🤑 How To Make Money On Instagram With No Following or Posting

hi hi all this is anacostia for money producer area comm and in this video I show you how you can make money with Instagram without posting without following but before I. got into the topic this is a lot first time under my channel you have to go front and subscribe to this channel do do not forget to ring a notification bell I update my channel beautifully consistently and I usually learned about how to make money online passive income lead generation traffic services and related topics this is something you will go ahead and master please go ahead and subscribe to this channel do not forget to press the notification bell I do not want you to miss the video as I mentioned before, I will show you how to make money with Instagram without notice and without the following Okay so first well you need to have one Instagram account, so as you can see, I am have my Instagram account here and we find someone who needs one funnel, that's the service we are will give okay so we must find pages that want to be made money, but they do it in wrong way if you want you can try that find people you know by typing name but I prefer to find niches so I use hashtag Quito, which is actually a sub niche on help niche okay so i went on the help network then I will weight loss and I decided I should go with Quito okay, so what to do it's really easy but it becomes one a little time consuming is that you are must click on the images and then you click here on the eastern account so you look like they have some kind of links what link does they have it, they go to a subsidiary offers if they go directly to a sale page how everything is instructor, so I actually doing this going forward because I do not want to be you by wasting time and I will not make this video real long so I choose a site that I do not have website actually an Instagram account which is Quito meals get so like you can see that they have over 600,000 files which is a really big account, and they make money on the say healthy keto meals receive keto lokars joined the 28-day keto challenge with 307 lightly prepared ketogenic received click now ok but this is what happened if I click now they have no kind of landing person as you can see these are really popular ok if you click on the link, I want to show you where you are being redirected okay so let's go this for a moment what it actually is loads but ok here as you can see well they have as a kind of landing page but these are actually Clickbank products are so they try to manufacture sales they have a huge following, however they leave a lot of money on table because they do not process one email list this is basically on digital marketing ok you need to create one email list because chances are they become many people there are interested in this hi if they have one huge successor, but because they are not Capture emails you know they are not creates this momentum okay so chances are the people who are interested but I do not know somehow we got distracted someone you know, call them the phone we use Instagram or font someone calls us someone just I do not know we were distracted with other things maybe it might not be the right moment you know we were by the boss and checked out of our Instagram account where you are will not write or credit card there or in the subway you know things work happen so this is not something that is get hit and miss ok and you can Keep selling products like these to these people it does not matter whether they buy or not and because they do not have it and you know and landing pages where they are will catch people email the totally messy desk ok so i want you to take this in duration and so they are like a good example of a person who is active builds gray momentum, but maybe they does not make as much money at the station so what we need to do right now is we take our phones because we can not do this on the computer and you are sending a voice message this is the easiest way you know create a relationship with someone and you will let them know as you have done a tool that you will show them this is something free right you want Show this for free that it will help them to get more sales if it's okay answer only you know and this is something about Instagram and that you need to take into account that you are will not do this once a day you need it send these messages to at least ten pages or ten insurance accounts per.

