($1,000/Day) Laziest Way To Make Money Online in 2021 – START TODAY!

Who doesn't love the lazy
way. In today's video, we're going to be talking about
generating up to a thousand dollars, very likely more than a
thousand dollars a day online. How you can do it nowadays
in 2021, 2022 and beyond. And here's the reason the
other day. I thought, man, let me just make a video about how
somebody can get stuck on a low budget. If they want to just work towards
something for one to two hours a day, they don't have that much time.

easing out of their nine to five job. Of course it's budget-friendly and it's
done the right way the first one time. And the reason I say that
and emphasize the right way, even if it is the lazy way is because
recently I just had a date where I generated. I'm looking it's $2,391, almost $2,400 in a day. And the very next day it was $1,094. So that's really cool to have those mega
days back to back in the week is not even over yet. So we'll
see how we finish the week. But the cool thing is this is a realistic
goal that you can set for yourself. And in today's video, we're going
to dive into it step-by-step. So if you're feeling it, go ahead and smash the like button and
go ahead and put in the comments lazy 1K days and let's get started.

right, ladies and gentlemen, I encourage you to grab a
notebook pen, pencil paper, and take notes because the first thing
we're going to talk about is called a value ladder. Now a value ladder is a very
important concept with online business and email marketing and online
marketing and your digital business. It is very, very important.

And this is something you need
to evaluate from the beginning. So what is the value ladder? A value ladder is essentially any type
of small business or a business that has a series of services or products that
they offer starting from the very bottom of the ladder, which is typically a freebie or an
opt-in all the way up to something that costs, you know, 10
grand or something like that. A service or a product that is
much higher valued on the backend. Okay. So you're going to start off with free
and then have a low ticket product and then mid and then higher. And, the value ladder can keep
going up as much as you want. So to give a very popular example, if you think about a dentist office
and what that value ladder looks like, so you have the value of
the services or the costs, other service on the Y
axis and on the X axis.

So on the Y axis, you have the
value of the service. So like, what is the value of the product
or service bringing into your life? What is it solving? Okay.
And then the more it solves, the more it's valued and the higher the
price goes, which is the X axis. Okay. And so when you think about it for a
dentist office, the free thing maybe is, you know, a consultation, right? And
then you go do the teeth cleaning, and then you get the teeth
whitening and then the retainer, and then whatever cosmetic procedure,
maybe you're getting those up. What are those called? The fake teeth
that you get into your teeth? The, yeah. You know what I'm talking
about. Okay. And then, so that's the value of the
customer that they're doing. And so that one customer can keep
making the dentist office money, timing time again with the customer
going through the value ladder. So really don't get discouraged
and think, Oh my God, I need to have a complete value
ladder to make one K a day. No, you start off with creating the three
thing first and work your way up.

And so I've had experience
honestly, with making money, with all different points
in the value ladder. And even until this day in my business,
I don't have a complete value ladder. One day I will. I've been able to make multiple six
figures with just having a mid to high tier product and also a low
ticket. Not at the same time, they've been different points in
time in my business. But trust me, starting with that free. And you know, entry-level lead magnet to start
building your list is the key to wealth creation online per se. So let's get into step one of this
value ladder and how to create it. Okay. Kids. So step one is to get
that lead magnet made, get it done. Okay. And a
lot of people ask me, well, why is it important to start
with a lead magnet? And honestly, you know, it's one of those
things where it's like, I would rather opt in and get a free
piece of information from somebody established trust.

And, you know, I like factor with that
person before I buy from them. Because if what they have for free is
trash or no good. I'm like, Oh, well, I don't really want to continue with them. So you got to make a good
first impression. It's kind
of like going on a date. Right. You know, it's, it's, you know, you have that first date to see if you
want to continue with the second, third, and then serious relationship
and all that stuff. So that is the purpose of a lead magnet.
And so some of you may be thinking, okay, cool. I want to create this
free ebook, this free, whatever, but I don't know my niche. Don't worry because we have a nail
your niche workshop, a great resource. If you're stuck on what your
niche is going to be online, go ahead and check out that link
in the description of our nail, your niche workshop.

