Ограбление вокзала! #27 – Ocean is home 2: Island life

and hello to all dear comrades with you again green bro and we have almost grown a palm tree, think there are only two hours left, so in this video we will carry out the greatest scam of this millennium, so we will go to the station and fences, say, think there will be a robbery damn it, then without thinking twice, we jump into pickups and send them to a pickup truck, of course, we jump a van and go to rob and rob the city railway station as well, well, how could we, for now, besides her, rob the merchants, but we put a pig on them, remember you can rob a diner but she and so free so where are you going on me anyway show those greens i have red you should have let me pass purely out of politeness out of respect for over there we just have a tate belt but he knows that since we boldly drive up in the best motor and we hack here now we will see what we have here means an ATM can withdraw money but this does not interest us we are interested in the station itself now we will have it to beat so here we have scrambled eggs so that further lo the seeds of carrots and the rope would have its branch and the rates and salad lettuce right on the spot we all robbed the station well, and then, as far as I know, different things like that can come across, well, this is just the greatest robbery since in the history of mankind, in history, he himself then I'm sure that as if well, in general, a subscriber told me about this , thanks to him, but I'm sure that I was the first to shoot a video about this, although it would seem that this video will probably be released in two or three weeks after the time when I filmed but what else is terrible by the way drove see lying there still, our planted I'm a pig at the dealer today we deal with you check so scatter my pancake is now seven o'clock, he is not on the parasite as a pig is still lies you on the viewer the wild boar lies decomposing here he and he pushed him from the cash register to the door so that someone would take him away but we will now put him back perfectly perfectly behind where look at the commands then rgovets sell instances page why is it so rzhach it stupidly such a boar sits on the ass behind the counter visuals I express he smiles okay let's go from here all the best boar boars she drove everything home for this and ultra positive but in general we will end this not long video but now it was a very tough accident, in fact, in fact, that of us here this person knocked out despite the fact that fate of everything went to green and no to red, okay, no bad judgment.

but you can comment on this cooking in the comments, well, well, there we are actually finishing, do not forget to subscribe to put a like or dislike water, preferably like and what is all this good luck until we meet again, and by the way, by the way, you saw how cool I parked.

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