– [Narrator] Hi there, and welcome to 20 Women vs 1 Sideman. So, ladies and gentlemen,
this man right here, his name is Behzinga, also known as Ethan. Ethan is currently single, so the rest of the Sidemen
thought of a brilliant idea. Why don't we help out Ethan's love life? So, we went out and
found 20 beautiful women for him to choose from. Now all he needs to do is make the difficult decision of picking 10 out of the 20 women
that he would like to date. Yes, he's only allowed to pick 10 women. But, before we see who he picks, you need to subscribe to the Sidemen. Yes, we are very close to
10 million subscribers. So, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna leave up a black
screen for five seconds so you can watch yourself
subscribe right now. Five, four, three, two, one, done? Good. Also, while you're at it
be sure to stream and buy "Really Love," it's a tune by KSI and Craig David, you might like it. Anyway, let's see who Ethan will choose. – Hi, I'm Christina.

– My name's Ethan. How are you? This is so bad. (yelling) – You've got to do it! – Yes, please. Yes! – Thanks. (guys laughing) – This video is horrendous! – [JJ] He said yes please. – I can hear JJ, man! (laughing) – Hi. – Hey ya. – Jaz. – Ethan. No. (guys screaming) – [JJ] Oh my god. – You need to be quiet, he
can definitely hear you. Look at him. (guys talking over each other) – They're all so tall.

– Hi, my name is Annabelle. – Ethan, yes, please. (laughing) – Go on lad! – Oh, it's just so brutal. (laughing) – [Off screen] This is so funny. – He's only used two out of ten. – Hi, my name's Alexandra. (sighing) – This is so horrible. I'm a really nice person. I'm sorry. (laughing nervously) I can't do this. (guys chattering) They're pouring in. – Hi, my name is Lizzie. – Yes, Lizzie. – Thanks. (guys laughing) – Can you hear these lot laughing? – He's so stressed. – Hi, my name's Shalini. – Lovely to meet you. – Nice to meet you. I'm sorry, it's a no.

This video is horrible,
I want talk to you, I want to say hello. I wanna have fun! – Hi, My name is Tashawn. – Hey ya. Yes, please. – Aye! (laughing) – I want to give him a hug. (guys laughing) – [Off-screen] That poor guy. – [Off-screen] I can't believe this. – Hi, my name is Luanda. – Ethan, yes. – He's burning through the yes's. He's got a lot of yes's. – This is like four, five? – I think it's five. – Hi, my name is Daisy. – Lovely to meet you. – She's not standing on the mark. – It's going to be a no for me, sorry. – I would say no too, she
can't even stand on the mark. – Hi, my name is Lavana. – Lovely to meet you, yes! I don't, yes, yes, this is great. this is going, this is really, really
nice isn't it, everyone? – He's on six! It's so early and on six! – Hi, my name is Bethany.

– Bethany, yes! – [Guy Offscreen] Oh he's
going over, he's going over! – Slow down! Slow down! – You're on a budget. – Hi, my name's Taylor. (sighs) (guys laugh) – It's a no from me, I'm sorry. – Thank you. – [Off-screen] Is that another yes? – [Off-screen] It's a no! (group chattering indistinctly) – If he does a breath, it's a no. – Yeah. – Hey, my name is Felisa. – Hello Felisa I like, I like the jeans. – Thanks! – Unfortunately, it's a no. – [Off-screen] That's a fair compliment to give somebody, though. (guys indistinctly chatting) – Oh, don't like this. – He's got what, two more? (laughing) – Two more opportunities. – How are you? – I'm good, my name's Ella. Lovely to meet you Ella, but (guys groaning) I'm sorry, it's a no. – [Off-screen] He just
closes his eyes and Hides. (guys laughing) – I feel like he's got
to stop drawing it out. I feel like it's more
painful for everyone.

