to Amazon KDP. So that's done cover
done. So the next step, I believe step five is we're going to
install Katie piece by which is a free Chrome extension within
the book bolt tools. This is really great because there's so
many different features including this one within the book bolt low
content book creator itself. So we come to our book, bolts
account, come here to KDP spy, and we're going to click on it and
install it in a page will pop up where it says you know, free Chrome extension

It's really, really easy. And then to log into it, you just really just use your same
credentials as book vault to log in super simple. So the extension
it'll allow us to do a few things. It's just up here on the right hand
side. I know you can't really see it, but it allows us to search different
keywords and see what's going on. So if we type in workout journal, we can get a feel of what
is going on so we can start. And what this is going to do is research
all the workout journals that are performing well. And what we can do
is estimate we can see a click stop. We can sort by estimated
sales and check out the here. So down here, there's workout journals, new me fitness journal for men
and women track your fitness.

And we could, I actually like this
one, just the bad-ass getting fit. That's kind of, that was kind of my
motivation for picking a boss, babe. And you can see the
average monthly weight, average number of sales
every single month. Average estimated sales was 900
something like that's insane that amount of sales within 30 days. So I really liked the niche that I picked. This is the average
estimated revenue per month. This is just from one book guys, again, one book or planting these money
trees. Okay. So this is really great. So I like this tool because you can
confirm that the product is profitable. And so I would highly suggest
installing KTP spy to get this information. So if we take a look at this
bad-ass getting fit journal
and take a look inside, I guarantee it's a low content
book and the interior is very, very simple. It has just the same thing,
pretty much every single day, the date, wait, breakfast, lunch, you know,
just, it's basically a log and tracker, you know, for women who are constantly
working out, trying to get fit, lose weight and all that stuff.

So this verifies that the
interior is really good. Now we're going to move on to part two
of generating the interior. All right. So now we are on step six, which
is all about creating the interior. Remember the step or the first
part of it, we made the cover. So check covers done. There's
only two components of this book. We are diving into the interior right
now on the left-hand top left-hand side.

I'm in create. And I click
on book bulk designer, so here to create the interior.
We're going to click on interior. The trim size is going to be
six by nine page count. Good. The best-selling notebooks and planners
and low content books have between a hundred to 120 pages. So let's just put 120 that's and we
want to select bleed cause we want to include the margin. So
basically when we get here, we want to click on interior. Okay. So we're here on interior and you
can see there's so many different templates, hundreds of
templates from weekly planners, roommate agreement daily
planners, fitness calendar. So we're going to be
utilizing this down here. How sitting guide mileage log
there's like a scuba diving log. There's so many different
niches you know, grid, paper, just regular notebook paper with like
just lines, like notes. Look at this. So this is actually really cool. So what I like to do is I
actually like to make combined several different interiors
into one. And with that, we go back to this right
here, the the I'm sorry, the book belt designer in K
and we click on interior probe.

So then when we get to interior pro
it's really cool. Cause it's like, Hey, let me put what I want on the
first page of the interior. And here's the last page so I
can add whatever I want to the first page. So let's say I wanted to add this one here first, and then we
could add pages in the middle. We could add the fitness
log. So we, you know, we could add another one of these. We
can really, whatever one we want to add. So let's see. Maybe we want
to add a fitness calendar. The third one is going to be
a workout log and we could, then we could modify, or if
we want to put more pages, we could put the workout log again. So
let's just say, I don't know, just for, just for demonstration purposes, we wanted
to put a hundred of just the journal, for example.

So then it would, auto-populate a hundred pages in
the middle of the lined paper. So this is really cool.
So you can mix and match. I'm going to get rid of
this and then the last page, I'm going to make it down here. I'm going to put just something so that
for the demonstration purposes we could move on. We'll put a
to-do list just for fun. So we want to select bleed and then
we're going to select our dimensions. Then we'll click download, and then we'll wait for it to download
when we open it, we'll see our interior, like how cool is this? So
interior check is done. Okay. So moving on to step seven, we're
talking about keyword research. Keyword research should
not be intimidating. That's why we're leveraging book bolt
because there's a keyword research tool that makes it super simple
and the process seamless. And so we could either leverage book
bolt, which I'm going to show you, or we could leverage the keywords of
other popular books on Amazon because they have keywords like weight loss and diet
plans as a keyword motivational diet and exercise planner is a
keyword, et cetera, et cetera, but on a book bolt, what we're going to do is we're going
to make sure we're on the research tab.

Then we're going to come
down here to keywords. We go to search and then we type
in different keywords that relate to our niche. So of course, I'm
going to start with weight loss. I've done the keyword research just to
prepare for this video and to explore. But the idea is I would write
in, I would type in weight loss. I would type in fitness planner, exercise, journal anything relating
to what I'm doing. I would type it in and
see what's going on. So here you can see that
the Amazon search volume is this column here. So you can sort
by highest search volume to lowest.