day because right now have instagrams just like the primary inbox the general inbox and I do not know if you somehow have noticed that someone is sending you a message but there is request, and at any time they is on those who request the directory you are creating do not get the notification so people take their time to respond so every time they answer okay, you need to create sales funnel and actually my favorite sales funnel, it is actually built or builder is an all-in-one marketing solution and I will leave a link below so you can try it is 14 days free trial and they have two the funnel builders right now and the only one father that you have an email marketing or a responder so I want you to take it considering Gregg now they do get the Sheeta drag-and-drop site builder and pixel-perfect builder let me first show you what is selected perfectly do so click here says enter and you need to create a new one website and you click here where there are sales funnels so these are predefined sales funnels for you to see the hello they can offer as a lead magnet side J have you received these right then they can create the top 10 keto receipts or something similar just so we can offer it for free okay so we can do this or we can use what called a bridge suit okay it is really really popular here we can too offer as a lead magnet or we can do this quiz page so we can say let them know something in advance right or we can use bridge funnel if they say as hello you know it with my experiments and actually get more sales on 28 days keto challenge right so we can set as a header we can capture people's emails and they can do as one bridge, you know it can be like a little video or your written article you know do pre-sale why they suggest and so to take this challenge the advantage it's easier, but my suggestion is that right now forget about pixel-perfect because you will have to create desktop version and you will have to recreate the mobile version so I strongly prefer to go with the cheetah drag and drop site builder because i just need to create my site once and mobile version will be there then you click here, it says enter and by the way, do not worry about this is really easy to do this is my cheetah builder, we click here where it says Create new site or we can go here at the top where it says, create new site and it asks me what the title is the title becomes mmm keto site or one keto funnel okay the description is will be the same okay and you can choose a template they do not have as many funnels as they do on other builder it because this is brand new, but they work really hard to add new funnels okay so i want you to take it into consideration, however, as you can they are really really good I can use this to send the free e-book, otherwise I can use this for recipient so right so really really really good realized fantastic okay let me cancel this because I will show you how to do this from scratch just in case you are as okay, I do not want to use it I want to create my own so we have to click here it says blank template and then we click here the recess next okay so here is the page that you can see Well, I have several options here, though I really do not make sure you do not ruin it because we really do not need death then we click here resist did page and you will see how easy it is to in fact doing this you will have one functional funnel built in no time, so now as you can see, the system asks we would like to add a panel to start building a site, but there is apparently nothing here do not worry, you click here in the arrows, and here we can add elements, or we can add panels we can add a blank panel or we can use the first one full panel so as you can see are these in fact I classify really really let's see if we can find one as it will be, maybe this one soldier helps us can not search properly and helping helps build it for you as well, so what we are will do let me review your landing page well it is not actually landing page okay he calls to action is connected one 28-day kita challenge with 370 easy to save to receive click now okay so we can copy this okay it says 28 days keto challenge let me do it okay so I have to really make it really easy simple, so as you can see, it's like Microsoft Word, so there are 28 keto-oops challenge oh it's a little bigger Don't worry, I can minimize, you know size or in fact can I move this is drag and drop so I do not like being there you do not have to worry and here it is also says you do or a community to came in with kids using okay, so that says, I will say, join our keto I do not know society now we must put on the annual lie and 370 as I think it was yes 370 easy to prepare ketogen receives heater words okay so so here we kita has fantastic fantastic I think so means stomach yes let me correct anyway this yes on what to do is so I'm not removing this anymore because this is a funnel where we stay catching people's emails goes live with the item came here, that's fine and I move this all the way to top right it will be here and I'm adding right now in one element the only element there is actually missing is the email form okay so I choose one let's say, then I'll see you choose this one so I pull and release it and one of the things I like about builder is right now that all their tools are integrated Remember to know the beginning I told you they do has two website builders or funnel builders, but they have also made Limbaugh's, which is their email marketing tool, it is already integrated so let's say I use this less okay or I can actually create a new list so I can click here is there sure, and if I want to make it bigger, I am can make it bigger, so Ratan right now I have the landing page and then you wish you the builder, I like it very much because it is mobile friendly and remember that we do not do this landing page care about how good or bad it looks the desk so we don’t care what it looks like it looks on the mobile itself version, so that's it if you want to move this item to the top because it is organized we can move it with the arrows so really easy now it's just time for you by saving it and when you save it builder everything will ask you if you want to publish it to polish it is actually links that you can share with the owner of this Eastern account so that we may send them a message like hello here you go this is the actual tool that should help you this is a landing page and you are will ask them as hello, do you mind if we plan as if 15 minutes a strategic call, it will be 15 minutes 30 minutes, even 45 minutes, that was you will explain them as how this phone will benefit them basically it is will benefit them because they will create a list of people or interested in what they offer, which is 28-day Akito challenge and you can too let them know because of the email marketing, they can continue to sell them other products, so if people for some reason not to buy immediately they can continue to sell them another process or lethal products until they get sales okay, so if you're wondering how I know you by doing the thing I use actually honestly or not can not Lee I do not know how to pronounce me but in fact you can google it can not Lee or your go-to gamefly.com it's free to use and you can set so many appointments as you will, then the person becomes really impressed because you have one you have a really nice funnel an email marketing tool you are explains how important it is and about it same call you can let them know as hello this funnel, it is built on build then live the regular price or I usually sell this for a hundred dollars I do not know 150 or 300 or you even ask them like how much money you want to be willing to pay you know for this tool it will help you and they will tell you how much if they are willing to pay and you lend out in load as hi, I can give it to you for free if you decide to join the builder using my my link because you actually need this tool in order for you to know that it's just a funnel which I created but I suggest you go with at least marketing plan and you explain this in the same way Flask because they need to see yours screen then if you are doing Skype or if you push soon, it's amazing, so you explain them as hello on least marker because it already has five thousand leads that they can have on the mailbox okay on the email marketing tools and just Builder one yes they get the funnel but there are only a hundred leads, so what they must work properly and you can also give them other suggestions you know so they can get this amazing great tool so it's really easy to make a sale to close a sale because the builder is basically a no-brainer, and you Show them already how beautiful this is phone to look like and you can also make a comparison like hi, you're just using 2990 you get the funnel you are gets the email marketing tool right, you do not have to go to a Weber get answers and you can show them how a lot of money they had to pay if they use these other third parties solutions so that it is a win-win situation it's when for them because hey they are you will not lose potential customers right they do not lose leads and most importantly, they do not stay leaving money on the table maybe they do not know, they know how to drive one successful Instagram account and the only thing they learn is its death just so this is a way you can actually make money with Instagram you do not have to have an entourage you do not have need posting but you need to take action again you must be in touch this kind of Instagram draws at least ten of them with per.

day this will be a snow will affect the beginning may look like no one is be mindful, but remember that you might land on the desired inbox as well take it into consideration you may be growing your own build-role Network just with customers that they want to keep pay bills role and if you want to try build your own, i will leave a link below so it will be the 14-day free try so you can check it out if you find this content useful give me thumbs up to help me it helps my video, it helps my channel do not forget to subscribe to this channel and press the notification bell and share this video with anyone you might think he or she will need that thanks and I see you downstairs

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