🔥Italy CRUSH Turkey🔥 (0-3 Euro 2020 Goals Highlights Immobile Insigne Demiral own goal)

euro 2020 turkey versus italy run for your lives [Music] [Applause] so [Music] [Applause] so [Applause] [Music] so john luigi did you enjoy that win tonight no i was bored the shitless but at least i caught up on my ironing do you regret ripping off your own head not as much as i regret buying tickets for this match could this day get any worse oh son of a [ __ ] let me guess you're going to do what they do at the oscars and ask me who i'm wearing uh no it's sarmani thanks for asking i didn't ask do you think you'll be fit for the next game that performance is gonna make people sit down and stand up sit down and stand up yeah fantastic punditry there rio thanks worth every single penny of their taxpayers money play against me in a unique fantasy app that will change the way you watch the euros this summer choose a game and pick four players i've picked these three lions and crammer it's get points or lose points for everything they do ten thousand dollars everyone follow four four twos and you can play against me whoever follows me and finishes top of the england croatia 442's leaderboard wins a hundred dollars download fan fashion join me now adios

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