It is so
good people nail their niche, a profitable niche in under 90 minutes. We've seen so many people go through
the workshop and have light bulb moments like, Oh, that's what I'm going to
do. Let's go ahead and get started. So check out that workshop down below
and be sure to get some clarity. So now let's hop behind my computer and
I'll show you some excellent resources on how you can get started. All right.
Hey guys. Welcome to behind my computer.

Now, let's take a look at this
website. It's called plr.me dot m e. Really simple. And let me tell you, it does not get any more lazy than
this. Let me make myself bigger. It does not get any more
lazier than this. Okay. What this website is, is a bunch of done for you content that
you can buy and use as your own. Ok. And ,PLR products are typically very
affordable. On this website in particular, you can create a free account. I don't
know what the prices are of this, so let's go, let's check out pricing. But the cool thing is you can
download all of these different types of eBooks, checklists, whatever it is. So you can check out what the prices
are for this particular websites.

I know there's other different
types of PLR websites, but let's see how much this is. So yeah, there's
different kinds of comparisons where, you know, like if you hire a freelancer, how much it costs versus the
cost savings you'll save, remember lazy ways is what
we're talking about here. It's the only way to help you
save time. All right. So yeah, check out the pricing and you
know, how much this website costs, but you could definitely check it out,
create an account for free. You know, I'm not sponsoring this
website or anything, and this is just me wanting to show
you what type of resources are on this website, because so many people are, think when they need to create
a freebie, like, Oh my gosh, like I can't write an ebook or
it's gonna take me, you know, like two months and you know, I, I'm
not a good writer, all this other stuff.

So this is done for you beautifully
ready to sell private label, coaching courses, articles,
products, worksheets, and content. And I came up here earlier and look at all of these
categories. It's insane. I mean, look at all these topics from business
and marketing, inspirational graphics, wallpapers savings, investing real estate, stress management and motivation passion. So there's so many topics
that, you know, are in very, very profitable niches. And so
if you look at the product types, not only do you have lead
magnet style products, but you also have courses
and programs and workshops, this is insane checklists
short stories and fables. I, I haven't heard the word
fable in a long time, but that's kind of cool
reports and eBooks slide, deck presentations you know, the list
goes on and on.

So this is really, really cool having, you know, this type
of thing at your fingertips. I mean, gosh, there's really no excuse to not
be on your path to creating a, you know, a profitable online business.
So this is really neat. You can check out all the products
if you come here. And so, you know, the next step, I would highly recommend
a few things, not just me personally, I wouldn't just buy an
ebook and just give it away. I just ethically have a
problem with that. Okay. I wouldn't suggest making it into
your own words because you know, as you're building your brand online,
as you're building up your business, it's going to be you that's, what's
going to be special.

Is your voice, the tone of the brand, everything. So I would modify it
once I get the product, I would modify it and make it my own.
And what you can do is, you know, grab any book from here, come to
Canva and make it your own. Okay. So, you know, this is Canva, it's free canva.com and they have
so many different design templates. So with Canva, you can create
different social media graphics, all of these things YouTube, thumbnails,
whatever, wherever you want on canvas, it's very, very beginner friendly.
You don't need to be a designer. And so if you come here to create design, you can create any one of
these things right here. So what I did was I picked
a design that's very popular for an ebook style. So if you get a P L R
product and you know, we're the reformat, the text into
your own brand. This is pretty cool. So if you, so you can
say, apply both pages. So you can start to create an ebook. You can add a page and add a page and
just drag and drop texts and photos and just edit it.

However, you know, free ebook on whatever four tips to stress relief. Okay? So you can modify it, colors, visuals,
anything you want using Canva, which is very, very, very powerful. So this is what I would do the
strategy I would use to level up not just, you know, I know legally you
can use a PLR product from your own. I would take it a step further
and think about your brand, how you want to represent
yourself online. Okay? Because building up your list is the
most profitable thing you can be doing. For the health of your business.
It is your own traffic source. You don't need to rely on anyone
else's traffic, but your own, your list is powerful. So that is how you can get started
with creating a lead magnet, which is going to help
you build your list, which is then going to help you build
that value ladder and sell different products in the future.
Let's go.

