100,000 YouTube Subscribers In 1 Year Using A Phone – This Is How He Did It

in just one year my friend chris got a hundred thousand subscribers on his youtube channel using his phone and he's gonna tell you exactly what he focused on to make it happen and we're starting right now take it away chris thanks a lot nick i'm super excited to be in one of your videos i feel like i've made it i started my youtube channel less than a year ago and when i started i had the goal that okay if after a year i could get to that magical 1000 subscriber number i'll keep going i'll be feeling really good about myself and then just 10 months later just last week i cracked a hundred thousand subscribers it absolutely blew my mind and when nick asked if i wanted to share some tips with you guys i thought i'm all for it i drew a lot of inspiration from other people when i was starting out so if i can provide some inspiration to any of you i'm happy to do it so i'm gonna take you down to the streets of the big city of bangkok and give you three tips then we'll come back up here and i'll give you two words of wisdom for tip number one i thought i'd do it here at my favorite lunch market right here in bangkok and tip number one is to make sure that your youtube channel has a north star it's a guiding light that always shows you the path and the direction on each and every video that you make that could be a sentence but i like to boil it down to two or three words if you can for me in the early days of my youtube channel i was struggling trying to figure out what i was trying to deliver to my viewers on each and every video and then i came up with two words fun and informative and that helped me so much i found that every time i was out making a video and i was struggling to try and tell the story that i wanted to tell i brought those two words into my mind fun and informative whatever your channel is think about it and try and boil it down to a few words one two maximum three words that describe what you're trying to give your viewers and whenever you're out making a video if you're ever struggling with creative block or trying to figure out what the video is all about just go back to whatever your north star is and let it guide you let it help shape the video that you're trying to make tip number two is to focus on your strengths and your weaknesses everybody in the world has strengths or weaknesses and if you're new to the youtube game i would highly suggest that you really focus on your strengths and work hard to make them a pillar of your channel for me i think my biggest strength would be that i had previous experience in editing i used to work in the film industry i did some onset editing by no means in my professional but i came into youtube with a good skill set of editing so i really focused on that in all of my videos and i spent a lot of time in the edit making sure that that strength allowed me to separate my channel and my videos from other youtubers at the same time i have a million weaknesses i had i knew nothing about youtube or how to start a channel or keyword research or tubebuddy or any of that so i devoured youtube content on that i found nick nimmin's channel a bunch of other channels and i really learned a lot i'm not very good with audio and that's a weakness that i'm still working on youtube's an amazing resource and you could top up knowledge and really work on things that you might not be the strongest at so constantly work on your weaknesses and use your strengths before i get to tip number three do yourself a favor and jot down your own personal strengths and the weaknesses that you'd like to work on for tip number three i'm here on a university campus universities where they teach you rules and tip number three is to not be afraid to break some rules when i was starting my youtube channel like i said i devoured all kinds of how to do youtube videos and a lot of common themes are there a lot of great advice a lot of rules that you should follow but don't be afraid to experiment one of my most successful video series on my channel is called 60 seconds in thailand and that started out as something that was supposed to just be 60 second snippets little slices of life and it's morphed completely into a mini news comedy program that gets tons of views and that would have never happened if i just stuck with one format that i had in my mind that was going to form the backbone of my channel i think too many new youtubers get a picture of what their videos are going to be in their head and are afraid to deviate from that i'd highly recommend experimenting especially if you're a new channel now let's head back to that rooftop for a couple quick words of wisdom i hope you enjoyed those three tips as promised i'm back here on the rooftop to give you two quick words of wisdom the first one is regarding gear a lot of people say gear doesn't matter some people say gear matters i don't have the answers to that all i can do is show you what's in my camera bag a lot of people have asked me in my comment sections hey chris what kind of camera do you use what kind of microphone do you use so i'll start by showing you my my camera i use this to film all my videos an iphone 11 that's my camera that's it but i mean i do go all out i have a tripod this manfrotto tripod i carry it around and vlog with it but sound sound is very very important as you've probably heard so let me just reach in and grab my microphone oh there it is there's my microphone these things have amazing cameras they have amazing mics so that's it i got an iphone a mini tripod so i don't know if that answers your question but for me obviously gear hasn't been the reason why i've achieved 100 000 subscribers and that leads me to the second words of wisdom just hit record i think one of nick's buddies by the name of sean cannell taught me that he's got a great channel with lots of youtube advice as well and when i was thinking of starting my youtube channel i suffered from what they call paralysis analysis or is it analysis paralysis anyway i sat around on my couch for a few months afraid to record my first video and then thanks to those words of wisdom i just started recording and things started happening so i suggest that you do the same one last thing i'll say is to remember that hard work always wins the day i put the word working right in my youtube channel title name retired working for you to always remind myself to work hard at this i think too many new youtubers don't put the work in and still expect the results to come so work hard at it enjoy it i gotta get back to work right now look at this it's a tough life i got a video to make enjoy your youtube journeys good luck to all of you throwing it back to you nick awesome information thank you so much chris for sharing now look if you are watching this right now and you love watching vloggers and especially vloggers that are out of the country and you're just interested in seeing what that lifestyle looks like make sure that you click into chris's channel right here and subscribe while you're over there and to learn even more about growing your youtube channel subscribe here on your way over thank you so much for watching i'll see you next time

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