10 Work From Home Office Products You NEED in 2021!

– I have 10 work from home
products you need in 2021. Welcome back to the channel. I'm the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite I've been working from home
for way too long in my career. In fact, I just stand alone in a room with an annoyingly loud voice,
screaming into a camera, my wife tries to work
in the room beside me but, she's working from home now, And many of you guys might
be in that same situation.

If you need laptop, desktop, all-in-one solutions for your home office or lighting desks surprises and more, I've got you covered. I wanna thank HP for
sponsoring today's video. I reached out to them to secure some of the products on
this list in particular, what I wanna begin with in particular two laptop deals a reminder I do use affiliate links so if you expand the video
description box right under me, you're gonna find a link
to my first laptop deal, I do benefit monetarily if you're kind enough to use one of my links and you're gonna benefit from this awesome 17.3 inch HD build. And the reason I'm so passionate about this specific HP model, it's a lot of bang for your buck in terms of screen, you
get eight gigs of RAM, even incredible amount of
storage space on this computer. You get a one terabyte
traditional hard drive and 128 gigs solid state drive, all the ports the SD cards and more. This is a beautiful computer,
700 bucks down from 950, at the time I am uploading as
part of a special sales price, and on the higher end
of the HP laptops today this HP ENVY x360, which
folds down it has a stylist, so you can use it kind of like a tablet, it's got that beautiful, vibrant 15.6 inch HD touchscreen display, it's got an Nvidia graphics card in it, it's eight gigs of RAM,
256 gigs solid state drive, beautiful specs on this and again, 780 down from 950, so on either laptop on the number one spot you're gonna be doing well.

Now, well both of these
laptops have built in webcams, I thought as the second
deal that I could feature if you expand that audio
description box right into me you're gonna find a link to
the cloud Valley webcam covers. They're usually eight bucks well worth it, considering that you get two, these will work with both of those laptops I've showed you, other
PCs, mobile devices. It's just good to have, because there's been times where my webcam has been activated, I was not aware of it I've wrapped up a Skype
or zoom communication, and then decided to take my shirt off and have a good old bubble
tea in front of the computer, so you never know, but this is something that
you might wanna consider in the number two spot. In the number three spot
before we talk desk chairs, if you guys are looking for an all-in-one computing solution, I just hooked my dad up with this.

Well, actually didn't
hook them up with it, I sent him the link and said you buy it 'cause it's a great deal but, I got them the deal. 850 down from 950, this is an all-in-one monitor, keyboard, mouse and beautifully
equipped Windows 10 computer. This is a very popular all-in-one, and with this you get a 27 inch, full HD touch display, that's on the computer. Again, to get an $850
all-in-one computer is great, but then to get it with a touch screen, this is just in a league of its own. This HP all-in-one 27 that you see has got a very sleek stand, I love how minimalist and modern it is and not just the aesthetics of it, but it's got 16 gigs of RAM. Phenomenal. Even as an active YouTuber, if you're a creative discipline and you edit video or photos or marketing or you're a classroom
here or like a teacher and you wanna see your
class in big vibrant display for virtual learning, got a
one terabyte hard drive on this and a 512 gig solid state drive so you've got some incredible specs tied to this computer 849.99, an
incredible all-in-one deal.

Now, let's move on to desk chairs and I'm actually gonna show you this 'cause I own it in a moment
in the number four spot. I've got two desk chairs that
I want to show you today. We've got this Amazon basics, high back executor swivel chair, and I actually bought this for my wife we have it in white. It's a beautifully, comfortable
and ergonomic desk chair, it forces your back into a proper position that you can recline a little bit on it, more than 15,000 nearly perfect reviews. And this is what it looks like in black, either color you'd be doing well, but if you wanna spend even less cash, on a great desk chair solution you might wanna take a look at the, YAHEETECH Computer Chair I believe that's how it's pronounced. 87 bucks down to 37 at the
time I'm recording this. It's $50 off, 57% off,
they third-party reseller so you didn't need to pay a
$9 and 99 cents shipping fee but, $36 and 99 cents I don't
own this, but it looks great.