This is the search volume on
Google. This is the competition. And the idea is, is that you want to have both a high
search volume in low competition. That's a little bit hard to achieve just
with any type of whether you're doing it on YouTube, Google, et cetera. So you can look through these
and see what relates to you. So let's say this word right
here, Pilates for weight loss, let's say that was in my niche.
I hearted it, which is cool. Cause then it BookBub has this tool
where you can go and track all of your keywords that you like so that
you don't have to, you know, write them down or whatever. So really
that's how the keyword research works. Very simple. And again, you could note these keywords as well
as we're looking for the best. Okay. So right before we move
on to the last step, make sure if you are liking what you
see, give this video a big, like, let me know in the comments,
if you have any questions, cause I know this is like step-by-step

I'll be happy to answer. Also, you can get started with a three-day
free trial by clicking the link in the description. There's also a 20% off
discount code it's case sensitive. So make sure you have the uppercase
and lowercase altogether there, but let's go ahead and move on to step
eight and step eight is Amazon KDP. So getting your book onto Amazon KDP. So we're here you go to
Amazon KDP, set it up. It's a free account. All you have to
do is sign up putting your information. I think asked for tax information as well, but it's completely free to set up your
profile. And then when you come here, we're going to get started. We want paperback because
remember these are physical books. These are going to be books that
people can, you can write in.

Amazon prints it chips at four, you
remember this is like print on demand. You have no inventory and you can
have as many books as you want online. So here is basically where we're going
to start. This is the first page. So the book is in English,
the book title, honestly, we're going to model
after this one right here.

So weight loss journal for women, that is where our book
title is going to be. We can put even like fitness journal for women. I like that. And then the subtitle
could be something similar to this. So if we copy and paste
this to everything after the colon right here is,
is basically the subtitle. So we can put that there. We can modify
it. So it's, there's no food aspect. So it's just fitness journal for women, motivational diet and exercise planner. So motivational exercise planner, daily workout program for women. And we could put like in the title boss, babe fit. Cause that's the
name of the notebook case. So that's the title and then series.
If your book is a part of a series, so we could ignore this for now
because there are no existing series.

This is a brand new book.
So we can leave this blank. Edition number is op optional,
but not applicable right now. It says you can provide
in addition number, if this title is to a new edition
of an existing book, not really. So we could ignore that author. So this is really cool
because on Amazon KDP, let's say I want to do a bunch of fitness
journals and stuff. We can do that.

And let's say the next niche
I want to do is plants or travel. I could make different author
names. It does not have to be my name. They could be different ones. So for
this one, let's say the author is fit. Let's say it's boss, babe
fitness, right fitness. So no one knows my name is
on this and contributors. We don't have to do this
for now description. We could do a similar description
of what's in here. Boom. Obviously you want to change it a
little bit. Keep track of what you eat, monitor your fast, develop
a new habit achieve. So just this could be keyword rich.

So that's where maybe I'd come back
here and say funny weight loss tracker. Oh funny 100 page. Wait. Okay. The loss tracker. And that's how
I would fill out the description. I'd make it keyword
rich publishing rights. You say I own the copyright for keywords. You would literally just come back
here and copy and paste the keywords into here until they fill up.
So this is what I would do.

My weight loss tracker. You know, you could put fitness
journal and all of the applicable keywords that you found
during your during your keyword research. So the more keywords, the better, especially so we could start
to rank on Amazon first page categories. This is also where
book bolt will come in handy. You can go to KDP categories, you can type in fitness exercise and we can see what category it's in. So non-fiction health
and fitness exercise. So choose categories. You go non-fiction health
and fitness exercise. Okay. So we can save that. And then
this isn't a large print, so we could leave that blank.
Adult call adult content. No. Does this book contain language
situations or images for children under 18? Not really. So saving, continue assign me a free ISBNs.
This is free. You just click. Yes. And it does it and creates an
instance like instantly publishing date. You could make it for a week from now.

You can make it published
right away automatically. So we'll just pick today's
date. This one printing options. It could be like black and white. So we pick the interior as white. So this is just fine to stick with black
and white interior with white paper. That's fine. Six by nine. Yes. Bleed bleed only because remember
in the design we selected bleed. I don't think
glossy is appropriate, but you could pick
between Matt and glossy. And this right here is where we
upload the manuscript or the interior. So if we come to downloads,
we see our interior, then we can upload that.
Okay. And then the book cover. We have that already launch. Oh
no, we don't want that weird. Have the cover. Okay. Don't
do this. Go back. Okay. So we want to go ahead and upload a cover. You already have upload your cover file. So here we are. There's the cover. So then we're going to click on launch
previewer so we can see what the book looks like.

So this is going to take
some time, but then after this is done, you can click save and continue.
Then on the third page, what you're going to do is
select your pricing. Now, this is interesting because keep in mind
that it costs about $2 and 10 cents for Amazon to publish the book, to
ship it and to handle all of that. So let's say, you know, you price
your book between 5 99 and 7 89, which are typically the best prices
for these low content books on Amazon. And so just say, you know, think
about the profit margin that you want. Do you want $4? Do you want $5. $6? So let's say we. Price this book at 7 89. Really our profit margin
is going to be around $6. I hope you guys now have a
great understanding on how
easy it could be to plant these money trees online. Just imagine if you had 10
of these books bringing in 30 sales per month and how that could really
change your whole lifestyle right now, again, be sure to get started with
bookbook today, link in the description.

And so if you've made it so far to the
end of this video, why don't you join me? Let's go to the next video, all
about money-making websites, where you could realistically make
anywhere from 50 to $300 a day. That video starts right here right now. So go ahead and click and
I'll see you on the next. Video. No, I've been told
by several of my friends, several other business
owners and you guys, my viewers and my subscribers that
I'm really good at two things. That first thing..

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