Hmm. Okay. So the next thing you're like, all
right, cool. I have my lead magnet now. What, so step number two in this whole
process is to collect your leads on a platform. Okay. So make sure you're choosing an email
marketing platform to collect your leads with the very, very, very most
earth, the very most popular, no, that's not grammatically correct, but a popular choice for a lot of people
getting started because it is free is MailChimp. Okay. MailChimp is free
to get started. You don't need, yeah. You don't need to pay anything for up
until a certain amount of leads that you collect. I think in my opinion, the problem with MailChimp is that
it's not a robust enough tool to handle growth. So as your business grows
and you get more and more leads it's, it doesn't have enough features
to have just in one platform.

So you're going to have to go to other
platforms to integrate with MailChimp. So in my opinion, I would start with an
all-in-one business tool like Kartra, which is a platform I use. I use
Kartra because it's an all in one, it has all the capabilities
and functionalities that
you need to have an online business and to really scale this
puppy to a thousand dollars a day. And if you want to try a
Kartra out for a dollar, there's a link in the
description. Not only that, if you do choose my affiliate link, then what you can do is have access
to our funnels on fire course, which walks you through
the email marketing, the sales funnels just for
signing up with Kartra through a me thing, our affiliate, like, because you've probably heard of
other email marketing platforms, such as a Webber and
get response. And again, those are great tools active campaign
confusion. I mean, not confusion, Infusion soft, but all of those email marketing platforms
just have one strength and that's email marketing, but with Kartra,
you're able to build that value ladder.

Okay. You're able to build that value
ladder. You're able to host memberships, posts, digital products so that you can sell at
the mid and high tier as you work your way up the ladder. So I would recommend, although it is a larger
upfront investment, it is 100% worth it because you're
going to make your money back, you know, tenfold later on. So that's the next step is to pick an
email marketing platform so that you can create a funnel, a landing page to attract people to
this freebie that you have in Kartra has so many beautiful templates
that you can create. You can create mock-up eBooks in there
on the landing page so that people can give their name and their email and opt
in for your freebie.

And you can create, obviously a thank you page, thanking
them saying, Hey, your downloads ready, you know, go to your inbox
and grab your download. So that's the power behind Kartra and
having an email marketing platform so that you can build your machine, build
your list and create those one K days. All right. Money-Making family moving
right along in the lazy day, one K lazy day series, this video,
whatever you want to call it, let's move on to step three,
which is traffic. Traffic is key.

Again, traffic is key to any business.
That's, that's not a mystery. Everybody knows that. And so why
make it hard on yourself, right? Why you know, waste money on Facebook ads when you
don't necessarily have the budget to be investing right off the bat, right?
Don't right off the bat, invest in, you know, goo Google ads, Facebook
ads, Instagram ads go the freeway, the freeway, not the freeway.
Hi, wait, go the lazy way, right? Go to where the traffic already is. If you have your lead magnet and you want
to start driving traffic to your lead magnet. Well, there's several websites out there that
have a lot of traffic on them already. So here's an idea. Maybe what you could do is go to a
website like Skillshare and create a couple of classes in Skillshare where
they don't have to be that long. Maybe you make a half-hour class
composed of different videos, right? So you become a teacher and partner
with Skillshare and in return people not only to your class and watch
it, but in your teacher profile, you can put whatever you want.

You can
put your lead magnet, your social media. So this is a great way to build up your
audience and leverage somebody else's traffic. And it's free. You don't
have to pay to be a teacher. You just teach because Skillshare needs
teachers, right? So that's an option. The other option is Udemy. So,
Udemy, you can create a mini course. So this could be even like your low
ticket offer in the value ladder. So this could be something you
create on Udemy and with Udemy, you create your own price point. So maybe you want to sell a course
for 20 bucks or something like that. But the cool thing is you
really want to focus on again, building your list and driving traffic
and getting people off these platforms into your funnel. So they
can start to get to know you, and you can put them through the value
ladder and increase that customer value over a lifetime.

So those are
my ideas for traffic. Okay. So then when you're really trying to
level up and create a traffic source that just fuels the passive income
machine and the value ladder, you definitely want to get
on a platform like YouTube, where you're leveraging SEO traffic.
It's a free website to get started. It's powerful. And you can also monetize YouTube in a
way by getting paid by Google AdSense. My biggest AdSense month on
this platform has been $12,700. So making that amount of money within
a month on top of the other income streams is in sane. I mean, I was just
like, wow, like this is super cool. A platform that will pay you to
create content for them. I mean, Facebook doesn't do that.
Instagram doesn't do that.
Linkedin. Doesn't do that. So really consider that
when you're thinking about
where you want to be present and dominate first on social media, again, a YouTube channel is going to take time. Obviously it's going to be a
time investment, but in the end, it's going to be higher quality traffic
to your lead magnet and to your value ladder.