– Hi, I'm Bailey. – Hello, Bailey. Yeah, go on then! Lovely stuff. – She was so confused! You know what's the problem, right? – Go on. If he seems unsure about it and says, yes, they're just going to say no to him. – Yeah, he has to say to her, like yes. – I didn't expect this to
be this painful for us. – You've got nice legs. – You know what, I like that. Yes, go on! Yeah, yes please. Yes, what's your name? – Hello, my name is Claire. Hello, Claire, yes! – See, every other girl is pissed that they've not get that reaction.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah! (guys laughing) – No she said something,
she said something. – Hi, my name is Liv. – Hello, Liv. – [Liv] Hi. – Yeah! Yes! – [Off-screen] Is he at 10? – I think he's at 9. – [All] Let him run! Let him go. – I've lost track. (guys laughing) I've lost track, my head's scrambled. – Hi, my name's Ellie. – Hello Ellie. – [Off-screen] Yes again? – [Ethan] It's going to be
a no from me, I'm sorry. (guys gasping) – [Off-screen] He thinks he's close, he doesn't know where he's at. – [Off-screen] He's lost his head. – Hi, my name is Keisha. – Hello, Keisha. (sighs) I'm so sorry. (laughing) I don't like this, I hope you're having a good day. – I'm having a great day. – It's a no for me. (guys laughing) (speaking simultaneously) – [Off-screen] What time is it? – [Together] It's time to go! (guys laughing) – Hi. – Hiya. – My name is Erida. – Hello.

– You all right?
– Ethan, lovely to meet you. – Good to meet you.
– Yes! – Yes? – Yeah! – Go on, are we waiting
for more people or not? Oh, lads. (laughing) – Oh my god. – Oh, lads. (laughing) – [Off-screen] His trim looks sharp. – [Off-screen] Yeah. – Wait, can I go and speak, I want to speak to the boys, please. – [Off-screen] Go give him a hug, Harry. (Ethan screaming) – [Narrator] Fucks sake, Ethan, man, you were meant to only pick 10 women. Well, lucky for you, Ethan, now, it's the females' turn to decide whether they
would want to date you. (laughs) – I heard some footsteps. Oh, hello, everyone. Yes! Yes, success! I thought everyone was going to walk away. Yes! Oh, thanks, everyone. Gonna go and check in with the boys. – I think he's good looking, but I just think he's too loud. He speaks too loud.

That's it. – Even though Ethan seemed like a really, really lovely guy, I said no to him because I just thought we were going to be a
little bit too different. But Ethan, I know the right
girl is out there, for ya. – Ethan seemed like a really great guy, but I kind of prefer my men a little bit more Mediterranean, so tall, tanned, dark features, so, he's
just not really for me. – He just wasn't the type of guy that I would normally go for. He's a good looking
guy, I'm just more of a blonde-hair, blue-eyed kind of girl. – Definitely a good looking guy. I would go for him, except
the fact he's very, very loud. And he thinks, like, he
loves himself too much. He sounds really vain. The way he acts, he's
just like constantly, I don't know, like,
the way he moves, he's, like, his attitude shows me that.

– [Narrator] Well, Ethan, who cares? You have six dozen in women ready to go on a date with you. However, there is a catch. Ethan, clearly, isn't very
good at speaking to women. So, the other six Sidemen
will be telling Ethan exactly what he has to say, all through a little headphone lodged inside his ear. Let the dating commence. (evil laughter) – You gotta keep calling her "Sarah" the whole time, Ethan. Even if she corrects you,
just keep calling her "Sarah." – How are you? – I'm good, thank you, Sarah.

How are you? – Who's Sarah? – Oh, sorry, my bad. – My name is Cynthia. – Cynthia. Sorry about that. – That's okay.
– What do you do? – I am a model and a dancer. – What things have you modelled in, Sarah? – Um, Cynthia. – Sorry. – What's your name again? – My name's Ethan, Ethan. – How do you pronounce that? – E-T-H-A-N. – She said "how do you pronounce it" and he said "E-T-H-A-N." – What things have you
modelled in and acted in? – Um, Superdrug. – Ah, okay.
– Argos. – What did you do for Argos? What kind of products are we talking? – I've done a lot of
products for Argos, actually. – Ask if she's wearing a wig. – More furniture. Argos furniture love me. – Do you wear wigs for these, like, are you wearing a wig now? (guys chattering) – Do you think I need a wig? – No, no, no. I think your hair is lovely, beautiful. – Oh, that's very nice of you to say.

– No problem. – You have, um, you have hair. – Could you hook me up
with some super drugs? – Can you, have you got any super drugs? – [JJ] Could you hook me up? – Why, what do you want? – Like, just like the super drugs. Like, not the normal drugs, but like, – Like super super drugs? – Like have you got any, like, hard super drugs?
– Leave him alone. – I've got some in my bag. – Oh, this date is going better than I imagined. What kind of super drugs are we talking? – Um, a Coca-Cola Zero? – Coca-Cola Zero. Sarah's got Coca-Cola Zero. – Cynthia. (guys laughing) – Cynthia, right. My head's a bit scrambled.
– [Cynthia] It's okay. It's actually Anabelle. – Anabelle? – That is my real name. I think I might leave if you say, like, Sarah one more time, to be honest. – I'm sorry, Sarah. (guys laughing) (guys chattering) – I've got a head piece in. I've got a head piece in,
they're telling me what to say.

