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good morning good evening and good night
no matter which part of the world you're watching from welcome it's been a whole
minute since I've had a chance to talk with you guys directly and I thought to
myself let's pull this channel I started a long time ago to actual use
so if your into filming, music, graphics media and you're looking for solutions
because you're tired of people telling you to just be patient you're in the
right place roll the intro Hi and welcome my name is Sinista Eskapone and some people might
call me a jack of all trades when it comes to music business the media but
for me when it's all said and done everything I do rolls around music
performance and one of the most important things of all getting paid because of this my journey has taking me
on many different paths which has allowed me to pick up a few skills and building
up for the infrastructure to create my own businesses which has allowed me then
to focus on my goal which is making music, performing live and getting paid on my channel what I'm not gonna do I'm not only gonna show you all my latest music
videos like every other artists out there or just give you clips of live
performances that you didn't buy tickets too or even convince you to buy my latest single unless you want too yeah go buy my latest single! alright! what I plan to do is show you the
equipment I used to film and shoot my videos and give you solutions so it's
possible for you to shoot yours on a budget or if you've got a budget go all out
I will show you the way on top of that I plan to show you how I put on my live
shows and I don't wait to get called to be booked for shows sometimes I just put
them on I'll show you how to put your money where your mouth is and invest in
yourself it don't matter if your an artists a graphic design a web
designer a video director a poet a dancer I'm gonna show you exactly what I
do to make what I do happen and show you how I learn all these different skills
incorporate so I can achieve the goal that I wanted to do so if you're
creative and you're on a journey looking for solutions you're in the right place
just press that subscribe button down below don't forget to press that bell
for all those new notifications so you're always updated the moment I put
up a post also don't forget to leave a comment because if
you don't comment I don't know what you need to know ok anyway until next time
Sinista Eskapone stay blessed stay beautiful I'm out

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