10 Awesome Desk Accessories You’ve Never Heard Of!

– [Narrator] This video
is brought to you by Larq. – What's up my friends? Mike again. Glad to have you guys
back to another episode where we talk about
the latest and greatest desk accessories. So, the products that I
chose for this episode are the ones that I've
been personally using and testing for the past two months. They're really cool and useful. So whether you're looking
something for yourself or for your techie friend, I'm sure you guys are
gonna love 'em as well. And without
further ado, let's begin. So starting off,
this is the Larq bottle. And the amazing thing is that, it's actually a high-tech
water purification system. It cleans itself
automatically every two hours for 10 seconds to make sure your water and bottle stays clean.

And it does this by using a
proprietary UVC LED technology that emits UVC light. This triggers a photochemical
reaction to eradicate bacteria and viruses eliminating
harmful odor causing germs by simply destroying their DNA. So there are two modes to the Larq bottle. There's normal mode, which
runs a 60 second cycle. And there's adventure mode, which runs a three minute cycle. So whether you're filling
it up with tap water, stream water, river water, and et cetera, it's gonna be okay. The Larq bottle is gonna clean it for ya'. Just make sure the water you're using is clear to the eyes
with no heavy sediments. And by the way, the battery
life on this is great. One full charge is enough
for me to clean my water for one to two months. I used to have a ton of these
reusable insulated bottles but I never end up using them for long because they smell kind of
funny, even though I wash them.

So guys, using the Larq
bottle has been great. I love that I don't have to
have a big clunky water filter in my office and I can use
this instead to clean my water and keep me hydrated while I work. Also, Larq is donating
1% of their proceeds to 1% for the Planet, to
bring safe drinking water to those who need it in the world. So they're pretty cool. The bottles are available in two sizes and six different colors. This is a product that
really combines functionality with aesthetics, so it's gonna
look great in any setting, especially on your desk
because the obsidian black blends in very well with my setup and I gave the granite white to my wife and I also think it
looks great in her space.

So guys, if you're looking for a portable water purification
system, definitely check out the Larq bottle, using my
link in the description below. And again, thank you Larq
for sponsoring today's video. And next on the list, if you own a watch or multiple watches,
you're gonna love this one. So I used to store my
watches in my closets and they were very sad and lonely. But with this watch box, I can store them on these four wooden columns
to put them on display.

And now they're out in
the open in all its glory ready to be appreciated by my eyes. I really liked the modern
design of this watch box. Not only does it look good, it actually has another function as well. So this is the organized storage space. It's a handy little compartment to drop off my phone and keys
when I come into the office. So whether you're displaying
your watches on your side table or on your main desk, I think it's definitely gonna level up the look of your space. And next, if you're someone
who sits at your desk a lot using your mouse for hours and hours your wrist might feel sore or tired. So this is a wrist rest that's
aimed to relieve your wrist and reduce wrist fatigue.

The wrist rest is ergonomically designed with these super soft silicone
paddings to caress your palm. This also has improved gliders on it. So when you use it with your mouse, moving it around is super smooth. And when I use this, I do find that it engages more of my arm to move the mouse around,
so it relieves the wrist from doing all of the work. And by the way, it's also an added bonus that it's a cool looking design, so it fits nicely on your desk with the rest of your peripherals. And moving along, if you're a laptop user it's very important to
get an ergonomic setup because as you can see on the left it's quite straining on your neck and shoulders to hold your
head up at an angle like that. So this is the laptop
riser I've been using.

It's the most premium
quality stand I could find. It's made of walnut wood at the base to give a very natural feel and it uses a combination
of aluminum and wool to protect and hold your laptop. I really think that the design and materials give it a very
modern high-tech aesthetic. As for functionality, this laptop stand is designed to lift a screen a bit higher for better ergonomics. It also has a tiny footprint. So it doesn't take up
much space on the desk especially when I'm using
it as a second screen to my ultra wide monitor.

There's also a cable management part in the back of the stand
where you can pull cables through to hold them there. So whether you're using your
laptop as a second screen or using it as your main monitor, using a monitor stand has definitely helped improve my posture and helped reduce my upper back pain. And guys, if you'd like
more desk set up tips and content to remember,
just like and subscribe.\ And next on the list, if
you wanna deck out your room you gotta check out these light panels. Nanoleaf has a lot of
these in different shapes. Today, I'm using the mini
triangles and the big triangles and you can connect up
to 500 of these things. The cool thing about this
is that it all connects together as one unit and
the color combination that you can make to match
your setup is just endless.

