10 NEW Amazon Prime Benefits You SHOULD Know in 2021!

– These are 10 new Amazon
Prime membership benefits you need to know in 2021. I'm excited to have you here. Welcome back to the channel. I'm the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite. Clearly I don't get out much, but I'm even more excited today because your Prime membership can score you additional savings on your Smartphone plan, your favorite television networks. There's a way to double dip
and also score freebies. Many of these perks that I'm going to share today are practically secrets considering how few
people actually use them. Today's video is not sponsored but if you do like the content please feel free to give this a thumbs up.

It helps with my self
esteem or lack thereof. Prime perk number one,
Smartphone plan savings. This year, in 2021, you can now get an additional 10% back
in terms of your savings if you're a Prime member
and you do take advantage of one of these new offers, which rotate on a regular basis for unlimited talk and
text Smartphone plans for as little as $20 per month, all in. In terms of my family, we're not traveling nearly
as much as we used to. So I encourage anyone to audit
their own Smartphone plans.

Check if the plan advantages you have with your current carrier
are actually something that you are using. In addition to the
all-inclusive plan savings, you do get that additional 10%
back as a credit each month. There's no credit checks,
no forms to fill out. And the wireless plans that you can find, if you expand the video description box you guys will find a link, I do use affiliate links with
means I benefit, monetarily, if you're kind enough
to use one of my links, regularly change per month. So if you see something tied to a carrier that you're not
quite crazy about right now, I can guarantee you over time, bundled with some Smartphone deals, you will be happy, or at least hopefully a little bit happier when it comes to your Smartphone provider. And the number two spot as a Prime perk. This is actually tied
to a two hour delivery that is new on Amazon for 2021. Whole foods is now included as part of the free two hour
delivery window on Amazon if you are a Prime member. Whole Foods a little bit out of my budget not necessarily somewhere
that I would shop regularly, and by the way, guys, we are
looking for grocery hacks or savings or the best
things that you could buy at Aldi or Trader Joe's or Costco.

I do have that on this channel but for those of you that
do shop from Whole Foods that might be an advantage of
which you can take advantage of right now. In the number three spot, it's a way to double dip using the Prime Rewards credit card. And if you're not considering
this credit card, don't worry. I have freebies and that digital network
television savings perk in a few moments. But let me show you a couple of examples tied to double dipping, if you do have that Amazon
Prime Rewards credit card. Let me just move my
picture in picture window of my oversized head
attached to what looks like a teenage boy's body to most of you down a little bit more so
you can see the fine print. If you guys look, the Roku Premier, as an example, is a 4K HDR
streaming media device. That's 29% off. Good savings. But if you do have the
Amazon Prime credit card and you do use that to
complete your purchase, you're going to get an
additional 10% back.

And sometimes that percentage back is 15%. If you take a look at the
Kasa Smart Plugs right now, they're 15% off but if you use your
Amazon Prime credit card you get an additional 15% off. And in the past, I've actually seen some
double dip cashback offers if you do have the Prime
Rewards credit card for as high as 20 or 30%.

I saw one on a TV and one on
a Robovac not too long ago. Prime perk number four. Your Prime membership
actually benefits you on multiple platforms,
not just Amazon.com. Let's take Shopbop as an example. My wife is just starting to figure out if this is a retailer
that gets her excited. But free shipping and free
returns are not only a part of your Amazon Prime membership, but if you're not shopping
on Shopbop, East Dane, free three-day shipping and free returns if you're an Amazon Prime member. That's at that top of the page. And for a website that I
frequent more regularly, like woot.com, a daily deal site that offers free shipping
for Prime members. You're gonna dodge shipping fees that are anywhere from $5.95 to $11, depending on the product and the deal. And your savings can add up very quickly, if you are a Prime member. Wow, those abs are really intense. He's got like a 12 pack. I have a minus 12 pack and I'll
work on that at some point, hopefully in the next few years.

And speaking of food,
before I get to freebies, Amazon Prime membership perk number five is tied to Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh previously
cost $15 per month. It lets you skip the long grocery lines by shopping online and
picking a delivery window that's convenient for you. As long as you hit their
order minimum of $50, you will get the free delivery. And I'm particularly
content with this change to the Prime membership
because paying $15 per month just to use a grocery service that has its own minimums
was really aggravating to me. And I'm happy that they got rid of that.

If you noticed I was a
little bit angry there, when I relayed Prime perk number five. When I'm in a funk, sad, or angry, one of the only things that gets me happy, other than bubble tea, is a freebie. So for perk number six
and seven on this list, I'm going to explore freebies and then we'll get into the
television network offers which I think are wonderful. If you guys are not yet aware as part of Prime perk number six, Amazon has launched Amazon's
First Reads program for 2021. And Prime members can choose one free Kindle book each month, which is an incredible perk. The savings add up quickly. Many of these books are $4.99 or $9.99.

The ones in front of me
right now, typically $4.99. So just for being a Prime member, you can get a free editor's choice, trending or highly popular
award-winning book for free. For fellow parents out there like myself. I have noticed that the
children's picture books which have significantly
higher value often than $4.99 are also free for Prime
members on this list.

My two year old absolutely loves many of the picture books that
I show her from this list. So if you are a parent or just an adult who really loves children
or picture books, you're covered. I should also note that the
Amazon original stories, their new short reads, are also free now with Prime
and that's new for 2021 and a fantastic perk. Before I get to television
and Prime video, perk number seven is tied to magazines. And this section just
launched a few weeks ago where Prime members will
receive a four month print magazine subscription for 99 cents. This is great for Mother's
Day, Father's Day, a stocking stuffer, an anniversary, if you're feeling really cheap.