It's been very well-received
eat across the country and if you do read the reviews on Amazon people are enamored with
the specific swivel chairs. It's got that breathable
mesh user-friendly arm rest and adjustable height, just
like that Amazon chair. In the number five spot, a $100 off one of the most popular and well-rated laser printers that you can from HP, again expand the
video description box. If you wanna score this,
329.99 down to 299.99, this is one fast all-in-one laser printer you can print, scan, copy. It's fully wireless, works with windows and Apple products that
supports mobile printing and you get a very speedy
21 pages per minute. One of my favorite
features of this printer in addition to the cost savings based on the toner tank and its
efficiency, is its footprint. It's a really small laser
printer that can handle a large scale demand so, if
you are an education, or law or a student and you work from home and you're printing
incredible amounts of pages, this toner tank included in here will give you 5,000
pages right off the bat, and that's just from one toner tank load so the amount you would be
spending on anchor cartridges with another brand or
another type of printer, you'll find yourself rewarded
not just in the sales price, but how you save over
time using this printer.

HP never stop laser expand
the video description box you will find a link to this. To accompany that printer
in the number six spot, I did find a desktop stand for the printer which could work at the printer I've just showed you or
another printer that you have. It's an Anti-skid space
organization system so, it will accommodate your printer. There's an additional $5 coupon at the time I'm uploading
the so hopefully, when you make your way to
that video description box you will find that $5 coupon which knocks this down to $30 and 98 cents with free shipping and
free returns through prime.

If you are that will handle
up to 44 pounds of weight, which is great and you
see the different ways you can use this just as a shelf even if you're not using it as a printer. If you wanna use as a 3D Printer, you could put a paper shredder on here. On my desk I've got a
little video editing system and I think I could probably use it in conjunction with this so I love that deal as well. Before I show you an
incredibly versatile desk for under 40 bucks, in
the number seven spot it's one of the smallest,
yet most powerful PCs that you can find from
the HP EliteDesk series. This has got a great deal on it today.

449 is the deal price. It has a list price of
969, but 449 is the price with a three year standard
warranty included, before you get into the specs, I know plenty of companies
that will charge you half the price of the computer to
get a three-year warranty. So that is included, that's great. This is a product where you pair with this a monitor that you might already have I'll show you a deal for one in a moment, you bring your own mouse
and it's well-equipped with four USB ports, one
USBC port, eight gigs of RAM, and a very nicely sized,
256 gigs solid state drive.

So you're getting power, plus a graphics card in
a very small form factor. This is almost a computer
that could fit into your hand, it's versatile and that
if you need to bring it from a traditional
office back to your home, back to somewhere else, or if
you're working on a vacation, this is something you could
potentially easily pack into a carry on or a backpack. And with this in the number seven spot, the eighth deal on my
list is an HP monitor, 24 inches, 120 bucks down from 140.

It's got a nearly bezel list design so the frame almost disappears beyond this highly adjustable,
beautiful HD interface. And if you look at some of the
specs tied to this monitor, you get that 3-sided Micro Edge display that I was alluding to, and then HP low blue light features. This is also features
the HP light emission, so if your eyes are exposed to a screen for an extended period of time
and you start to feel drowsy or your eyes are bothering or hurting you, this is great for sensitive eyes and for extended periods of use.

Thanks to that HP low blue light filter. In the number nine spot, an
entire desk for under 40 bucks and before you get to the
bonus items on my list and some desk lighting options, take a look at this $33 and 88 cent at the time I'm uploading this
extremely well rated laptop, adjustable mobile desk. Now this will easily work
with the 17 inch laptop that I showed from HP or the 15.6 inch, it'll work with all sorts of things.