– [Together] I'm sorry, Sarah. – They're in my head. – This is one of the best things
I've ever seen in my life. This is one of the best things
I've ever seen in my life. Oh my god, oh! Oh, no. You're a fucking king. You're a king, bro. (laughing) That's amazing. – So I had to walk out because Ethan did not have any manners
to get my name correct after three times, and I didn't actually find him
that funny, unfortunately. So I had to leave. Yeah. – It's all right, it's
all right, it's all right. – It's okay. – [Off-screen] I think she'd like you if you got her name right. – [Off-screen] Yeah, all right, yeah. – All right, yeah, hello, Ethan, mate. So for this one, what's happening here, you're going to have
to spend the whole time gassing up your dog,
saying you love this dog with all your heart. Try naturally, get her to ask to see it, and then you show a picture of a dead dog. – Hello. – Hello, what was your name again, sorry? – Erida. – I just don't want to
get that wrong again.

– Erida, and yours? – Ethan.
– Ethan, all right. – So what do you do, Erida? – I work in Health and Safety. – Okay. – Yeah, very fun.
– I'm quite dangerous. – Are you? I like dangerous. – What's that, sorry? – I like dangerous.
– You like dangerous? Whoah, here we go. We've got a weldy, here.
– How are you dangerous? – How am I dangerous? Oh, you'd have to, you'd have to come on a second date to find that out. – Where's the second date gonna be? Somewhere dangerous? – I quite like dogs. – Dogs? I love dogs.

– Do you?
– Yes. – What kind, do you have a dog? – No, unfortunately not.
– Aww. – Do you have a dog?
– I do have a dog. – Definitely coming on a second date. – Definitely coming on a second date? That's amazing.
– For the dog. – That's amazing, then. My dog's called Bill. – Bill? Okay, cute name.
– Lovely little fella. Do you want to see him? – Yeah. – [Together] Oh, no. – What kind of dog is he? – It's like a little fella. It's like a little fella. – So not a dangerous one? – So here he is. – What? What, is he? Is that blood? Yeah, he's dead.
– Is that? Oh, my god. No, (indistinct) Is he actually your dog? – [Off-screen] I don't want to be here. – Oh no. – She's laughing, she's laughing. – I had him since I was like, – Say "I still play with him." – I still play with the
dog, every now and then. – [Erida] I'm sorry to hear about, – I still play with the
dog, every now and then.

– [Erida] You still play? (laughing) So you're that kind of dangerous? – You wanted the danger, man. – You wanted the danger man, like, when he got hit by the car in the road, I sort of, like, I took him home, got him filled up again. – Oh. – [Off-screen] Tell him to
recover, tell him to recover. Tell him to style out. – All right, recover, recover, style out. – Would you like a dog like that? – No, no. – Would you not? – No. – But what kind of puppy would you like? (guys laughing) – A living one. – A live one? – Yeah, not a dead one. – What kind of breed would you like? – A big one. Like a Pitbull. – You've always got to
live with the fact that they'll get hit by a car. (guys laughing) – This is not styling it out. This is not styling it out. – He's killing this. – I won't let it get hit by a car.

And if it does I won't stuff it, sorry. – You saying I'm a bad owner? – Would you do that with
your girlfriend, then? If she died? (laughing) – If I speak, I'm in big trouble. Yeah, yeah, you know what, I'd fill you up, yeah.
– You would? Oh my gosh.
– I'll fill you up. – What?
– What? – I'll fill you up.
– I don't know if that's a compliment or not. – I'd take it as a compliment. You asked for a rough,
rough around the edges, little bit of a weirdo. – Okay, that's good to know.
– Ask if she's into you. – Thank you, thank you. I wouldn't do the same for you, sorry. – I want to know, are you into me? Would you feel me up? – Would I fill you up? Fill you up? Which one? – I just want to know how into me you are.