Because people are
getting to know you in the video, it's video marketing. And so you are establishing a
connection with your audience of viewer, who you've never met before, because they're coming to your
video and learning from you. Maybe it's a tutorial
you're giving on YouTube. Maybe it's a log and entertainment piece.
Maybe you're doing a reaction video, whatever is, I feel like
you know, as a YouTuber, I know many people feel
like they know me and they, they know my life and I feel the
same way about other YouTubers. It's really cool because you get to know
their personality and all of that in the end equals revenue and
profits in your pocket because the idea of a video, a YouTube video is to drive people to
your lead magnet. Okay. So this is really, really cool. And if you're interested on how to get
started with a YouTube channel and how to really, really crush it, create one K day, create the monthly
revenue that you desire. Please download my subscribers
to sales blueprint up here, or the first link in the description, because so many people that have
taken action with the blueprint.

And then after that have joined
our subscribers to sales course, which is our premium program have
seen results like crazy. I mean, we just had a student
in subscribers to sales, hit his first one K within four
months and got monetized with YouTube and got his first few clients.
It's insane. The power of YouTube, even as a small channel. So go ahead and
check that out after this video. Okay. So the next step in all of
this is to go on up, move on, up on the value ladder and create either
a low ticket or a mid ticket offer. Okay. So I've done both back in the day when
I was getting started with my online business. So many people were asking me about
affiliate marketing and because I was killing it, like 90% of my income
was coming from affiliate products, affiliate commissions. And everybody
asked me like, well, Mariss, how did you do it? So I was like, Hmm. Instead of teaching this over and
over to people, I'm like, okay, well, I'm going to create a course. It was $197 that I charged a
course about affiliate marketing, how I did it, how somebody can get
started, how to choose a product, how to promote.

And that course was,
was a winners. So many people liked it. I made like 20 sales within a span
of six months or something like that. And that was awesome. I was like,
wow, this is really, really cool. So that was my first
stab at the value ladder. So that the $200 price point
is still to me, a lower ticket. The mid ticket to high ticket
is anything between $50 $2000. I wouldn't recommend charging
something up to two K right away, because it's just, you don't know enough on a micro
level or a lower ticket level about your audience and if your product
works. So that's why I say start low, because you want to make
sure that whatever you're
delivering to the marketplace works. And that's why I said,
going back to the beginning, when you're doing the PLR, P L P P L R products and
creating your first lead magnet, you want to brand it as your voice. Cause later on when you create these
other products, it's going to be like, Oh, this feels and sounds different
than what you first put out.

So that's why you want to make
it your own from the beginning. Of course you have all the resources
there on that website to do it. But the point is you can't scale that
value ladder and keep going and make one K days. You know, if your product
sucks, it just doesn't work. If it's not getting other people
results, then you're going to have to, you know, take a step back and think,
well, why? And so that's why your product, it doesn't have to be a course. Like if you wanted to start with coaching
where you do one-on-one coaching and you have clients and calls. So that way you're kind of
killing two birds with one stone, it's like you're evaluating the market.
You're evaluating people's problems. You're seeing if, what you're
telling them to do is working.

And if they're taking action
and if they're doing it okay, once you collect the data from being
a coach and having all these clients, then you're like, okay, I have the knowledge and experience
now to put it into a repeatable process that somebody else can do. And
that's where you can create that course, you know, in the form of video
modules. And that's where again, Kartra comes in handy because
with Kartra up, it's all on there, your email marketing, okay, your
sales funnels and creating a course, you can host a course,
a membership on Kartra. You can create different
videos on there. So that's, what's really powerful about the Kartra
platform and why I use it and how I wouldn't be able to make one K days
and two K days if it weren't for that platform. So I really hope that is helpful
and insightful and make sense how it all comes around together in building
the value ladder. All right, guys, if you're loving this video,
let's continue. The fun. Let's continue growing in love. What I want you to do right now is head
on over with me to this next video right here, which is about creating $200
a day, starting with just a dollar.

Let's check it out..

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