$100 in 1 DAY! Just DRAW LINES! Make Money Online Using Phone Only! XP-PEN Deco mini4&7 Pen Tablets

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and some websites for free. For today's video, I will not share an earning application. Instead, I will share to you how we can earn money online with drawing (art) or.. How to make money online with Digital Arts? I will share to you what is Digital Arts and how we can make money from it. But before we start I would like to thank XP-PEN for sponsoring me these 2 drawing tablets, The Deco mini 4 and Deco mini 7. Today we will have an unboxing and product review of these 2 drawing tablets from XP-PEN Make sure to stay until the end of this video to know how we can earn online using these tablets.

That's it for our unboxing product review of Deco mini 4 and Deco mini 7 from XP-PEN. Before we proceed on how we can make money online using Digital Art, let us know first what is Digital Art? Digital art is defined as an artistic creation produced using digital technology. Digital art is like any other art but the the tools used in digital art are different with tools in traditional art. In traditional art, you will need to buy materials to be used in your traditional drawing like brushes, pencils, oils, watercolors, sketchbook etc. While on the other hand, in digital art, all the tools you need are already in the system or in your device. It will depend on the software you will use in drawing. Now, let's proceed on how we can make money online using digital art.

The first way to make money online using digital art is by seeking or accepting commissions. The best place to start is to showcase your work in social media (platforms). Start posting your work on your Facebook with caption, "I'm accepting commissions in portraits, Facebook page cover or Facebook page logo." You may send a message to different Facebook pages if they want to have a logo, Facebook cover or Facebook page templates. As you know, online selling is in demand today. You can also find client on YouTube. Just email YouTubers if they want to have group channel art, YouTube logo or thumbnails. Now, the second way for us to earn money in digital art is to sell your art in different marketplaces.

Selling your digital art might be one of the best ways to make money online as an artist. So, where can we sell our digital art? Here are the 10 marketplaces where you can sell your digital art online. You can sell your digital art in Creative Market, Design Cuts, Art Web, Big Cartel, This is a Limited Edition, Artist Shops, Society6, Etsy, Zazzle or in Red Bubble. The third way for us to earn money online using digital art is by selling merchandise using your digital art. The second way to earn is quite related to the third way but they are different. The second way is by selling your digital art in marketplaces while the third way is by using your digital art to sell merchandise. You will sell the merchandise with your art.
You will get your art printed on tangible products. Here, you will use print on demand or drop shipping service. Here, you will have to take care of the printing, packaging, branding and also the shipping of your products to your customers. If you don't know where to have your merchandise printed with your art. You may try print on demand services like Society6, Zazzle and Printbook.

Now, what are the merchandise you can sell with your digital art? you can sell wedding invitations, party decorations, greeting cards, birthday cards, thanksgiving cards, diaries, journals, planners, t-shirts, hoodies, kids clothes, pillowcases, towel, phone cases, or mugs. You can put your artwork on a mug or any other souvenirs or gifts. You can sell all those merchandise with your artwork.
Cool, right? When you sell merchandise with your artwork, you should have reasonable price. because you will still pay for the print on demand services. For example, I have given away Big Five Fan t-shirt. I made the design then have it printed.
I paid for the printing services.

That's how it is. If you will sell that merchandise, a percentage of your income will go to print on demand service. Now for you to become a freelance digital artist, First, you need to create an account or portfolio in freelancing portals. Here are the 10 freelancing portals or websites where you can apply as a freelance digital artist. First is in Fiverr.
Second is in UpWork. Third is in TopTal.
Fourth is in Simply Hired Fifth is in People per Hour.
Sixth is in Aquent Seventh is in Crowded.
Eighth is in The Creative Group. Ninth is in 99Designs.
Lastly is in Freelancers. When you are already in the freelancing portals that I mentioned, you'll have to find the client.

Here, you will work with your client.
You can have one, two or three clients. When you are starting as a freelance artist, it will require hard work, skill and years of persistence before you become well-established or well known. Here, you will need to build your portfolio to have good ratings from your clients that will lead to more clients. And the fifth and last way to make money online in digital art is by making digital art tutorials.

Or become a social media influencer. Now, if you don't like selling or marketing your skills with clients, you don't like commission-based, You can do art tutorials. You can make digital art tutorials in YouTube, Facebook.
You will just need equipment in filming your tutorials. You can do speed art. As you all know, I have a second channel which is Tonet's Art where I do drawing art tutorials. Just like this, I do speed art.
But in my second channel, it's about traditional art. But I am planning to do digital art tutorials.
As of now, I am still learning digital art. It's my first time to use a drawing tablet. Make sure you are subscribed to my second channel so we can learn digital art all together! You just need to film while drawing.
Your goal here is to monetize your YouTube channel. To monetize your YouTube channel: 1. You need to have 1000 subscribers.
2. You have to reach 4000 watch hours.

That's it. Those are the 5 ways to earn money online using digital art. Digital art is one of the best way to make money online. If you have talent or skills in drawing, why not try digital art and make money from it. This ends our video, KaChikas! If you liked and have learned in this video..
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