– I'm into you but I wouldn't fill you up
– Rate me out of ten. – with stuffing if you're dead. – All right, so, If you
had to rate me out of 10, what would it be? – You got a nice style. – Thank you. – I like your tattoos. – I appreciate that. No business, you got a nice smile. Eight out of ten? (guys cheering) – After the dead dog? – You like dogs though,
so that's a good thing. But the dead dog, that's
why you don't get a ten. – All right, okay. All right, so do you want me to rate you? – Go on, then. – Don't say anything, though. – Like, you're into like, you're into dangerous stuff like that. – [Off-screen] Don't give
her a rating, though. – But yeah, I don't know. This is hard to do, face to face, I don't know how you done it. I think you're lovely. And you do,
– Thank you. – you do sort of just like danger. – [Off-screen] Just tell
him to get up and walk out. – Maybe I'll rate you on the second date. – Second date, so when is that, again? – Well, I said with dogs, right? – Yeah, no, no, no, no.

You've got to pick somewhere better, now. I don't want to see your, – How about cats? – Cats, is it alive? – Find out. – I'll think about it,
I'll think about it. I don't know. No. I'm sorry, it's a no. – All right, all right, no worries. No worries. Well, I think this has been a great date. I think we've learned
a lot about each other. – Yeah. – It's been a pleasure. – Good to see you, too. All right, take care, bye. – Bye. (guys laughing) – I thought you were giving him too much. – Yeah, you need to
not give him that much. (all chattering) – So, I've never been on a
first date where I've been told that they'd fill me up if I died, I'd never been on a date where a dog's been dead and it's been stuffed, so, I don't think the date went that well, if it wasn't for the dead dog,
I did actually like him, so, yeah, I wouldn't go on
another date with him. Sorry, Ethan. And sorry, Bill.

R.I.P., Bill. (laughs) – All right, Ethan, we want
this to be normal date, but if you could talk
about exercise, please. – You know how to do that. – Yeah he's a pro. (guys laughing) – What was your name again, sorry? – Tashawn, or you can call me Tash. – Tash, lovely to meet you again, after that, sort of, bizarre, sort of, – Yeah, I know. – How's your day been so far? – Yeah, it's been all right, how has your day been? – Quite eventful, I suppose. Not exactly the most
ideal start to a date. – Yeah. – What are you interested in? – I'm interested in DJ-ing, martial arts, fitness.
– [All] Martial arts. – [Ethan] You like fitness? – Yeah, I do like fitness.
– That's perfect, – Do you like fitness?
– I like fitness, too. – Oh, nice. – It's sort of what I, sort
of transitioned my whole life into at the minute.

– Do some press-ups. – Do you want me to show you some, like, cool exercises? – Do you like, go to the gym? – Yeah, yeah, do you want
me to show you, like, some, so I can do, like, (guys laughing) I do, like, these, like, push-ups.
– Okay. – [Off-screen] Yeah. – Like, that, that one, I can do. Like, see this, right?
– Yeah. – If I just go like this, right? (laughing) And then, like, basically, – [Off-screen] I didn't even
tell him to do this one. (guys laughing) – But yeah, that's, sort of, – Bicep-curl your phone. – Yeah, one of my main, sort of, it's good to do on the move, right? So, can't go to the gym, your busy, (guys chattering) sat in the office, – I mean, that doesn't
really do much, does it? – No, but, If you do that, if you do that like 2000 times, right? – [Tash] 2000 times? – Yeah, on each arm,
whilst you're at work.

Is this like turning you on, or anything? – No, but don't you have
weights at home, or something? 'Cause I do, I got my own weights. – I'm like a firm believer in like, doing what you can with what's, – What's around you, okay. So you chose your phone? – Yeah, like, so this, I did this all day. – Tell him to, get him to just do circles. (laughs) – Just around her chair.

– Could you run circles
around her chair, please? – Oh my god. – So, like, basically, if you combine it with, like, a little bit of
cardio at the same time, right? (guys laughing) You could do, like, (guys laughing) Cardio and just repetitions, you reach your goals quicker. – So how long have you been
doing fitness for, then? – Um, for, like, two and a half years. I mean, like, I'm just into
the alternative methods. – Get her involved in the
next, like star jumps. – Yeah, so, I mean, what kind of exercise do you like to do? – Definitely a mixture, I mean, I don't really do nothing
creative like you, the phone.

– Do you wanna give it a go? – Like, just, okay. – So like, if you just, like, if you wanna do the,
– The phone? – If you curl that, and then
– Yeah. – give a star jump in between.
– Oh, yeah, star jump. – Amazing, see? – Is that what you do? – And, honestly, if you're
in the right environment, – A little bit of jog, there.
– There we go. Oh my goodness. This is amazing.
– That's a new one, I just gave you a new,
kind of, exercise, yeah. – That's amazing.
– Yeah. But yeah, what else do you do, then? – Ask her to swap seats. – Apart from that, not much, really. Just make YouTube videos. Can we swap seats, by the way? – Okay. – Thanks.
– If you want. – Say "mine was a bit sweaty." (laughing) Yours is a bit sweaty. – That workout must
have really got to you. (laughs) – What are you trying to say? – There's just like, um, a little bit of sweat.