One of the nice things about this gift is you can actually go to a convenience store, grab
a magazine, put a bow on it. So you can actually give
someone the physical gift and you can indicate in the card that half year subscription is on the way. You've only spent a dollar. In the number eight spot, a great way to save on your
favorite television networks and in particular a 30 day freebie that I think everyone should know about. So I'm gonna open up my Prime
video collection right now.

And let's say you've
got an extended period of time where everyone's home. The kids are back from college. Your family vacation is
not nearly as exciting as you thought it would be. And you want to use the streaming benefit tied to your Prime membership. Not only does your Prime
membership give you access to more than a half million
award-winning movies and TV shows through Prime video, which
is a competitor to Netflix. And you guys can sound
off in the comment section on whether or not you
think Prime videos as good as Netflix or better or way worse. But it's important to note that you can subscribe independently to your favorite television
networks through Prime, bypassing your cable
or satellite provider. Particularly good if you've cut the cord. But that's not the freebie. This is. What I've learned as a Prime member, Amazon's actually given
me access to networks I didn't know I was subscribed
to, completely for free.

So if you look at MGM right
here, oh, "Child's play", that's a great movie for my daughter. Being sarcastic, by the way. The MGM subscription is actually included with my Prime membership,
which I was not aware of. And for some of the fancier networks, like the Sundance movie channel network, you guys look very closely, I can watch Sundance for free for 30 days. Not the one week trial you would get tied to many
of your favorite networks if you go to their website. A full 30 days. Brit box, whatever that is, sounds like a network comprised mostly of British programming. My sister who lives in
London would like this. Actually, she wouldn't,
cause she lives there. So she probably gets it for free but free 30 days for that.

Something like Nick+,
again, a free 30 day period. If you plan accordingly, you
could have an entire free year of premium network programming for free. I'm not telling you to
work the system too much to your advantage, but you
could do one month free with one network and then
cancel that free trial and move on to the next subscription and get that free for another month. It could be really fun. I should probably write a blog about that. And by the way guys, if you want to see any
of my blogs or deals thedealguy.com is where I have that. Perk number nine is an
amazing freebie for gamers. And also one of the
more misunderstood sides of your Prime membership. As I'm sure most of you are aware, Amazon owns Twitch, the gaming, streaming, social media like network,
but anyhow, they've rebranded many of its gaming
freebies tied to Twitch. And it's now part of this new umbrella for 2021 called Prime Gaming.

As a Prime member, you get one
free digital game per month and you also have access
to what they call Loot. This is not a perk that's
automatically activated on your Prime membership. So you do need to actually
go into Prime Gaming. If you have a Twitch account you can link them, which is fantastic, but you do need to activate Prime Gaming to score that one free game per month. Before I get to another
substantial freebie, which is part of the bonus
section of this video, perk number 10 is tied to
an exclusive landing page of deals for Prime members.

And a lot of people don't actually know, that there is a Prime member deal page where you can find all of the top offers
dedicated to Prime members. This is great for Prime early access deals on occasions like Prime day,
black Friday, or cyber Monday where you could easily save
40% before anyone else. And many of those deals do expire in a matter of seconds, before they hit the general public. But other rolling perks
tied to things like that cell phone plan that I mentioned,
they are featured here. And again, I will have a link
for all of the Prime deals. If you expand that video description box, you will be able to at least
see what's available right now. Prime bonus perk one of two. And then I'm going to
tell you guys how you can score more deals from me. If you guys are not yet aware, there are ways to save
on your Prime membership. In particular, if you are a student you get a free six month membership. But what you might not be aware of, there's two perks tied to being a student. All you need is a .edu address.

The first perk for students
is you can actually score an entire year of
Showtime for 99 cents. That's great. Particularly if you can enjoy that with the rest of your household, your parents, your siblings. On Amazon Music Unlimited, you could score that for 99 cents a month down from five bucks, which is a perk. But what I really like
is the new selection of deals curated for college students. It's a time right now where a lot of parents and families are struggling but for anyone watching right now, if you are not a student you can still use this
selection of curated deals. So the apparel selection, not just things that students are buying. I'm sure students are all looking to buy jewelry and diamonds. But for occasions where
you really need to save, anyone watching right now, regardless of you being a student or not, these deals are fair game for anyone and on something like the eero mesh which I just saw on the
Computer and Accessory category.

If you take advantage
of this deal right now, again you don't need to be a student, you'd be saving $56 on Amazon eero mesh. And that's just for simply knowing this section exists for students. And finally for bonus number two as a top Amazon Prime membership perk, new for 2021, the Amazon Alexa voice service shopping has been completely revamped. Where if you say the A
word and ask your Echo, what types of deals are available, she will rattle off a full range of deals that are
exclusive for Prime members but also exclusive to owning an Echo. So it's like a double exclusive. You're a Prime member and you own an Echo. You get double the savings or at least some deals
that are not advertised to the general public. Personally, I hate shopping from my Amazon Alexa voice service cause I like to see the product.

I like to see the links. Just simply ordering through my voice is a little bit weird. But if you use that in
conjunction with actually opening up the product on your Amazon browser, doing the research and then
facilitating your purchase through your Echo, that might be the way to make it work. I want to thank you guys for getting to this part of the video. I really appreciate it. If you are not yet a member of my insider deal guide texting club, my phone number (440) 298-2181.

Just text me, drop me
a line (440) 298-2181. And I'll hook you up on a regular basis. And if you guys have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel with
your notifications turned on, I've got more insider
secrets and deals and hacks. And I can't wait to share
them with you right here. So thanks for watching. I love you. Bye-bye..

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