2 TINY HOMES Connected w/ Big Porch is Couple’s Dream House

hey guys jenna here welcome to my channel where 
i take you on tours of tiny houses and showcase   people living alternative lifestyles in today's 
video we're traveling to colorado to take a look   at one couple's amazing tiny house and tiny studio 
that they've added on to their property the story   of this tiny house goes back several years when 
they actually built the tiny house off of a kit   traveled around with it for a period of time 
then bought a piece of land and crashed it   on the way to parking in their forever home 
after a certain amount of time of devastation   they decided that the house was salvageable 
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every time i post a new video   but right now let's dive right in 
and hear lauren and patrick's story   including their epic journey to finding a 
forever home and take a tour of their tiny house hi i'm lauren and i'm patrick we're excited 
to show you our wanderlust tiny house so about six years ago patrick 
and i were living in kansas city   and we were just looking for a change of 
pace a change of scenery we got interested   in the tiny house movement we thought that the 
tiny house would give us the freedom to travel   and then also land somewhere afterwards and have 
a comfortable place to live that we owned outright   it took us from about january through april 
we were working full time on just this build we budgeted 30 000 for the overall build i think 
we ended up at around 32 000.

After we built the   house we lived in it for about a year and a half 
part of that was traveling and then we purchased   this land when we went to move the house up here 
it's a very steep dirt bumpy road our trailer   somehow jumped the hitch rolled back behind us 
and went over the edge it was pretty devastating we pulled the tiny house out of the ditch with 
the help of some neighbors up here with some   big equipment it was pretty much ruined like 
we it had flipped over and so the cabinets   had fallen off the wall and the stairs had 
fallen and it was not in good shape and so   we pulled it up here and we we just sort 
of stuck it in the back of the yard and   and didn't look at it for a while because we were 
too sad and we weren't ready to start anything on   it yet because it had only been a year and 
a half since we built it so it was so fresh where we are at now is exactly how we wanted this   space to be from the beginning 
and that just really works for us so we're out here on our deck 
we have two buildings here   and the deck between it we just built 
last year and it's about 22 by 20.