(laughing) – No, it's not sweaty, actually. – You sure? – Yeah, I'm sure. – Because I know I'm sweating from it. – I didn't do it as much
as you did, so, you know? – That's true, I do train hard. – Same, but, we're not in the right environment to train hard. – Just be like, "Yo, it is
kind of sweaty, though." – It's quite a good environment. – You think?
– It's sweaty, though, like, (guys laughing) – I don't think it's that, yeah, – I can't take the pillow,
but it's, like, sweaty. It's sweaty.
– No it's not. – It just must be you,
you must be really sweaty, so you're feeling your own sweat there, – Curl the chair. – But like it's, – You can't sit still, can you? No.
– See this? – Yeah. – Really good for, like,
hammer curls, basically. And then this is, like, I think this is a bit
better than the phone, but not much.

(guys laughing) – Yeah, maybe 'cause it's
a bit heavier, maybe. So you know, you get more out of it. – The phone's always like,
– Oh my god. – It's about the repetitions, you know? – We gotta,
– All right, all right, end it, end it. – Kind of your thing, fitness. – But like, do you have
tissues or anything? – No. – Okay, I'm going to leave you to, because the chair was
like, kind of sweaty.

– Okay, cool, bye. – It was lovely to meet you, though, Tash. – Yeah, you too. – Have a lovely day. – You too, bye. (guys laughing) – Yes! Yes! – That was so good. That was insane. Oy-oy-oy! (guys chattering) – I mean, the date was interesting, I didn't think we was going to be doing some fitness exercises on the date, but, I don't think I will go on another date. – [Together] Aww. – He says he knows
fitness but I don't think he knows fitness as well as I do. – Oh. – All right, start normal, but ease into how you have
a massive foot fetish.

Get your toes out. Get your toes out by the end. – Hiya – [Christina] Hi. – How are you? – I'm good, how are you? – Very good, what was
your name again, sorry? – Christina. – Christina. I mean, I had a little
bit of an issue with, with names before. So, what do you do? – I'm a dancer. – Oh, okay. – What do you do? – I, sort of, do a
little bit of everything. I make YouTube videos, I've rapped before, too. – You any good at it? – No. (laughs) I go to the gym a lot. And those are pretty
much all the things I do. – Great. – So, what are you sort of interested in? – Um, love my cooking. – Okay. – Pride myself in my cooking. Could cook for you, if you want. – Oh, that's an amazing offer, what's your best dish? – My best dish, gotta be Greek food.

– Greek food?
– Greek food. – Okay, okay. I love Halloumi. Really like Halloumi, is that Greek? – You're welcome, it's Cypriot. I'm from Cyprus. – Oh, I like Cyprus. I've had fun in Cyprus.
– Don't say Napa, do not say Napa. – No, certainly, (laughs) certainly not Napa, no. So, yeah, I've got like a few, like, do you like, like weird things? Sort of like, – Yeah, go for it.
– in the bedroom and stuff? – What? (laughs) I thought you were going to say weird, I though you were going
to say weird questions. – Oh no, I just wanted to
gauge, sort of, like where this, I mean we've only got
three minutes, right? So, I love feet.

– Mmm. I'm a dancer. – Yeah, that's what I mean, but that's experienced feet. Like, lovely feet. Can you, can you show me your foot? – Absolutely not. – Like, if I show you my foot, if I just sort of, like, get my, I'll show you my socks. – I really don't think
you want to see my feet. – No, but, I've got like,
really flat ones, as well. Mine are really ugly. I feel like this could be like, really, like, this is quite bonding. Like, that's them in socks, like, can you see, like, how flat they are, right?
– Yeah. – But you don't like feet? – Eh, no, not a fan. – I think you would like feet. – Please can I see your feet? – Great foot. – Like, now, I've shown you, like, – Yeah. – now I've shown you my feet
– He's flexing his toes.

