2 ways to Make money online with Maptags

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we spend hours on them and we know we are addicted to them
what if you can make this addiction into making some smart money
with Maptags Affliate Program you can There are two very effective ways of making
money using Maptags the Simple and sure way is by referring friends
and asking them to refer their friends for every friend you refer you get 1 credit for every five friends your friends refer
you get 1 credit say you refer 10 friends and they refer 10 friends each so its 100 friends you get ten plus 100 divided by five equals
thirty credits in one to two years time you can sell each
credit for 100 rupees the more you refer the more you earn and remember you dont need to spend anything
to make this money the second way of making money is by picking
some cool maptags what are some cool words you know , can you
think of any you can check their availability and register
them now you can spread the word about maptags
using your referral link give your visiting cards to friends and contacts the share link on the card can be used to
both share your address and gain referrals how does the selling work ? Once some body is interested in your maptag they can place an offer next you can decide whether you are interested and either accept or decline the offer Thanks for watching

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