Especially in the summertime we really love this 
outdoor deck space it's huge and we can have a lot   of people out here and we can entertain or watch 
movies we have speakers that are connected inside   so we can play music out here we also have the 
propane heater and then we've got a projector as   well so we can really entertain a lot of people 
out here even with our small interior space we are on a property here that's about 10 
acres there was a house here previously it   burned down in a wildfire about nine years ago so 
we bought the property about four years ago and   we had the water a well electric 
and a septic system here already   this tiny house is on a 20-foot long trailer 
that we purchased from tumbleweed here in   colorado we actually purchased the structure 
already framed on the trailer and then we did   all the finish work so it had the sheathing 
up when we bought it this particular design   has the gable roof this way which is a little 
bit different from other tiny house designs   where they're typically this way and the reason 
we like that is because inside when you go up   to the storage loft the peak is actually 
right where you're climbing into the loft and then we have two dormers up there for 
the storage loft and the sleeping loft   the roofing is actually it's andu vila brand the 
reason we like that is because it comes in big   sheets that you can just cut with a utility 
knife so you can really easily install it and   it's all screwed down so it was very safe when 
we were traveling it couldn't fly up anywhere   so now we're standing here looking at what we call 
the mini house we added this after living up here   full time for a little while we just decided that 
we needed a little bit more space and then also   some creature comforts like a washer and dryer 
we'd been going to a laundromat for a long time so   that was a really big upgrade we actually bought 
this main structure from a local company that   makes sheds and then once it was set here we 
added on this extra little room over here i   think it's about four feet extra on the back 
side of the mini house we built in a utility   room here this is where all of our incoming 
utilities come in so we have our well tank   our water filtration system including softener uv 
charcoal and sediment filter and then the water   heater is also in there propane instant water 
heater and then we have the breaker box in there   as well so the electrical and water both come 
into this room and then they feed both buildings we love this landscape here we have had a 
family of foxes living in a den up there   for the last few years since we moved 
up here so they're really fun to watch so why don't we go on in take a look welcome to the inside of the wanderlust tiny house 
in this iteration of the build we went pretty much   full kitchen on the main space we have a 20 foot 
long trailer we dedicated i think 14 feet of that   all to kitchen and we decided because we have 
our other living space this space could primarily   serve as that function so we put a much bigger 
sink in nice deep sink did some custom cabinetry   custom shelving because we were traveling so much 
on the first build we had to worry a lot about   weight and this time since we knew we were going 
to be stationary that wasn't as much a concern one thing we added on this build which was a 
huge upgrade was this drawer style dishwasher   again since we're stationary and we're hooked into 
our own septic system at this point the dishwasher   saves us all sorts of time we really love the look 
of a subway tile backsplash it was actually our   first time doing tile work too so it was a little 
bit of an adventure but i think it turned out well   so on the original build we had actually a three 
burner cooktop we decided to go down to just this   two burner because again it maximizes a lot of 
our counter space in order to exhaust some of   our cooking heat and steam we built in this low 
profile hood vent right into our cabinetry here   after the crash we were picking up all the pieces 
from the original tiny house build and we realized   that the original toaster oven still looked like 
it was in pretty good shape we plugged it in still   worked just fine minus a few dings and dents bravo 
to breville for making an awesome toaster oven   so above me here is just our storage loft we 
put a little cabinet up there just holds excess   kitchen supplies extra flour sugar salt that 
kind of stuff the advantage that we did see   is changing to a ladder instead of the stairs 
now we can climb right up there really easily   we can move our ladder to that side get up to 
our storage loft as easily as possible before   we had to stand on the couch it was over 
here and reach up and it was just a pain so because we lost the couch we took that out 
of the design one cool feature we added this   time around was just a hook to hang these 
hammock chairs on so when we do want to just   kind of sit back and get comfortable 
we just roll out these hammock chairs hook them right on these carabiners and 
now we got a comfy little place to sit we extended the countertop all the way across in 
front of this window here it's been a great spot   to just sit enjoy the surroundings look outside 
have my morning coffee if i'm lucky enough we   can take a look up and see the foxes running 
around it's just a really cool spot to sit and   kind of think the previous tiny house layout we 
had a staircase going up to the sleeping loft   here but our kitchen was actually the complete 
opposite side and it wrapped around as an l the   bathroom door was over here so we completely 
remodeled everything on the second time around   one of the biggest changes between the two 
builds is we got rid of the staircase in the   second build it provided a lot of storage but 
we realized it took up a ton of space and since   we wanted this to be a nice open kitchen we went 
with a ladder type design this time around so we   kind of just hang it on the wall here for storage 
when it's not in use and otherwise we can hang it   right on that rail so here we are up 
in the sleeping loft queen-size bed i   think we've oriented this bed every which 
way to find the right place for our heads   and we finally ended up with the head toward the 
window seems counterintuitive because the ceiling   goes low but we can actually sit up fully sit up 
back here still we bought this little projector   this is kind of our tv up in the sleeping loft 
super handy super small it has android built in   so you can get all sorts of fun apps like netflix 
and everything right on it we have an automatic   drop down projector screen right here in front of 
us which kind of has two purposes really one it's   the screen itself but second of all we can close 
it off and it's like a perfect blackout curtain   for our sleeping area so we can we can really 
close ourselves off up here and feel comfortable all right let's take a look at the bathroom another thing we wanted to change on the second 
version of the tiny house was the bathroom space   we had on the first one we made it as tight 
as possible to maximize the other space so   we literally had a three foot shower and we've 
extended the wall three additional feet out we   have an actual regular sized shower not a tiny 
house shower and in the previous build we did do   composting toilet because we were traveling 
so much we didn't always have a place to   hook up to plumbing or septic but because 
we bought our own land here with septic   already installed we decided to just go with the   traditional toilet it just felt a little 
bit more normal in a normal sized bathroom so let's check out the interior of the mini house so this is what we call the mini house we 
built this after we'd been living up here   for about a year and we were just looking for 
some space that was better insulated a little more   protection from the wind and then just a little 
more room for us to relax we have a full couch in   here we've got a separate fridge an ice maker just 
for kind of overflow a little extra closet space   we also added this home office set up in here   i've been using this recently a couple days a week 
i work from home and so we use the tv as a monitor and then we also have an ac in here which 
we just put in this summer because it can   get really hot in here during the day and 
so especially when i'm working from home   that keeps it nice and cool in here so this is our bathroom through here 
it's just a half bath we have a toilet   a small vanity and then the laundry machines 
were the most important thing that we wanted   to get in here so it's a little tight but 
we are able to fit these which is awesome i hope you guys liked this week's video 
make sure to like share and subscribe and   i will see you next week with an all new 
tiny house or alternative lifestyle video you

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