– How about that? – [Christina] That one needs help. (laughing) You should go and get a pedicure. – Hey, Hey, can I please see your foot? (guys laughing) 'Cause I've just shown you, really, – White socks? – White socks, of course. I've just shown you a really
intimate part of my foot. – [Christina] Nasty, don't show me that. – Okay, I'll keep that one hidden. – Not bad.
– That's a lovely foot. – Thank you. – Can I guess what size you are? I reckon you're a size like, six, six and a half. – No, – Seven? – Four and a half, five.
– Four and a half. Fair enough.
– Small feet. – Can we lot high five feet? – Absolutely not. – Oh. – Corona virus. – Can it transmit via feet? – Yeah, yeah.
– Oh, can it? – Yeah.
– Okay, I mean, in that case, you know, like health and safety and things, but – So, besides like,
being obsessed with feet, – Yep.

– Like, any other favourites? Like favourite music or? – Oh, okay I though we
were still talking about – No, no, no, no.
– Fetishes and stuff. – Carry on talking but
sniff your own sock. – By the way, feet are a big no, in case you didn't gauge that, like, – If we're, If we're talking about, like, – Moving on from the feet. – Okay.
– You like feet. – Yeah, no, really like music, like concerts and stuff like that. (guys groaning) – He's smashing this. – Do you ever just like, – No. – You never? – No. – You wanna?
– No, I'm good. (guys laughing) – Cause, like, these, I bought these socks fresh just for today as well.

And like, – I don't know if I should
say that I'm flattered or like, just weirded out. – I've left, like I bought fresh socks, I've made sure to. – They work as masks, too. – Oh, you're one of those people that doesn't, like, wash their clothes? They just buy new clothes?
– No, no, I washed them, but I just think there's multiple uses for clothes as well, like, like you can use them to seduce people, you can use them for safety. (guys laughing) – [Christina] Yeah, that's really safe. – Like, on the tube. – Yeah. – That's like, it's as good as one of
those blue ones, I think. It would depend, you've got to make do with what's around you, right? And then I'll make do with feet. I make do with socks. – You really love feet, don't you? – I really love feet. You, like, don't have
any fetishes or anything? – No. – None? Okay. – Plain vanilla. – Plain vanilla. – Get him out of there,
get him out of there.

– I can't bake. I can't bake.
– You can't bake? – No. – You know what? – Plus, if I did bake
vanilla sponge, why is like, that's just boring. Go for like, I dunno carrot
cake or chocolate cake. – Oh, okay, now you're talking that talk. – See, food. – So like, we can talk
that talk whilst, like, – No, no feet, stop looking at the feet. – Just stand up and run.

Just run, don't say anything. Just stand up and run. (laughing) – He loves feet. What's with the feet? (laughing) I'm not gonna lie, like, I was really looking forward
to us doing like, chat-chat, I was like, okay, cool,
let's see where it goes. And then he just brought
up the feet and I was like, eh? You know, I was sure it
was one of those things where he wanted to see if I was a weirdo, but he turned out to be the weirdo. (laughing) It's a no for me. I mean, do people even say yes
to, like, dates like this? (laughing) No second one for me.

Absolutely not. – All right, Ethan, mate, for this one, you're going to slowly, basically reveal to her that you're a criminal and you've got a criminal past of robbing old grannies, stuff like that, mate. – 'Cause they can't get away. – 'Cause they can't, yeah, you can't, I can't speak today. They can't catch you. – What was your name again? – Not a good start to the date, then. – I know, I've, it's just, I've, I had a bit of an issue earlier, a bit of a kerfuffle.

– My name is Bailey, like the drink. – Bailey, love Bailey's. – Yeah, creamy and delicious, isn't it? – You have it on the rocks? – Do I have it with ice
and a little bit of milk? – Oh, a little bit milk
making it creamier. – Better, innit? – I can imagine that tasting really nice. So what'd you do? – I work in influencer marketing. – Oh, okay. – So I work for an agency – Ethan's about to lose a brand deal.

– where brands will, like,
approach us with their campaigns and then we assign influencers
to those campaigns. – Does that mean you
can get me a brand deal? – Oh, maybe, if you're lucky. – 'Cause I need one. I sort of, I spent a little
bit of time in prison. – Oh yeah? What did you do? – It's not, it's not, it's obviously not something
to be proud of or anything, but I used to steal from old people. – Oh yeah, you seem like the type, really. – Yeah, because, thanks, but basically, they can't catch it, if you think about it. It's actually really smart. – Like they can't chase you? – Yeah, obviously, right? – Yeah, amazing. – 'Cause I'm like, young. – Do you play sports? – Yeah. – She washed over this nicely. – Obviously I did it in
prison quite a lot, as well. But yeah, no stealing off old people, 'cause it's, you see them
in the street, right? And they usually have like a nice little basket or something.