In fact, on my desk I have this
little video editing system. I could easily put it on there, but, this is a height adjustable and it will roll right
on over to your couch. In our situation, if the
office area is occupied, the couch becomes the second office. Since a coffee table is not conducive to extended periods of work, this is a great product you might wanna consider expand that video description box and you will be able to score
this today for 35 bucks. In the number 10 spot, I have two lighting deals before
I get to some bonus items. The first is a portable
light that you might've seen for smartphones, but have you
ever considered clipping this onto a laptop or a desktop? If you have that all-in-one
like that HP I showed you and you need to give your
webcam a little bit more lighting based on how your
room appears for Zoom, Skype and FaceTime communications.

It will clip onto an iPhone
or Android smartphone, it will clip onto a tablet or an iPad, it will also work beautifully with those all-in-one
computers and desktop monitors. Specifically, if you do
have a webcam built in, this will make you appear brighter, a little bit more visibly pleasant, or in my case I would want
to turn all the lights off, but this is definitely something that you could take advantage of and score for under 10 bucks.

The other lighting deal
that I wanna show you is perhaps the best desk lamp we've ever used in our household. Now the TaoTronics lED Desk Lamp has five lighting modes and then seven different brightness modes and when I first saw this, I actually bought it for my
wife when she was in law school, I thought to myself why do we need so many
different brightness modes? Her room was dim and her
eyes were or hurting her. And this was part of the Phillips
enabled LED if you get it.

Licensing program to ensure
that your eyes are protected in all different types of environments. So with the different lighting cues and brightness levels
that you can accomplish, for those of you that have sensitive eyes or you wear glasses, this is an ideal situation
with this lamp on your desk. You also get a USB charge port so you can quickly charge your devices, but more importantly, just as a lamp and something
that's highly adjustable, this is something you wanna
consider for under 40 bucks.

Expand the video description box and you can see what we bought And now for the bonus items. And by the way guys, if
you liked this content please feel free to give
this video a thumbs up that lets me know that
you liked what I did and it makes me feel good 'cause I have low to limited self esteem. The Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a great portable
Mini USB Air Humidifier. So you can easily power this
via the USB port in that lamp that I just showed you, but you could actually take this with you into different environments. So it would work desk side, you could use it in your car, it fits into a cup holder, because it is you USBC ready, for those of you that have
road trips or commutes or you're paying more attention to the air that you breathe. For $12 and 59 cents, this is a great way to take better control over the air that you breathe, for this season in particular
it's great for your skin, I mean so many wonderful benefits to a humidifier to have something that's highly portable, that's awesome.

Now, if you need more USB ports, or you want to see one
of the most unique surge protection designs that I have used, this is the JCKYLED Surge Tower
Protection Charging Station. And I actually looked up off to the side of the screen because
I have this on a desk in my studio that I'm now
facing at a diagonal angle. It's a great way to protect
all of your expensive tech. It's got the over current protection but, you also have a
way to get the benefits of a surge protector
in a vertical position. It rotates, which is great, but if you've got a lot
of smartphones or tablets or things that you need to
charge in your office office, your home office, your kitchen counter, this is a great way to do it. You can also independently power on or off all of the ports on
these space-saving towers which is a great way to
limit your energy consumption and for the typical board room situation this would be a great way to
share power and resources.

$25 and 99 cents if expand
the video description box. And final bonus item, is very unique. It's a Dry Erase Board
for 21.99, 44% off today, with a bit of a hook. You can diagonally position this, so if you own personal Dry
Erase Board at your disposal. Now, I don't know if
everyone would need this. If you're someone that's sick and tired of stickies
overtaking your workspace, this is angled so you
can write easily on it jot down your notes and reminders. And for $21 and 99 cents, I'd
say it's also a unique gift if you have someone
that's got a little bit of an obsessive writing things all over the place and sticking
notes up everywhere. Mom, if you're watching, I'd get this. There you go. All right guys, I hope
you liked this content.

If you did enjoy it, please feel free to subscribe, turn your notifications on. And if you're not yet a member, of my Insider Deal Guide
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sponsoring today's video, and I wanna thank you guys for watching. Okay. I love you. Bye-bye..

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