The installation process is
quite interesting as well. You can preview what the
whole thing would look like on your wall using their app. This is really useful because you can move the lights around to find the right spot. So when you install it, you
know exactly what to expect. So if you have a wall
that you want to decorate these light panels are a
high tech and simple solution because it has a ton of features in them.

In the app, you can make the
light panels react to sound so that it will
synchronize with your music when you're playing it, or you can choose different
color themes or different colors or you can even make
your very own patterns and motions, until you're fully
satisfied with your design. And moving along, if you
want to add some personality to your space without flashy LED lights, these are metal posters that
you can stick on your wall. So here I have a poster of Tokyo, Japan. It's my favorite place on earth. And then I have another
poster of Demon Slayer which is like, one of my favorite animes that you can watch on Netflix. These are actually magnetic, so installing it was super easy. All I had to do was install
the magnet stickers on the wall and simply just stick the posters on. I love this installation process because I can get the
frames to the perfect angle without much fuss and
it's also super secure.

I'm pretty surprised the magnets can hold up the weight
of these metal frames. The added bonus here is that
when my standing desk goes up you can actually see
the light shining on it and it gives the posters more
color, more real vibrancy and kind of brings it to life. And next, I get a lot of
questions about this light. It's called the Candela. It's a very simple and very elegant light that's supposed to imitate a candle. With that being said, it only has one color and you
can control the brightness of the lamp simply by turning it. It can be very dim or very bright. So I love using this lamp to set a mood. Whatever I put it beside, it always makes it look warm and cozy. And next, this might just
be the best foot rest in the world. I've been
using this for six months. And the unique thing is
that it rolls back and forth so you can stretch and move your legs, getting that blood going while seated. So this foot rest is built like a tank. It's made of solid wood, and when you turn the knobs on the side you can adjust the
height of the foot rest.

So I really like using this product because it's super adjustable to my body and it just helps relieve
the pressure from my legs and my lower back when I sit
for long periods of time. And next, as you guys already might know I'm a huge fan of using desk mats. They protect your desk from scratches. They feel good and they just
make your desk look organized very easily. So it's a personal
preference, but for myself I like using ones that shift around because when I sit in a
slightly different position I can move everything with me.

But if not into that, here's a desk pad that will stay in place. So this desk pad uses
a wool felt material. And I really like using stuff like this because it's cozy to the touch and it soaks up my hand sweat so it doesn't leave
any marks on the table. And on the backside, you'll
see a lot of these rubber dots? These are the things that
will make it stay in place. So no matter how intense you are at gaming or how much you rage or whatever, this desk pad isn't gonna budge. And next up, I know a lot of people are still working from
home, so having a good mic for video conferencing and
all that, is very important. So I've been using this mic from Shure for the past three months,
and it has been great. I've used this mic in a lot
of videos since I've owned it. And heck I'm even using it
in this video right now. So this is what this mic sounds like.

And I gotta say, in the software, it's very easy to use. It's
literally plug and play. They have different modes
for different mic positions like far and near, and you
can change it different tones as well. And all of it is done in the background. So you don't have to
manually customize it. However, you could go full manual mode and do all the tweaks yourself if you know what you're doing, but for myself the sound
quality from the auto leveling has been great so far in my videos. So you want to get started
with podcasting, voiceovers, making YouTube videos
or whatever you want, that involves recording something? This is definitely a
good investment to make because on the back, it gives
you two options to plug in.

You can do it through micro USB, or, you can use a XLR input to plug it in to a audio interface when you upgrade later on.
So this can grow with you. And guys let me know in the comments below which product was your favorite, or if there's a cool
product that you know of that I haven't mentioned
in any of these videos yet let me know in the comments below so that I can pick products
that you guys like.

And if you're still watching
the video right now, thank you so much for supporting my videos and watching 'til the end. Drop me a fire emoji to let
me know that you watched 'til this part and
that's it for now, guys. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the very next video. Bye! (electronic music) ♪ La la la la la la la la la la la la ♪ ♪ I'm making this thing go all

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