– Yeah, they're always
carrying some goods in there. – Yeah, yeah. And then if you go to
like the affluent areas, – The what areas? – The affluent ones, where
they're like, really, they're really rich,
they've got a lot of money. (guys chattering) I wouldn't need brand deals if I, if I get two or three old people. – Two or three a day
or two or three a week? – Well it depends, 'cause some, sometimes you go for like,
the shopping trolley. So you get like the, the groceries, you get like the nice like Shreddies and stuff like that, for the week. And then sometimes you
go straight for just like the money, smash and grabs. – Yeah. – Until my mom snitched on me.

– I mean, so like, that's
why I was in prison. But the only reason I got caught was because my mum wasn't happy with it. – She grassed on you. – She, she told on me, but,
she's not around no more. – Okay. – You know what happens to snitches? – Yeah, she just, she had to go, you know? – Snitches, get stitches. (laughing) – Doesn't matter, loyalty
makes, makes family, right? – Yeah, deffo. – She had to go, just like the Grammys. – Okay. – Would you ever do crime with me? – Would you do like, would
you commit crimes with me? Would you be like the Bonnie to, – To your Clyde?
– Yeah, would you? – That's got a ring to it, hasn't it? – Yeah.

– Um, depends what kinds of crime. – We can change crimes, like, what crimes do you like? – I'd steer away from the
old people, to be honest. Yeah, that's not my kind of vibe. – It's really profitable,
I'm telling you now. If you find the ones with the
nice little bit of heritage, – Yeah, I don't know about the old people. I don't know if my
conscience could take that. Okay, we'll stick to money, but what about people who's going to be
able to earn it back easier? Other than old people,
they've had their time, haven't they? – Do you know what? There's a little bit of moral there.

– Yeah, see? – Do you think I've got moral? Do you think I've got issues? – What about children? – Yeah, I think you've
got issues, probably, stealing off old people. – How about, how about, You know the saying like,
taking candy from a baby? – Yeah, but what can
you steal from children? – They usually got pocket money, right? Lunch money. – Two pounds.

– Two pounds could go a long way. You think about 16 times 2, what's that? – Quick math. (laughs) – Prison, educated. Come on, I'm really smart, come on. But no issues, you don't
think I've got issues? – I mean, we can work on those issues. – We can work on the issues together. Bonnie and Clyde. Stealing from children, grannies, and rich people that can make it back. – Amazing. – Can I steal a brand deal? – You can't steal it, no, because it's not a physical thing,
so you won't be able take it. – What about me stealing your heart? – How about, I've got another thing. – Okay. – I'm into robbing, right? Can I steal your heart? – I mean, that's got
quite a few locks on it.

– Got quite a few locks on it? – Yeah. – Don't worry, I'm really efficient. I get the job done, I do my job. Hence why – You went to prison. – I'm, south of the river, I'm known as the most efficient lock picker. (laughs) – [Bailey] Good at picking locks? – I mean, yeah, you can say that. I wouldn't really call it a pick, – I like putting my keys in holes. (laughs) – Or you could say, I just
like putting my keys in holes.

– Okay. – I like unlocking doors. They open up new opportunities. – Okay. Opportunities, that's good. – [Off-screen] Should we
let him get out of there? (guys chattering) – So how, how do you think
this has gone so far? – You want me to be honest? – Yeah, go on. – I think you're giving me all like your bad qualities, what are
some of your good qualities? – I supposed it just really, it shows if you're really ready to, you know, stick it out. – Be the Bonnie. – Yeah. – Tell her you have size 12 feet.

– If you're willing to do that, that'd be, that'd be good. – I'm going to give you a chance. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – What size is your feet? – Size five but these look like they're probably about a size 10, don't they? – I was gonna say they're fucking whoppers, aren't they? – I went for the autumn vibe. You know, like the double leather? – Yeah, I get you. – What size feet are you? – I'm like, it depends on the fit, right? But I'm like a nine, nine and a half because I've got I've
obviously I've got big feet, 'cause I'm six, five. – But you know what
they say about big feet? – That you're probably six foot.

– They have big socks. (laughs) – Oh, do you want to see my socks? – Yeah, let's see your socks. – No worries. – Oh no. – No, I don't like socks. – When's the last time
you cut your toenails? – Oh,
– Oh, no. – Last year. (laughing) – [Off-screen] Fucks sake. – I think the date went quite well. – What? – He seems like a nice guy.

But he did speak about
himself an awful lot. – And he robs old people. – He could've asked me a bit more about myself, to be honest. – That's what she picked up on. (laughs) – She don't care about that, who cares? – I would go on another
date with him because now, it's his turn to find out
a little bit more about me. (cheering) – Couple grannies, couple sentences, – Jesus Christ. – Can do no wrong. – All right, Ethan, for this one, we want you to be an absolute egomaniac. Flex everything, all your
numbers, your followers, celebrities you've met,
name drop and everything. – How are you? – I'm good. – What's your name again? – Olivia. – Olivia, yes, how are you? – Good. – I mean, earlier on
was a little bit of a, a little bit of a surprise to me.

It was really horrible. – All the girls? – Yeah, I'm glad you're having a good day, but like, do you do Instagram or anything? – A little bit. – How many followers you got? – A thousand or something? – That's, that's not great. (guys laughing) I'm looking for, you know, someone to elevate my career, 'cause I'm, I feel like, I'm
like, a big deal already. – Okay. – I've done videos with like Dwayne, you know The Rock? Dwayne the Rock Johnson, me and Kevin Hart, – Just best buddies? – We've collaborated on
multiple projects together. Jack Whitehall, he actually
supported my series, just the other day as well. (indistinct) there's a big old painting of me on the wall. It's quite crazy. So if we could like, elevate those numbers, – This is you on a date. – Maybe. – Because I'm just sort
of, yeah, you know, trying to find, trying to find
a partner that can really, – Ask her what she's accomplished.

– What have you accomplished? – What have I accomplished? I'm a model, I model underwear. – Okay, nice. – I'm an actor, as well. – Are you in any, like, publications? Like for modelling and stuff? – A few. Just magazines, not
like, not big magazines. – Okay. – Kind of like vintage ones. – Vintage ones? Okay. – Bit of a niche following. – Yeah, we're in, sort of, like, oh, sorry. Speaking of Jack Whitehall,
he just messaged me again. (laughing) So what kind, so what like publica- do these get many views, or? – I wouldn't know, they're magazines. I'd have to find out.
– 'Cause I get millions. (laughing) Like, so many. Like, sometimes it makes me
laugh at how many views I get.

– Great. – He's actually smashing it. – That's really what I'm looking for, really what I'm looking for. – I'm about to hit 10 million
subscribers in one channel. – Wow. – That's our channel. (laughs) – And then, of course, even
just my own individual ones, fucking millions. – So many. – And that's what I mean. – Ask her if she's into famous guys. – You have to be able
to handle people, like, in the public eye, 'cause like, I don't want anyone
getting jealous 'cause I'm quite famous. – Yeah, that's true. – I probably don't care too much. – Women, just like, I'm a hit with the ladies. – I can imagine, I can imagine. – It gets a little bit crazy in public and stuff like that. I usually have to go out with body guards.

– Ask her if she's from a rich family. – Maybe you don't need a girlfriend, then. You're so popular already. – No, because this is
the thing, I feel like just bouncing off
people, it can propel you to higher places, you know? And trying to be in bigger circles. – Okay.
– 'Cause like, I'm up there, but you know.

– Bigger than Kevin Hart? – Yeah, yeah, trying to overtake him. We get competitive, you know? When you're, when you're, – You can't talk 'cause he's talking. – Yeah. – Do you like Twitter, as well? – Ish, not really. – Got no followers there either? – Not really, no. – Can't even like, can't even, well. – Ask her if she's rich
or from a rich family. – Are you, do you have like money? – Not really. – Just quite a boring person around. – Like, your family have money? – Yeah, yeah. – Do they? – Yeah, they do. – Okay, now, we might be able to go on, like maybe a second date, here. – Oh wow. (laughing) – Well, I mean, like, – Say you like expensive places. – 'Cause then, that way, like, when you go back to like, your friends, or like the WhatsApp group and stuff, you can say just took out this really fucking famous guy for dinner. – Okay, what was your name? – Ethan. – It's fine, I'll come up on Google. – Okay, that's fine. – You can try it now, if you want. – Okay.
– Yeah. So like, maybe Nobu? Nobu? Do you know what Nobu is? Doesn't know what Nobu is.

Have a lovely day. (guys groaning) – Oh my god. – She doesn't know what Nobu is. – No. – Nobu, Nobu. – That was horrible. – It was a perfect exit, though, it was a perfect exit. Do you know what Nobu is? She went. – I'd say he came across a
little bit of an asshole. (guys laughing) Wouldn't go on a second date, at all.

Not my type, really. Might, might have swiped
right on the first glance, but after that, absolutely not. – It means that's a smash. (upbeat music).

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